Why am I different

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Why am I different

By: Alova OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Money and power is everything in the world. Sometimes It may seems like it's not, but in reality you will understand that you're nothing without it.


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4 chapters
Why am i different......?I born fourteen years ago but my life began when i started thinking about myself.I was thinking..... Who am i...? What am i...?But is it really matters...? May be it does...! May be it's not...!What is the meaning of life...?What is the purpose...?Questions...! Lot's of questions...! I asked them everywhere...! To everyone...! But never get a satisfying answer...!I'm rich...! Or my parents are rich...! I am one of the top scorers in my class.I am most popular in my school. And people says this are the type of boy called lucky.What do you think...? Do you believe that...?Yes I'm asking you...!Say it...! Do you believe a boy whose rich, popular and brilliant is lucky...?"Yes...?" Is that your answer...?Well you could say that... Because you don't know what a person really needs.Seriously! Trust me dude. All you need in your life is happiness. To get happy you have to be satisfied with things you actually want. "Hey Rishi it's getting late."
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Nila looked down and started talking.-"Rishi... I don't know how to ask this. I know you are one of the best student in our class and also the son of the mayor and the great business man. You are also the most popular student in school. So asking this to you will be a hardest thing for me. But i have no other choice."No other choice, what is she talking about? Even if i reject her it's not like there is something going to happen to her. Rishi got a little confused. He said.-"Just don't think too much about it. Simply tell me what you have to say."Nila looked at him and said-" Just please don't say no."Rishi become hundred percent sure about it. She is going ask me to be her boyfriend. Rishi said-"I'll try. First tell me what it is."Nila looked at him and asked-" Will you be my...."Rishi smiled inside and asked-" my....."Nila exaled heavily and asked-" Will you be my studying partner."Rishi was amazed he was hoping her to ask him something else. " What do you mean Nila...?
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What.....? Mom also knows about this....He was amazed. He was so excited to tell her what happened to him today but now the excitement is over. He looked at his mother's face. She looked like she's angry but for some reason she's not showing it. Maybe she's angry because i came late. She was angry because one of her friends. Saw rishi walking with nila. And nila is from a poor family. Ana hated poor people because she believed they all do anything for money.She asked-" were where you."He looked at her with a smile and Said.-" mom...! I met a friend today her name is nila. She lives in the next street. She's a classmate of mine but we never talked each other before."She was curious about his sudden change of attitude but knowing that reason she seems stressed. Ana said- “look rishi I'm glad to know your trying to make friends. It's a good thing. But keep this in mind. Poor people always like rich people. It's not because they really care about you it's just for the money you hav
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It was a warm evening. The birds are forming a pattern and flying back to their nest. Even smaller animals were trying back to their homes. People are returning home from their works. The sun is setting. He looked like a red ball. The whole sky was red and blue. It's making a beautiful view. But still something feels wrong. The air itself is moving twisted like crazy. Something bad is going to happen and the nature itself is trying to warn someone. Ana and Reyan is out town. Actually they are not even in the country. They were out on a business trip. Reyan rishi's father gave rishi a satellite phone before he left. So they can call anytime they want to. Rishi and Nila were late because Nila had to do something at school. And because of no one is home rishi didn't mind to spend time with Nila. They finished the work and walked back home. Nila looked at the sky on the way and she felt it's so beautiful. But Rishi felt something is off. They were late. The road was empty. Even vehicles
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