You Do Not Deserve Me

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You Do Not Deserve Me

By: Keep It Flowing OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After marrying into his wife’s family for many years, Fred Hoffman could no longer bear the insults and finally chose to lay his cards on the table.“You’ve given me the cold shoulder for many years. Now I will show you how undeserving of me you are!"


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30 chapters
Chapter 1
“Wait for me!”Fred Hoffman shouted into the phone in an unprecedentedly cold tone.Even Valerie Cadman found the chill in his voice a little unfamiliar.Nevertheless, Valerie shook her head, somewhat amused. “Wait for you? Even if I do, what can you do? You’re a useless person who can’t even stand on your own two feet! What can you possibly do?”It might be inappropriate to say such things about her own husband but Valerie did not think she was wrong at all. She even found the situation a little sad.People used to flock around her but her life was suddenly filled with sorrow when her grandfather forced her to marry this piece of trash who had nothing, who could not even stand, and who was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life ever since three years ago.Those who used to envy her—even admire her—started ridiculing her one by one.Those who used to pursue her and revered her as a goddess began ruthlessly crushing her family and her career.She knew what would happen t
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Chapter 2
The changes in everyone’s expressions were actually quite subtle.It took only a short moment for their initial surprise and amazement to morph into disdain and ridicule.After seeing the dilapidated—almost rusty—wheelchair the man at the door was in, one woman even began laughing.“Oh! And here I was, thinking about who it could be. Isn’t that Valerie’s worthless husband? His timing is impeccable! He made it just in time for this crucial moment!”“Oh, what do you know? Can’t you see his wheelchair? Naturally, he’ll be much faster than regular people walking on their feet!”Everyone laughed at that. They were having fun at the expense of Valerie's husband, Fred, who was disabled with no use of his legs!At the same time, they were pointing out that Fred had arrived at the exact moment his wife, Valerie, was about to sell herself. The timing was truly coincidental.“You... What are you doing here? Don't you think it’s shameful enough?”Valerie had barely been able to bear their
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Chapter 3
Successful…transaction?How was that possible? The crowd that was mocking Fred to the limit just moments before was stunned when they heard the beep of a successful transaction from the POS machine.Had there been a mistake?That was a hundred thousand dollars!Despite their glamorous dressage, the revered Mr. Graham was the only one here who could afford a hundred-thousand-dollar meal.What about the rest of them? They were just riding on his coattails!Yet, Fred had actually paid a few hundred thousand directly using that transit card. How was this possible?“The waiter must be in on it!”One of the people who regained their composure first scoffed disdainfully, “He’s a well-known good-for-nothing who leeches off his wife’s family. Do you guys actually believe he managed to spend a hundred thousand dollars?”When that was said, the crowd finally heaved a sigh of relief.Right!They would rather their lives be forfeited than lose to this Fred who they have always looked
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Chapter 4
It had been a whole five years!Stellar could still remember how, five years ago, he could only catch a glimpse of the man who descended upon the world like a sovereign and became a legend from afar because of his reserved status.It was a modern-day myth that made the great powers compromise and changed the countenance of the entire world.The fantastic Great One who was respected by the whole world!Frederick Hoffman!Even though it was just a glimpse, Stellar could never in his life forget that gaze, nor that face!He thought he would never be able to see this man again in his life.Even when he learned the black card had suddenly been used, he only just came over thinking there was only the slimmest of chances.Who would have thought that the face presented before him now would excite him so much?This was the legend who had gone missing for five years—right before his eyes!“Wondeful…wonderful…”Before he could say anything, Mr. Graham, who Stellar had ignored just now,
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Chapter 5
“He’s k-k-k-kneeling? What…”Stellar shocked everyone with his actions. They all seemed to be petrified. Someone only managed a stammer a moment later, not even able to get their words out to describe the scene completely.Stellar's status was one thing—he was someone a wealthy man like Mr. Graham had gone out of his way to curry favor with.More importantly, the person Stellar was kneeling for...was Fred, someone they had been ignoring, looking down on, ridiculing, and even unabashedly hurling a series of extreme insults—they had repeatedly called him a piece of trash, worthless, and more!Fred, the pathetic man who married into the Cadmans!With everyone thinking this, Mr. Graham has convinced that he was about to go insane!What was going on?Why was Stellar Walker kneeling for that trash, Fred Hoffman?Was he dreaming?Mr. Graham could not help himself and even found an excuse for Mr. Walker and asked, “Mr. Walker, ah, do your legs hurt?”What Stellar said next immediatel
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Chapter 6
"Who's making all that noise outside?"Elmer, who was already angry, slammed the table and yelled in a fit of rage due to the shouting from outside."No idea...but it seems to be someone that's looking for Fred?" Someone replied immediately.When Elmer heard these words, he became even more furious. "That piece of sh*t again? Even so, no Tom, Dick, or Harry is allowed to just shout outside of our household!"Elmer was visibly angry from being cut off when he was speaking. It was like his position as head of the house was challenged.Immediately, he got up and harrumphed. "Come, let's go have a look and see who has the audacity!"Saying that, Elmer had already got up and walked out furiously. Seeing this, the other Cadman family members naturally followed suit, wanting to see who dared to come to anger them.The group of people was furious and greatly provoked.Under the leadership of Elmer, they soon arrived at the entrance.They saw that the entrance was completely blocked by
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Chapter 7
What...what?Fred wanted a divorce?Who would have thought!  Not anyone in the room, especially the people from the Cadman family, would have predicted this!Who was Fred even?  He was just an infamous loser from Sea City, a good-for-nothing man!If he had any redeeming qualities, why would the Cadman family have arranged for Valerie to offer herself to Mr. Graham to solve the crisis the Cadman family was facing today?In their eyes, the best thing Fred could have done was to watch Valerie cuckold him and not say a word.For the sake of their Cadman family, he should be on his knees, begging Alan for mercy!Instead, Fred actually took the initiative to propose a divorce. How was this possible?Valerie was also surprised. She sat on the ground, unable to react for a long time, until she saw Fred's indifferent eyes. Then, an unprecedented wave of humiliation instantly rushed into Valerie's heart.Valerie, the eldest daughter of the Cadman family, was once the number one beau
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Chapter 8
""  Looking at Fred who slowly stood up in front of him, Three was even more surprised than when Fred caught the baseball bat with one hand just now.  Three was the Graham family's head mercenary, and the younger Mr. Graham had always coveted Valerie.  So to please Mr. Graham, his understanding of Fred's background was not inferior to anyone else's. He even had more in-depth knowledge compared to the rest.  Because of this, Three knew that Fred had been in a wheelchair since he became the infamous son-in-law of the Cadman family five years ago.  However, Fred was now...he actually got up from his wheelchair?  How was this possible?  Could it be that Fred was just pretending before?  This act...was five years long!  How much perseverance did it take for someone to pretend for five years that his legs were disabled and that he could not get himself up to the ground?  Soon, Three controlled his inner amazement, gritted his teeth, and said fiercely, "Whether
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Chapter 9
Who was it?The sudden yell startled everyone in the ward.When they fixed their eyes on the person, they immediately showed looks of disdain.This was because the person who came was no other than the loser they were speaking of, Fred!One of the Cadmans said with a playful sneer, "I was expecting someone else, but it's you, you are you standing?"With just that one sentence...The original banter and contempt instantly gave way to looks of surprise from the crowd when they finally reacted. Fred actually walked in with his own two legs!In these past five years, they knew Fred was a useless waste of space, a man who had achieved nothing, a loser with crippled legs Now...  "Who is he?"  Without paying attention to the surprise in the eyes of the people, Fred just looked at Valerie with cold eyes and asked her the question.When Fred walked in, he saw that Valerie was snuggling on top of Yousef's arms.Although Fred had taken the initiative t
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Chapter 10
The person waiting outside the door was naturally the president of Fantastic Group, Stellar Walker.  How could he be negligent to the order of the Great One?  After giving a response, Stellar immediately stepped away and did not show up again.Everyone would have frozen to the spot if they learned that Stellar had become Fred's errand boy.  However, the Cadman family did not see his face, so...  "What did he just say? Did you guys hear that? In ten minutes, all the doctors of Ph.D. level and above in Sea City would come here to give a consultation. What a joke!"  One of the Cadmans laughed in a teasing tone. "Fred, in these five years, it's the first time I found you so good at acting! Do you want all the professors and higher-ups in Sea City to come here? Who do you think you are? Why don't you just say you'll have the best hospital in Sea City moved here directly instead?"  "If needed, it's not impossible!" Fred said blandly.  "Listen to him! He's engrossed in his delu
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