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“We can kill him now, he is of no use to us anymore” these were the words Nick Furgesson heard as he wanted to open the door to his father’s room….. fuck, an eye opener. He thought he was the favorite son of the world richest man, Gregory Furgesson. What he heard next almost made him puke blood, he was adopted?he wasn’t the hair to the large conglomerate his father has?and he was about to be killed because he had done all the dirty work his supposed father wanted him to do? “Run away nick or you won’t be able to take revenge on him for what he has done” he heard his sister’s voice from behind him. Like lightning he ran out of the house into the dark streets of London where he was knocked down by a black Bentley and the story changed. Five years later, Nick is back to take revenge on his deadly father and household for wanting to kill him but he says to his foster sister, “ Don’t worry Fedora, I will not let anyone in the world touch you, you saved my life five years back. Let me repay the debt” and he also says to his wife,” the world i plan to give Fedora, you are also at liberty to do whatever you want with it, I will back you ladies up and no one will be able to hurt you no matter where you are on planet earth.


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85 chapters
FIVE YEARS AGOMAY 29th, 2018.Nick Furgesson, twenty seven year old son of Gregory Furgesson had a bright smile on his lips as he made his way to his father’s room to give him the good news but stopped by the door when the conversations from the room filtered into his ears.“He is no longer of any use to us, we should kill him before he gets the wave of it, I am tired of having to pretend around him”What shocked him the most was that this particular voice belonged to his father. The man he had grown to love and idolize more than his whole family. Gregory Furgesson was the world richest man with business scattered all over the globe with a family of five and Nick was the third son so to say with two sisters and two brothers, but why would his father order his death.The next voice he heard almost made him go mad, it was his brother. The eldest of them all and he was the most pleasant in the house, how could he also be in support of the bizarre thing his father just said,“Killing Nic
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1st June, 2018The chirping of the bed kept ringing in his ears as he slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a different place. For a moment he closed his eyes and tried to remember where he was or why he was here and that was when the memories came flashing back, the memories of his family wanting him dead.The creaking of the door made him jolt and his eyes traveled to the door and there he was standing, the man that hit him with his car that night.“You are finally awake” came the man’s deep husky voice as he walked up to Nick who was still surprised looking at him.“Where is this place?” Nick asked, the man’s face looked familiar but he couldn’t fathom where he heard his voice or saw his face.“Nick Furgesson” the man muttered and sat opposite him as a smile appeared on his face, “I didn’t know I would meet you in such a way,fate” he added.“Who are you?”“Someone you know and you should be sorry towards” the man replied.A look of confusion appeared on Nicky’s face but the man
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PRESENT DAY29th may, 2022.The Lamborghini stopped in front of the mansion and the big name alighted, yes he was back. Nick Furgesson was back and he was a made man now.His father in law and his wife were standing on the porch waiting for him as he slowly took dignified strides towards them.“Five years can really change a man” Fray said as he smiled knowingly at his son in law.Nick didn’t look like that twenty seven year old boy of five years ago who was scared of dying, now he looked ruthless and ready to take the world by storm.“Even a day can change a man, father in law” he replied in a deep surprisingly deep voice as he glanced at April, “ you don’t look same either”She scoffed, “ I bet I don’t”“A dish has been set for you, let us enjoy” fray added and made to move but Nick stopped him.“ I have somewhere to go and I will like April to go with me”Father and daughter exchanged looks“Where?” He asked and Nick chucked.“You keep forgetting father in law, you can’t meddle in
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Sitting at the back of his Lamborghini with his wife, Fedora kept looking at the woman without saying anything but curiosity was written all over her face. She was no longer in her house where she would not talk unless spoken to but Nick had promised these two women the world if they both stick with him. A lot of questions were in her mind but even her brother was not there to answer if for her, he took another vehicle and allowed the two of them to ride it.“You can ask your questions,” April said, not bothering to look up from her laptop, she was typing away so fast and Fedora wondered if she was even human.“I really don’t have any questions, '' she answered but the tone of her voice sounded like it was a lie, she had a lot of questions but the upbringing she received from her family made it hard for her to say a word. She didn’t know if her brother’s wife would treat her like how her family did.Sighing, April closed her laptop and turned towards her.“In this world fedora, don’t
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The house was exceptionally quiet for a new house which was being occupied by people today. As Nick walked into the living room, he didn’t see his sister nor his wife, he wasn’t in the least surprised because two of them were not people who enjoyed conversation.Releasing the tie from his neck, he made his way to the wine cellar. There was a lot in his mind and he wanted to ease his aching heart a little.Sipping his wine slowly, he made his way to the fireplace and sat down before his mind drifted to the encounter he had earlier at the orphanage. He could beat the two of them hiding something from him but he just couldn’t pinpoint it. Did the furgessons has a hand in what was happening?why did they look so scared when he asked about his family?His musing was interrupted when he heard a voice beside him and he turned to see April standing a few feet away from him, she was already dressed for bed and that made him look at the golden clock on the wall. It was already past nine.“What a
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Dressed in a pair of black suit and his hair neatly styled, Nick walked majestically into the arena. The whole place was already filled up and as the star of the show, he made the last appearance.“Welcome sir” the host whose name was Kyla greeted all smiles.“Thank you” Nick replied, lowering himself on the sofa.“We will go live in three” Kyla added again and he nodded before turning his attention to his phone.And after three minutes, Kyla introduced the show and everyone’s attention was turned to Nick who had an expressionless look on his face since he entered.“My good people of London, welcome to another episode of the Kyla perry show and with me In the studio is Nick Furgesson” she announced looking straight at the camera and the hall erupted in applause and cheers while Nick just nodded to them, “ thank you once again mr Nick for gracing our show with your presence”“I should be thanking you” he answered in his deep husky voice and she smiled.“We will just go straight to the
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As Nick entered the house, April was typing away frantically on her laptop while Fedora was seated beside her and they both had serious looks on their faces.“Nick, did you find anything?” Fedora asked when she saw him, even if she didn’t know the full story behind what was happening she knew her family was involved in what was happening.“We have to get our hands on anything that Gregory have taken from the orphanage, it should be important” April chipped in, her eyes not leaving the screen of her laptop.Just turn, Ashley rushed into the room and whispered something into Nicks ears and he rushed out with the same speed.“The police will be able to decode the CCTV footage by tonight” he said to April who finally looked up from her laptop.“Then we have to watch it before they do, the moment Gregory gets a wave of it we won’t be able to get it”“Father already has people working for him at the station,” Fedora announced.“Then we have only one choice left”Nick said looking at the two
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The phone rang again interrupting Gregory’s thought while he was sitting alone in his study. He just had an argument with his wife a while ago and he wanted to release the tension in his body but the continuous ringing of the phone would not allow him to be.“Hello” he spoke into the receiver the moment he picked up the phone.“Hello sir, it is the commissioner of police” the voice from the other end said and Gregory’s gaze softened.“ what happened? You promised to bring the footage to me tomorrow so why are you still calling?”He could hear the person from the other end sigh heavily.“We can’t find the evidence sir” he finally said after a while and Gregory stiffened.“What?he finally found his voice, “what nonsense is that?” He was already shouting, “you were to deliver the footage to me so what nonsense are you sprouting now?”“Someone broke into the evidence room and took it but I assure you sir, I will personally find it and bring it to you by the end of tomorrow. Just give me a
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The soft rap on the door made one of the househelp go and open the door. Fedora was standing there and she had an expressionless look on her face.“Young madam” the house help bow respectfully.“Who is there, Rosa?” Mrs Furgesson asked as she walked near the door and saw her daughter standing, “Fedora?Why are you here?” She asked further.“This is my father’s house and I can come and go as I please” she retorted that was when her father’s voice sounded in her ears,“Who told you that you have that right fedora?the day you agreed to follow that stupid boy you call your brother is the day I erased your name from the Furgesson family” he said, his voice coming into view, he still looked angry and it was evident on his face.“Come on Gregory” his wife cajoled, “you can’t say that to your own daughter, she still has your blood running through her veins and she is just a child who was used by that Nick, don’t kick her out”“Did she think of that when she went ahead with him?” Alvanon asked,
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The whole house was still illuminated when Nick jumped into the compound through the back gate, the security guards were making their rounds and it was a bit easy for him as they were not going to be someone at the gate for at least thirty seconds. This was how the Furgesson security worked, every one hour they all made their rounds around the house and the back gate was left bare for thirty seconds and it was his luck that he came right on time.“I am in” he touched the tiny earpiece in his ears,“You have three guards approaching from 3 o clock, get away from there now” April warned and he nodded before jumping into a nearby bush.She was a hacker so it was easy for her to hack into the CCTV server of the Furgesson mansion. It’s network was vast and wide and her computer screen was filled with different footages but she was interested in the ones Nick was in, she was her husband’s eyes and ears at the moment.“The back door is clear now” she added again and Nick nodded before he beg
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