12 Years Later: The Son-in-law's Vengeance

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12 Years Later: The Son-in-law's Vengeance

By: Chillaxzy168 OngoingUrban/Realistic

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“Love? If you truly loved me, why did you do it? 12 years is a long time to repent for your sin. But what? You wanted to get married to someone else? With my daughter? Does she know who you are? Does she know that her father took the fall for her mother because she killed someone? Don't even dream of it. You can't get married to anyone because we are still married.” Jake Moss is a 29 year old man who realizes that his entire world had been a lie after he had gone to prison at the age at 17 for something he didn't do. He had done it out of love. Yet the woman he had done it for had moved on fast and abandoned him in the hot fiery pits of hell to burn alone. He is now back. The Fisher family is not like other families. Lies, deceit and wickedness runs through their veins and he was ready to stop them and have his revenge. His goal was to become the indispensable son-in-law. Without them even realizing it, he was going to get back everything they took from him.

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(Thunder)Through the small cell window at the top, he could see it. The fact that it was about to rain. Lightening moved around the sky scaring most people because they thought that there was going to be a huge storm. Many of their cells had become wet and damp because of it making them fall sick. The prison wardens didn't care at all. If they were sick or dying. “ Aren't you not afraid? The thunderstorms are getting louder." One of the prisoners asked as they looked at him. What did he have to be afraid of? He had been locked up away for 11 years. His heart had slowly turned into stone along with the time that had passed by. Scoffing at the prisoner had asked him, he knew that the same would happen to him very soon too. “ Help! Someone is having an allergic reaction to the cold. Please bring us some blankets." He heard one of the prisoner from another cell yell on the top of his voice. No one would come. No matter what hardship you were going through, no matter how many time
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Walking out of the room, Jake headed to meet Alejandro. This time, he wasn't alone. His godfather, Mr. Zak Franco had given him some people to go with. These people were his family inside here. With lots of money and connections, Franco formed his own group that was feared by everyone. They never looked for trouble though. They were very mature and minded their own business without causing trouble. Why was Franco in jail? “ Alejandro. Someone is looking for you." One of the prisoners said as he entered the room. Alejandro. A 6’6 tall muscled man who didn't care a sh** about the world. He had gotten into prison for killing his wife's entire family in one sitting. The news had said he had held all of them hostage and had tortured them for days before setting them on fire in a car. This was how evil he was. When the police tried to ask him why he did it, he gave no response. Some said he was a psychopath. Others said he was invisible because they knew he couldn't be held inside for lon
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Finally. The dark days suddenly left like a dream and the light he had not seen for a while had finally come. He was leaving prison. After 12 years of being stuck without hope, he had a chance. He wanted to know everything. What had happened to his girlfriend, Khloe? And why he had not seen her even once after he had been sentenced. Was she dead? Or was she alive? The entire hall gathered with people who were cheering and slapping for him immediately after he came out. He had not expected it but it showed his life had not been all bad. Smiling as he passed through, Jake walked through as they patted his back congratulating him. “God father." Jake said as he ran to meet Franco who was standing near the door. “ Look at you. When I first met you, you were a teenager. You were so scared and sad because of this place. Look at you now. All the people you have saved came out to see you out. Good luck. Remember what I told you. Keep this for me too." Jake heard Franco say as he placed it i
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“What? What did you say? You saw Jake? I didn’t hear that he was released from prison. What if he comes here?” Khloe asked as she looked around the room wondering what to do. It felt like her entire world was finally crashing down. Today was her wedding day and she wasn’t planning on throwing away her hard work because of something that happened in the past. “ Why are you already behaving as if you are going to die any time soon? He won’t come here. You and I know that he will be too embarrassed to do so. You should just relax and go ahead with your marriage. Your father will kill you if anything bad happens today.” Anna said smiling. “ You are right. My dad will murder me. Where is Juliet? Is she okay?” Khloe asked as she looked around searching for her daughter. “ She is probably playing around with our children. Let’s get you ready quick.” Nicole said as she signaled Anna to get up. The wedding was going just as she had planned. Looking through the window, she saw Theodore st
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Khloe's father entered the room at the exact moment that Jake had finished talking to Khloe. There was nothing they could do again since the press had already witnessed such a huge scene at the wedding. Theodore had also left so there was no more groom. Looking around the room, Khloe's father knew that something serious had just happened between the both of them. “ Are you the one that sent me this? You were recording me even when you were in prison?” He asked looking at Jake. “ What? Are you that suprised? Did you think that you were the only powerful person in the world?” Jake asked. “ I admit that I made a mistake by not keeping an eye on you all this time. I thought you were just an insignificant pest that didn't need my attention. What do you want? Your daughter? Khloe can give up custody over the child. She is not a very bright child either way. If we promise to let her go, will you leave with her and not return?” Jake heard Khloe's father ask. His hand clenched into a fist
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Great silence befall the whole place after Jake had shouted angrily demanding Khloe to speak the truth. Looking at the other children, Khloe signaled them to leave and they did so running as fast as they could. Jake didn't care about them. They were the daughters of Anna and Nicole. Of course they would be like that. All that mattered to him was his daughter. “ Juliet, he is. He is your father." Khloe said as she stared at Jake with disgust in her eyes. “No. No, no, no. You didn't say anything about my father. Even when I asked you." Jake heard Juliet say. " Because I-” Khloe said. " Because she is a liar. There are many things you don't know about so you judge so quickly. I am your father. I didn't even know that your mother had kept you because she said she wasn't.” Jake said. “ No. It can't be!” Juliet said running away immediately. Khloe turned around wanting to run after Juliet but Jake caught her hand stopping her. He didn't want her to keep on instigating their daughter a
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The next day, Jake woke up exactly when the clock hit 6. Maybe it was because he was already used to it or something. Back in prison, he would have to wake up early to take a shower in peace. He had never been one to shower with other men even if it didn't make him uncomfortable. He liked his peace and that was it. Dressed in a beautiful sky blue shirt and brown trousers, he came out of the room and stood in the hallway. It was only down that he suddenly realized he didn't know where his daughter's room was. He had been so tired that he forgot to ask or bid her goodnight. “ What are you doing? Who are you?" Jake heard one of the servants ask as she caught him in the middle of sneaking around. “ I am Jake. Khloe's husband.” Jake said as he looked at the elderly woman who looked very tired. “ Oh, you're the hidden husband that ruined the wedding. I am Samantha. Everyone calls me Sam.” The woman said. “ Sam. I didn't ruin the wedding. It was bound not to happen." Jake said. " It wou
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“ I don't think that's necessary. The both of us are already grown. We don't have to sleep together." Jake said trying to convince Abraham. “ Of course you have to. She's your wife. Isn't that the reason why you came back?” Jake heard Abraham ask. Knowing that he certainly wasn't going to win, Jake resigned himself to his fate. He didn't have any solid power in the house. If there was any reason why they were tolerating him, it was because of his relationship with Franco. Heading back to his room first, he decided to take a shower. Turning the temperature all the way to cold, Jake stepped into shower immediately to let the water hit him. It was a habit he has gained in prison even though he had the option to use hot water thanks to Franco since he was always going to his room. “ Jake? Are you inside? Where are you?” Jake heard Khloe ask from outside the bathroom. He remained silent because he didn't want her to see him naked. His entire body was now covered with scars and tattoos
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When Abraham had finally left, Jake watched as the two guards that had been standing in front of the door finally open it. Watching his little girl run out, Jake opened his arm allowing her to run to him. Hearing his daughter cry so loudly in his arms was even more terrifying than when he had heard her scream. His daughter was claustrophobic and he had no idea until now. “It's okay. It's okay." Jake said as he patted his daughter's hair slowly. Few minutes later, he came back to his room burning with his desire to kill someone. Abraham had showed him how ruthless he could be in the past however, he didn't expect that he would do such a thing to do his own granddaughter. “ Get out! I said get the hell out of my room!” Jake shouted as he threw Khloe's things out of the wardrobe. “ What are you doing? Do you think that this will make my father mad? Wait. Do you want to move Juliet here? She's a girl." Jake heard Khloe say making him throw her bag at her in anger. “ And she is your fu
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Abraham and Khloe continued to welcome all the guests that came in personally. They were all wealthy people that could be used which made them important. Suddenly, people around them started to gasp in shock gaining their attention. Looking back, they saw a shocking scene. Jake was holding Alexa's hand as they walked in. Suprised by what was going on, Abraham stepped forward leaving what he was doing and Khloe followed. This was unacceptable. Especially since most of the people here had been at Khloe's wedding before. They already knew that Jake was Khloe's hidden husband. “ Mr. Fisher, long time no see. How have you been doing? Hope your health is better now?” Jake heard Alexa ask as he stood with her. It was obvious that she was finding trouble but he didn't care. Since they didn't want him there, they would have to take it as they saw him. “ Is this a joke? Don't you know that Jake is a married man? You were at Khloe's wedding." Abraham said in distain as he looked at Alexa. “
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