The Return Of Alex Wayne

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The Return Of Alex Wayne

By: Holland Cisca Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alex was ridiculed by his in-laws. After his company was bankrupted, he lost his respect and love and was now seen as a trash bag. When his wife, J threw a divorce paper on his face, Alex knew love wasn't on his side anymore. But just a call from an unknown number, Alex's life is transformed in a blink of an eye. Now, he is back for those who made his life miserable. But this time, not as a trash bag son-in-law. But the richest man in the world.

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Chapter 1~
"So you returned home with nothing?" Susan yanked as Alex just walked into the sitting room. The air in the room felt heavy as her piercing gaze bore into Alex who tried to avoid her gaze."I can't believe you've brought us to this point, Alex," she spat, her tone laced with disdain. "You're nothing but a burden to this family, unable to provide for my daughter and the grandchildren properly."Alex, struggling to find the right words, sighed deeply. "Mother, I'm doing my best. The economy is tough, and finding a stable job has been challenging. I love your daughter and the kids, and I'm working hard to make ends meet.""Love doesn't pay the bills, Alex!" She retorted, her eyes narrowing. "You've been married for years, and what have you achieved? Nothing! You're dragging us down for goodness sake."He was silent, unable to explain himself further, but Susan didn't stop with her nagging attitude. She scoffed, eyes narrowing. "Your 'best' isn't good enough, Alex. We didn't sign up for
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Chapter 2~
Alex stood in the middle of the room, his heart shattered into a million pieces. He didn't want to believe Jane meant those words, he feels there was something more to it than just her sudden decision.He attempted to speak, to explain himself, but before he could utter a single word, Mrs Susan's stern voice cut through the air."You're not worthy of my daughter, isn't that enough to prove that she doesn't want you?" she declared, her gaze piercing through Alex like a dagger. His breath caught in his throat as the weight of those words sank in. It felt like the room had grown colder, and the once warm atmosphere suddenly turned icy.Alex's eyes pleaded for understanding, his lips forming words that never found their way out. He felt a lump in his throat, but gulped it down with a force.How could he express the depth of his feelings when confronted with such harsh judgment?Just as he struggled to find his voice, Susan again said, this time her voice stained with a smile. "Well, Chri
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Chapter 3~
He stood like the hopeless man he is, thinking of what to do next. Finding a good job was out of the line, and he couldn’t keep up with being an errand boy forever. He needed to find something better, probably leaving the city for good.But that’ll be impossible. He doesn’t even have the money to transport himself, to talk of funding a new home to start a new life.With a heavy sigh, he mustered. "It’s pointless."While he was lost in thought, a Lincoln limousine pulled over just a few meters away from him. He didn’t notice the huge masculine men who stepped down from the car, rushing to his side.They pulled a black bag over his head, then dragged him into the car. Alex struggled to break free, but they were just too strong for him. He wanted to scream but couldn’t as he felt a hand covering his mouth from doing so. “Keep quiet!” A voice yelled at him. “Any move, we’ll shoot the fuck out of your life.”Alex was shaken by the husky voice of the stranger. A thousand thoughts raced thr
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Chapter 4~
John brought out a card, stretching it to Alex who glared bluntly at it. "Why are you giving me a bank card?""I was never opportune to give the Young master a present in the past, so I thought I should do so now." He smiled. "This is your bank card, Mast Wayne."Alex couldn't hold back the urge to laugh as everything was happening in just a blink of an eye. One minute ago he was a wretched son-in-law who couldn't even fund his own family. Now, he is getting a bank card with a golden inscription... VIP."How much do I have here?" He asked.John smiled. "It's way too big for the Young master to assume."Alex stared closely at the card to be sure he wasn't just imagining this happening. However, it was reality displaying itself to him. For John to make such a statement means what was in the account was beyond description."Now that you have the bank card, I'll be pleased if the Young master spends the dollars."Alex didn't know if he should scream or probably act like it was nothing. Bu
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Chapter 5~
He left the building, walking straight not minding how bewildered the security guards were at his turn up. He thought of what to use his money to do, if he would use it to invest in a few things or probably start a new business.The first thing that came to his mind was to buy a new car. He boarded a taxi which drove him to the automobile industry. Feeling excited, he walked in with pride and confidence. But then, the approach of the sellers weren't welcoming and nothing made him more annoyed than the way people tend to look down on him.His entrance alone had caused them to laugh, but Alex knowing what he wanted paid no attention to them. "I want to buy a car, what's the price?" He asked, looking directly at the lady before him."Good morning, my name is Kiara. What brand of car do you want?" She asked politely."Can I have a look around? I'll definitely find the exact I need." He said."Sure." Kiara took him around to see which he was interested in buying. The sight of the cars in t
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Chapter 6~
Alex figured out he was missing another important thing... New wears. So he sped to the boutique to purchase new clothes and shoes. He walked in, glaring around the big room, there were many fancy wears that caught his attention. He walked towards the table of the cashier. "I need new suits and shoes.""I'm sorry, sir, you shouldn't be here." She said, throwing him a disgusted look."Excuse me?""Yes, you heard me right. You are not meant to be here." She repeated.Alex frowned, why would she look down on him because of his appearance? "Seriously, do I have to repeat myself again? Or is the fact that you are so dumb?""This is the fact that you are not supposed to be here.""Are you here for your business, or are you just going to keep staring at people's outfits? Besides, isn't it the money you want?" He queried. "If you don't want to sell it to me, then I'll have to meet with your boss.""My boss won't even attend to losers like you are. Perhaps, your type shouldn't be here, do I s
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Chapter 7~
Alex sat in his car, thinking of what to do next. He finally bought a car and new clothes to flex with, yet, there was more money in his account yet to be spent.He is rich. He is wealthy. In just a second, he has become the wealthiest man and that's just enough to amaze him.He was so grateful to Jane for divorcing him. If she hadn't walked him out of his life, he wouldn't be facing this moment. Maybe, signing the divorce paper was a blessing in disguise, who knows.An idea came to his mind, one that was good and indeed he loved the idea. Owning an expensive villa wasn't a bad idea, after all.He googled the best Villa estate in the city, then he drove to the exact location. The gatekeeper didn't hesitate to open the gate for him to enter. He was amazed at what he was seeing, smiling that soon he wouldn't have to be living poor under the roof of his in-laws, but as a house owner this time around."I need a villa, what's the price?" He asked."I'm sorry?" She glared at him with doubt.
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Chapter 8~
He finally stepped at the pouch of his house, sighing in relief to be finally back home. Now, he could rest from the stress he had undergone. Even though it might look minor, it was tiresome with all the events that had happened.Just as he was about to knock on the door, it swung open. The first thing that welcomed him was the aromatic smell of french fries and he couldn't wait to devour it.Look what he was missing all those while.However, Mr John had already ordered for lunch, patiently waiting for his return. While Alex ate on his food, Mr John kept watching him with a smiled plastered on his face."I hope you are enjoying your meal, Mr Wayne?" He asked and Alex nodded his head, his mind and attention focused on the meal before him.John waited for him to finish eating to his satisfaction before commencing to what he wanted to say. "Mr Wayne, I want to discuss with you concerning your father's business. Now that you have spent enough and have most likely changed for the better, I
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Chapter 9~
The next turn he made was to his children's school. He knew what Jane is capable of doing. If he doesn't pay a visit to his children's school, she would show up first and possibly talk to the administrations not to let him have access to the kids. So he got there first.He met with the school authorities and discussed with them to see to it that Mrs Jane Williams doesn't have access to his kids, and that if they fail his agreement, he will make sure they pay for it.After making an agreement with them, he notified them that he was coming to pick them when school dismisses. Not quite long after he left, Jane drove to the school compound, heading for the headmaster's office to lay her complaints. Sadly, they told her that she can't take the kids with her."And why is that?" She stormed."It was an order from your ex-husband, Mrs Williams. I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do about this right now. You have to leave.""I am not letting that son-of-a-bitch take my kids away!" She yelled,
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Chapter 10~
For the past few days all Alex did was send commands to the company, and since then there's been a positive change in the system within the period of five days. There have been rumors over the city about a prominent anonymous man who had taken over the Wayne's property.However, it was Alex's intention to remain unknown to the public until he had finally gotten the company to its feet. It was even to the point that his workers and department team had no idea of his identity.He made commands on companies that needed to be separated from his as their system of operation seems to be poor and ineffective to stand as a partnership to his company.While listing, he also included that of the Williams. "Notify them that they can't remain as partners to us.""What reason am I to give to them?" John asked."We aren't giving them any reasons." He said sternly. However, just as he was cutting ties with companies, more kept sending emails for partnership. Alex smiled victoriously, he wasn't expe
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