The Uncanny Archer Williams: New Money Era

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The Uncanny Archer Williams: New Money Era

By: Kanny Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Archer Williams is served a divorce letter on the same day he is released from prison. He feels his life shatter before his eyes but he remains composed. What can he do when the love of his life, Eva Austin whim he went to prison for, decides to leave him? Eva walks out of his life, and Tangie Sullivan, the daughter of a lord walks in. Archer is in for a twist of his fate when he realizes that he is not only a divorcee, he is also engaged on the same day. Do you think Archer can fall in love that quickly, in order to be the man Tangie Sullivan wants? And what happens when Eva discovers Archer was the source of her success?

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"It has been 3 years, I'm finally out..." Archer walked out from the prison, he took a deep breath of the fresh air. 3 years ago, Archer's wife Eva made a big mistake on tax issue, which would land her into prison. To protect his wife, Archer took the blame instead of her. But he would never imagine what an incredible experience he would have after he was put into the prison. Archer took a deep breath and smiled, now he was able to make her the happiest woman in the world! He stood in front of the door of the prison, he believed Eva would give him the warmest welcome. In the cold rain, Archer waited for almost an hour, finally a car came. He smiled as he saw that car, it belonged to his wife. But when the car stopped, another girl got out of the car. It was his wife's secretary, Janice. "Get on the car." She said coldly to Archer. "Eva must be busy..." Archer thought. Soon, the car stopped in front of a cafe, Archer walked in with confusion. Everything was different as what
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Eva squirmed uncomfortably in her seat, unable to face Archer.She felt guilty for the disappointment she caused him, searching for something to say to break the silence in the cafeteria.“If you were not an ex-convict, Archer, I would have helped you” she started.“I would have helped you attain power and a little class so that you can become successful, but now, your coming out of prison is just too much. There’s no company that will employ someone like you.” She said, “that’s why I have to buy out this marriage.”“There’s nothing remaining in your reputation anymore and that will affect my company.”Archer broke into an ironical laughter, shaking his head unbelievably,“If I didn’t go to prison in your place, do you think you would have been successful as you are now?”"I sacrificed myself for you, but now you can't be associated with someone like me?","How can you blame me for going to prison, when it was for your crimes?"Three years ago, someone like him helped her, he chose to
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"Sorry for the late boss, but you came out earlier than the time you informed us..." The girl said with guilty. But Archer just made a wry smile and waved his hands. "It's nothing, I was expecting someone else to pick me up...but never mind, I may need some time staying alone. Just go back home." Archer sighed and forced a smile, he didn't want his employees to see his sadness.The girl hesitated, but when she saw Archer's decisive eyes, she sighed and said, "OK boss, remember to call me when you need."Archer sat in the cafe alone, he couldn't believe the girl he loved would betray the oath they made. She thought she made her company boom, but without Archer's secret help, her company would go bankrupt long ago.Suddenly a wicked laughter captured his attention.Archer turned around slowly.He knew that laugh very well, it was the same one that he had heard several times.Immediately his mind was filled with a layer of irritating wrath as he turned around and saw his brother-in-law
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Archer and Oliver followed the voice, and their gazes led them to the stunning girl who had just joined them.They both stared at her in confusion wondering who she was referring to.Archer searched himself- the last time he checked, he had only been married once and divorced today.He had no idea that he had a fiancée, “or maybe she’s Oliver’s fiancée” he thought within him. After all, the Austins were now in the influential social strata of the city, Oliver could have easily fooled her into marrying him.He glanced at Oliver, but he was even more confused than him.In fact, he was staring at her in shock, almost leaving his mouth.Oliver was trying to process what trying to make sense of everything, after all, Archer had just come out from prison, how could he have a fiancée already?Not just any kind of person, the girl was beautiful and elegant, and looked nothing like his sister, Eva.The girl completely ignored him, like he did not even exist. Instead she smiled at Archer and gr
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The men in black grabbed Oliver and dragged him away. Oliver ignored all his humiliation and embarrassment. Instead he kept yelling empty threats at Archer."I won't let this go easily, I will get you!" He screamed in anger.But his heart was racing in fear, he was intimidated by the sturdy men in black, thinking that Archer had employed thugs to follow him around, pretending to be rich.Immediately the men dumped him outside the gate, he took to his heels, running for his life.As quickly as Oliver was thrown out, the cafeteria regained its peace and serene energy.Archer sighed in relief, and finally turned to the girl before him.Just looking at the girl made him calm, all his anger and sadness felt so distant, but he couldn't shake off the fact that the girl had called herself his fiancée.Even though he was looking at her calmly, his eyes were filled with questions."Could you tell me what is going on?” He finally spoke out,"You called yourself my..." He paused."Fiancée?" The g
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Tangie’s bodyguards dressed in the black suits ran towards them quickly, but Archer had already gotten her.A frown crossed his face as the men in black gathered around them, staring at her helplessly. None of them provided medication or anything else for Tangie, leaving Archer to wonder if this was the first time.His Master had taught him that in treating a patient, he had to take careful examinations of the patients’ skin, lips and in some cases, the rhythm of the heartbeat.Archer set to work immediately, but first, he sat by her side with his left arm wrapped around her, holding her up.The features of her face were clear enough for Archer to note without much thought.“Pale face, blue lips…” he paused, something else caught his attention.The base of her neck was hollow, tugging deeply into her collar bone as if she was gasping for air…“Asthma!” Archer realized,“It’s an asthma attack!” He noted silently.Quickly, his free hand went to Tangie’s chest, rubbing and massaging her
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Archer remained calm even though he was surrounded by four angry guards, Tangie’s disappointed face made him smile slightly. He was relieved at least that his treatment had worked.“Don’t you have anything to say?” She continued, staring at him quizzically.Archer was surprised, he had become so used to suppressing his defenses and emotions that even in situations where he could have explained himself he remained quiet, thinking that no one would care about his feelings anyway.Unlike his past altercations with the Austins family, this was the first time he was asked his own side of the argument, the first time he was given a chance to defend himself.“I don’t want to believe that you are a bad person” Tangie said, “at least say something”Archer exhaled softly, and a look of relief appeared on his face.“I’m sure it seemed like harassment, but that is far from my intention. I would never do that to an ailing woman.” He said.“Ailing?!” She retorted, frowning.“Yes, you almost dropped
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A few minutes passed between the arranged couple. Archer was silent, contemplating about a good conversation starter. He was impressed with her but he didn’t seem to know much about her, apart from the fact that she was the daughter of the Lord of Keringham.Following his experience with his ex wife and her family, he wanted to know about her family too, but the awkwardness between them stopped him from speaking. He was in fact waiting for Tangie to at least say something.“Hm hm” he cleared his throat softly. Tangie sat up, staring at him.“Uh…” she started.“I don’t know if this is too early, but…” she paused.Even though she was a confident, rich woman, and Archer was dressed in shabby clothing, something in her just felt submissive to him. He had the kind of personality that seemed to intimidate her, and more so, the fact that she was feeling something for him. She nervously began to fiddle with her fingers, smiling shyly.“But…?” Archer nudged her on, sensing her hesitation.“But
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“It’s impossible!” Mr Matthew exclaimed, “there’s no cure to asthma.” He added sadly. He wasn’t an asthma patient, but his daughter had suffered severe asthma since toddler and he had gone everywhere in search of a cure, or at least to find a some help to make his daughter better but there was none.Not even all his money could help his daughter, and she had to live with an inhaler in her purse every day.“They better not mislead the public and give them false hope, all because they want to sell” Mr Mathew scoffed, thinking about the number of asthma patients that would willingly buy the new medicine despite its cost.“But if the Sterling Group has indeed found the cure to Asthma, they would sure need distributors…” Lord Sullivan said,“We should step up and seize the opportunity…”“There’s little or no opportunity here, Grandpa” Tangie’s oldest cousin, Victor objected.“I believe Uncle Mathew is right. There can’t be any medicine that can cure asthma. Take Tangie for example, we spen
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"I don't believe anything you say" Beatrice rolled her eyes,"And why not?" Tangie returned. She was tired of her incessantly belittling Archer. Although she did not entirely believe that Archer who just came out of prison could be the CEO of Sterling Corporation, but something in him commanded her trust and she went with her instincts."Why can't you believe him? Is it always about the way a man is dressed? He might look scruffy but he deserves to be heard.""He doesn't even deserve to speak at our table and you're talking about hearing him out?" Beatrice fired.At Beatrice's words, Mrs Margaret nodded, showing her approval."That's enough you two!" Lord Sullivan bellowed. "I will not have you insult a man before me. It is like Tangie said, a man is not always how he is dressed. He may not be anything at Sterling but he is our son-in-law-to-be." He continued, "And for that, he deserves respect." "Son-in-law?" Chorused the table, each person squirming in their seat, looking around
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