A Journey no End

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A Journey no End

By: Harusaki Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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Noah, a Cosmic weapon made during the last great cosmic war who now lives in isolation, meets Lumine a runaway princess from the floating kingdom of Elysium, and becomes her knight. They set off into the outside world, both harboring the dream of seeing what the world has to offer!


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19 chapters
Chapter 1: Floating kingdom of dreams
Running barefooted a young boy in his teenage years and two twin girls with the same white hair tied on the ribbon in the same fashion. Looking at their face it was almost impossible to know who was who. “Big brother!!” “Wait! Big brother!” “Hurry up Yaya… Nana… Run! We can finally see it with our own eyes. The wonderful place we see in our dreams!” They run as fast as they can with big grins on their face. Expression filled with excitement and happiness. The young boy stopped and they all lifted their heads their eyes fixed on the castle above the sky. “The castle that floats in the sky… The flying city of heaven!!” ... The boy opened his eyes in surprise. The feeling of excitement was still on his body but left disappointed after finding out that everything he saw was nothing but a dream. “I saw in my dreams… The floating castle… Wait what…” Turning his glance to the bed next to him the twin sister Nana and Yaya were soundly asleep. Everything is nothing but a dream huh? A
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Chapter 2: Knight and shining armor
“It’s… Here…. It’s actually… Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! The flying city is actually here!” Noah muttered, his eyes still lift up gazing at the massive chunk of earth floating above him. “Hang on, weren't you brimming with confidence about its existence a while ago?” “Well, true, but… I’m shocked 'cause it’s actually in front of me now.” “The flying kingdom of Elysium. An independent nation with an absolute monarchy, but it's relatively small compared to the other flying kingdoms.” Lumine said. “It’s so big, but it's small compared to other kingdoms? What? There are other flying kingdoms?” “There are seven them in the world.” “S-Seven!?” “Shit, you brat…What the heck are you?… !!” "Whoah! One of the Meckknights said. Is currently standing up to fight back against Noah. Then he realizes that’s going to be impossible. Before, the Mecknknights were able to stand up on their knees. Their bodies flew up in the sky, similar to the angel sickness Lumine mentioned earlier. They all
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Chapter 3: Beginning of adventure
“Stinky… Stinky… In any case, it stinks badly. What’s up with this smell? The stinky smell of a beast. The vigorous stream of excrement while walking. This condenses the feeling of life. None of this is found in my kingdom… And you folks often use these living beasts as a means of transportation in this day and age. It is magnificent. I have to thank your grandfather for this.”Lumine continued to chat but it seemed like none of her voices reached the young boy riding a Numel in front of her.“...” She paused and cutely tilted her head to see the expression of the young boy.Surprisingly, the boy in front of her is crying silently. “Gramps… Yaya… Nana…” He murmurs.“Noah, you're not getting homesick after less than half a day passed.”“N-No! But still, I had to leave the house after the incident. I left the two girls without saying a word.”“You can just wake them up and say goodbyes.”“If they cried right there, I wouldn’t feel like setting off anymore!” Tears well intensely. “Yaya a
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Chapter 4: Encounter
“Okay, I’m fully recovered.”“So you completely charged your energy force by merely sleeping through the night,” Lumine said.“It seems like stamina equates to energy force for Energy carriers. So it's like I can make a full recovery after eating and sleeping.”“I don’t get it, as per usual your body doesn’t make any sense.”Lumine was still in wonder about what kind of human Noah was.Noah does tell her that he was a human weapon from the cosmic war that happened a long time ago. But even to young Noah, those memories of the past remained vague. That is why even Lumine nags Noah about his past. Noah, even he wants to say something. He can’t answer because he can’t fully remember anything.After they took off their tent, the two hops onto their Numels and continue their journey.“We’re climbing up these cliffs quite nimbly.”Lumine shakes in fear looking her eyes and gazing down.“Awesome right? Whether it be the crags in the desert or the snowy mountains. Numels can navigate through
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Chapter 5: Pursuers
“It… It seems this is a very peculiar town…”, said Lumine, as her gaze looked around a little terrified. “Awesome, right? You can get things here that you won’t get anywhere else. Like illegal guns, illegal bullets, and more illegal things that you are not allowed to buy on a normal market.” “They’re all illegal…” While in a daze, a huge bulky man with a pair of horns resembling an ox bumps into her. The man’s eyes were so sharp as if he was ready to kill someone anytime. The same goes for his friend behind him. “Move it!” Lumine immediately steps aside. “What is that? What is that? I have never seen someone with a horn.” “Them? They are the Ox tribe. They are one of the great beast tribes.” “Oh, they’ll be really big, strong looking, and naked.” Noah had no idea why Lumine was looking in awe at the Ox tribe's lower half. He settles that it's probably an instinct of female to look at the body parts male only has. “ The Ox tribe is always dressed like that. No worries, they
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Chapter 6: That title is unassignable
Swift and heavy attacks are launched on Noah. Putting him into the corner of the wall. The lady then delivers a powerful ax kick, breaking the wall behind her.Immediately, Noah gets up and charges his fist. “Gravity-heavy fist!” It missed the lady who once again used her ability to walk on any surface. This time on the wall. She immediately goes behind Noah and swings her kick.The kick made Noah stick for a second. Then, Noah got blasted away similar to what he felt earlier in the fight.“Whoa!” The buildings around them got caught and were destroyed. Noah manages to recover and get up.“Again. I blocked that kick but I was blasted away.”The lady kicks the ground and, using her ability, blasts herself, speeding toward Noah.So fast in another moment if Noah hasn’t thought of anything to counter. This will be a losing game for him.“Oh, well yeah… Those boots are energy gear like my gloves.” Those gears are doing something to cling onto walls and jump off them…”“It’s called attract
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Chapter 7: Someone who will move forward
After hearing the words of the princess, Rave, the captain of the royal knight stepped forward. He drew the light sword from his waist and took a combat stance.Noah defeated the four royal knights who had been trained since they were little in the kingdom of Elysium and was defeated by a mere boy. And above all, he was the chosen one by the princess.Rave could not understand a single thing about what was happening. But one thing is obvious, to complete his mission, he must defeat Noah right here and now.“I don’t know what you are using to give him such high praise. But, princess, do you think he’ll win against me?”Rave kicked the ground, rushing toward Noah. He cleaves his sword in a wide arc. The blade of light extended and widened, slicing everything in its path.Noah bends his body backward to dodge.“Such immersed power…” Noah muttered.At one glance and at the damage he did. One would know that it is a different level than the other knights.Noah made a promise to protect Lum
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Chapter 8: Princess of peace
After running for a while both of our heroes, Lumine and Noah reach far far away from the town. Lumine and Noah had their eyes wide and big grins of smiles beaming from their faces as they both turn their gaze around the surroundings that they never thought they will ever see.Lumine only dream of this moment before when she was isolated in her castle. And now all of her dreams were about to come true.“Wow! That’s a river stream!”“Look over there, that’s an elephant.”“No, it’s a giraffe.”While running at speed with their friend's horse-like companions Mamel and Numel. The two heroes never got exhausted from feeding their eyes with these new visuals they were seeing.After an hour-long of running away, they have to rest their pets and take a rest for a while.Lumine lift her face up and point to the giant tree that was looming over them.“Wow! What was that?!” Asked Lumine.“I don’t know but it's so big. I wonder if they bloom fruits.” Noah said.Lumine cocks her head as she turns
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Chapter 9: Valley of mines
Noah was still in shock at what he saw. The giant worm with skin like a rock greedily chews down the mountains. Resulting in subtle landslide around the valley if this continues the mountain would be gone for sure in no time. To solve the problem Rock-eating worms must be killed before they became a real problem. That’s what Noah is thinking by now and he turned his eyes to his fist. If he do his best he could slay these monsters with his cosmic weapon ability. It will take time, but slowly but surely he can. “Whoahhh!” Lumine took off his weights and floats like a balloon up to Noah. “Lumine!” “Noah my hand!” Like the first time their meeting, Noah does his best to reach out to her hand. He firmly gripped Lumines hand and pull her over him. “You float far away! What if I didn’t see you?” Noah leans forward Lumines face worried. Lumines face blushed and push Noah’s face away from her. “The wind blows me away… Also, I’m sure that you’ll reach your hand to me.” Her voice had a hi
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Chapter 10: Reunion
The entrance of the tunnel was dark, but after traversing deep down, the mine tunnels were lit up by a lamp containing Photon flies. Photon flies are insects that resemble fireflies. The difference is that these insects are in the shape of small balls of fluff. These insects don’t eat in their adult stage which they started to glow, but after one week they all died. Since they are concealed in the lamps. There is no way to reproduce or give birth to new photon flies. Their natural habitat was lakes. Lakes where they lay their eggs. Lumine took one of the lamps hooked to the wall and used it as her flashlight. Both of our heroes walk side by side and while at it Noah has all his guards up in preparation for an unexpected ambush. “The delicious smell is getting stronger and stronger.” *Growl!* Lumine’s stomach made an unlady noise. “Yeah… I can taste the roasted meat already.” Lumine wiped her drool. Minutes later, they reached a camp where the terrorists rest and eat. Arriving at t
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