A Journey no End

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A Journey no End

By: Harusaki CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Konoha lost her memories due to some mysterious accident. Waking up only remembering a few of her memories, Konoha decided to travel, hoping to discover her lost memories. However, fate has a different plan for her as she uncovers the truth that no one would expect.

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135 chapters
Chapter 1
“... Make a promise.” The light-brown-haired girl and the pitch-black-haired boy put their pinky fingers together. “… Promise me that you will love me forever and ever… Even if I die and am reborn in another world. You will still be in that world going to love me… Even I don’t know who you are anymore. You will keep loving me… Even if I don’t know who you are and get creep out, you will still love me…. Even if I have got a lover, I want you to love me…. Even if I’m not cute or anything, you will still love me. Even if we’re born far away from each other, you will come to love me… As long as you love me. That would be enough to fill your heart.” The girl said. Through, the boy was aware of how selfish the promise is. The boy just made a brief grin and accepted the promise. “No matter where you go… No matter what world we’re reborn into… I’ll come to find you and tell you how much I love you.” The boy added. After making their promise, they both gaze at each other's eyes. Their fe
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Chapter 2
I never heard anything about the eternal flower. My curiosity was triggered and my interest was pulled in Fina. “What kind of flower is it? The eternal flower.” “Pttff…” She made a little cute laugh and took a drink of water. Fina continues by saying, “ The eternal flower is a flower that lasts forever. The flowers will bloom no matter what the weather is. Watering it or not, it's still blooming.” “I wonder what it looks like. I do see lots of flowers while I’m traveling. Sometimes I gather flowers and sell them for money.” “Konoha knows how to be an adventurer and have money. You’re so self-reliant. I envy people like you. People like Konoha can survive without anyone. You’re like an eternal flower. Is traveling fun? Did you see lots of places and meet lots of people?” Surviving without anyone’s help. It was true that I didn’t casually ask for someone’s help. I would rather do my things for myself. I tackle my problems myself. No one will truly help me when I’m truly alone. Wh
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Chapter 3
A week later, I arrived in this city. I was still in the flower shop. The workload is very light. All I have to do is water the plants and control the temperature in the botanical garden. Since I was a magic expert, maintaining the temperature was a piece of cake for me. When there is lifting, I immediately take the thing and won’t let Fina lift anything too heavy for her. Just like her parents, I don’t have the full scope of her mysterious illness. While she was sleeping beside me the other night, I tried healing her with healing magic, but I failed since I didn’t know what the source was. need hopeless… People need hope. Fina can’t stay like this forever. She needs to survive. Comparing her to myself. She is a very good person. Despite her having an illness. I never heard her order me around. She just looked at me with her plain sweet smile. After making a bouquet, she turns around and coughs. She was coughing hard and the sound she was producing was rough. Hearing her cough.
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Chapter 4
Traveling to see the man I don’t even know. A man that I don’t even know what he looks like. The man was loved by someone who became fond of me. It felt familiar because this is how I go in search of my missing memories. It took me two days before I arrived in Floria city. Just like how everyone describes the city. It was truly a city covered in flowers. No matter where I turn my head and look around. I can see flowers blooming everywhere. The structures of the building in this city were pretty. Colors fly around my eyes. “Little miss are you lost? Are you searching for your parents?” A knight approached me. This is a common mistake and I got used to it. instead of talking to him. I pulled my adventurer card and presented him with my rank. Below my name was my age. Seeing my adventuring card the knight apologizes and leaves. Another man approached me… A group of men to be specific. “Little miss are you new here? Quite romantic to meet in such a beautiful place like this. By the
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Chapter 5
Back in the city where Fina lives. Denver and I go straight toward the flower shop and find out that Fina is not there anymore. I tried knocking on the door of the flower shop but no one answered. I went toward the back and went out at the window. I saw no one inside. Seems like no one is home. A grim expression was seen on my face when I realized something so terrifying. Could it be… While I have my face pressed on the window glass. Someone put his hand on my shoulder. This resulted in me being startled. “Are you looking for the family living there?” As I turned around, I saw the same old woman who had given me the hot chocolate when I first got there. “Yeah, madam. I’m looking for Fina and her family.” “Well, they go to their hospital because their daughter is not waking up anymore. Looks like the illness of their daughter has become worse. She is so young yet suffering so much. The world sure is cruel, isn’t it?” I agree, the world sure is cruel. “May I ask where this hosp
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Chapter 6
This is bad… I can tell that this is bad. Looking inside a full-body mirror. I looked at my naked body. I was frustrated at what I was seeing. I’m currently in the hot spring house in Crimonia city. A city near a volcano. A dead volcano to be exact. It is said that the volcano never made any eruptions for thousands of years. Being around a volcano. Geysers and hot springs are commonly found in this place. Well, these hot springs are the main selling characteristic of this city. The city of hot spring, Crimonia city. I pinched my belly and noticed the excess fat on my waist had gotten bigger. What is this?! What is this?! This is bad. I don’t have to be just a pretty face. I want to have a great slender body too. As a normal girl, of course, I despise this kind of flaw. Remembering those past days. I’ve been eating greasy food. I did accumulate lots of money in my previous monster hunting quest. I indulge myself by buying lots of fried chicken. Last week there was a root beer f
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Chapter 7
I have been walking around for hours and am still unable to find my way to the next town. According to the map I’m using, the next town is supposed to be located nearby. Is this map old? Because I do not see any towns around me at all. I thought and took another look and then I realized something undeniable. The map is supposed to be read horizontally, but I’m reading it vertically. I’ve been moving on a different path all this time. The sun is scourging hot and I’m not able to go back to the last city I left. The hours of walking went wasted. Surrounding me is just a sandy place with nothing. My water bottle is already empty. The heat has already exhausted my body. No food left. To be precise, I didn’t bring anything with me, thinking that the next town was just around the corner. As a traveler, I would like to travel with only a few belongings. Right now, I’m regretting my decision. “I should’ve brought some food with me.” I said with a defeated tone. I have got a long way to
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Chapter 8
“After the long journey of the hero. The hero goes into the pub and has his stomach filled with a lot of delicious food.” I said before I took a bite of the fried chicken legs in my hand. After biting and having a satisfying crunch. I took the cold root beer beside my plate and chugged it. Slamming the cup of root beer on the table. “Ahh~” I release a well-accomplished expression on my face. “So good!” “We’re very glad that Miss Konoha loves our dishes.” “It is so good… I don’t have a single complaint. The chicken is juicy and the skin is crunchy. The gravy is superb. The most important thing. Everything is free. Making everything more delightful.” “You’re quite right about that.” The orc woman said who was eating beside me. On the opposite side of the table was the little girl Shaymi. Just like me, she had a very satisfied expression on her face. She was smiling and giggling as she ate. “What’s the matter, Shaymi, you look so happy?” Asked the archer elf. “Tomorrow is a ver
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Chapter 9
Today is a very special day. A very special day for a girl called Shaymi. Ever since she started to walk and talk. Monsters are the ones responsible for taking care of her. She never knew her parents. Their faces or their smell. But Shaymi weirdly never searches for them. The main reason was… Shaymi is already happy. They love the monster gives to her is enough… No, it is overflowing. They all took care of Shaymi and almost spoiled her. Despite that kind of bringing up. Shaymi never looked down on anyone. She remained down to earth and everything. She still helps everyone living in the place where she grew up. Eating together and laughing together. Since today is her birthday. She already knew what it was. It's another cheerful day full of smiles. She woke up in her bed. Opening her eyes, she stretched her arms upward and rolled her body on the soft blanket. Still wanting to sleep. The little girl then realized the day today. Her eyes opened widely and she leaped away from her be
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Chapter 10
A huge number of monsters kick the ground toward Konoha, attempting to attempt an attack. The monsters immediately encircle Konoha and their swords slash them. Before the attack landed on her skin. Konoha manages to leap upward to the sky to avoid the circle of attack. While she’s on air. The archer elf fired rapid arrows. “Lightning speed!” Konoha activated her signature magic, the Lightning speed. Lightning speed is a unique type of magic and only Konoha was allowed to use it. Upon activation, Konoha’s body is covered with lightning-type mana. Her body transformed into matter that can withstand great speed. Speed of lighting was added afterward to increase her agility at an inhumane level. Her speed is not only limited to the speed of lightning. Since her body won’t break down after being exposed to high velocity. There was a possibility for Konoha moving at light speed or greater than light speed. The downside of this magic was its pure dependence on mana in Konoha’s body. When h
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