A frustrated hero

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A frustrated hero

By: Maguire35 CompletedFantasy

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Gabriel, a guard in a commercial city, makes the mistake of letting a stranger into his country. He unknowingly caused that place to be attacked by invaders from another country. Seeing how in a matter of minutes invaders arrive and attack the city. He decides to flee with hundreds of people and leaves his family behind, however he is caught by some adventurers who belong to the invaders and is used by them as a slave to explore the dungeons that they consider very dangerous. However they are lucky and he manages to find the entrance to a place protected by a stone giant. He gives him a sword so that Gabriel leaves and does not bother in that place. However, due to the power that the young man is acquiring in all the missions with the sword, he begins to become a little colder and loses the heroism that he should have developed, because he begins to remember that all the people of his city perished by the invasion. His mind begins to cloud, but the world does not need a villain, it needs a hero at that moment.

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I was a simple royal guard, someone very carefree, ambitious and who let himself be bribed whenever he needed money. I had brown hair and light eyes. My face was somewhat long and not very expressive. The whole town knew me by my position. I had gotten the job thanks to my father's connections with other people. I saw all kinds of all races coming daily, especially dwarves, who were very strong for wars. My country is called Met, for being the best for doing all kinds of business or so I heard once and the city where I lived was Dert. It was quite a hot place, but the wind was very good, it reduced the discomfort that the weather caused.  I was only guarding the gates at the entrance of this city, I was 19 years old, and I had no other reason to live, other than to eat and drink. I had no desire to get married, or anything like that. Life as a guard was the best job, at least it paid well, but one day I made a big mistake. I let a strange person into the ca
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We were forced into a cave, pushed into it, and we could do nothing about it. Only five of us had a torch to light the place, so we had to avoid getting separated, but many sounds were coming from that place. Maybe monsters or animals, but they didn't stop.  I didn't have a torch, but I was next to two other men who seemed to have no fear, however what we saw took away our desire to be here.  Like a pile of garbage there were hundreds of dead bodies of people on the side of the road we were following. That was a clear warning that we should leave.  Several of my companions headed for the exit, totally frightened. Even I did not have the courage to continue with this senseless journey, but we heard the screams of those who had tried to leave and I felt that there was no place to hide.  Several ran terrified into the depths of the dungeon. None of them tried to stay there. I wanted
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Minutes later we arrived at the guild, I had never been in one before. This place was made of marble stones and had some things written in another language. I felt a little lost in a place like this, there was a big wooden door and a knob to enter.  The elf did not hesitate to enter and opened the door, and left it open for me to enter.  My expectations fell when I entered the place. I saw a place that looked more like a bar. There were people at different tables drinking and talking. The tables in that place were made of wood and were a bit dirty. A few drunks were fighting with their hands. I didn't know what to think.  -Welcome to Thornton's guild. It is one of the two that exist in the city.  My disappointed face made the boss of this place laugh.  -Don't be scared, that's how heroes are. When they do a mission they spend their money on anything. You
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 The old man was in front of me waiting for me to attack him with my sword, for me it was a challenge, the training I received from the guards of my city. I went to him, but he hit me with the sheath of the sword he had on his back.  -You are too impulsive, if it were a real fight. You would already be dead, well let's start from scratch. Raise your sword to half height and tilt your legs a little more.  I listened to him and tried to put the posture he had indicated to me at that moment.  -Now, attack me," he shouted.  This time I felt a little better and I was able to do it faster than in my first attempt, but I was beaten again and he gave me a kick that made me fall to the floor.  -You must train a lot and also exercise to strengthen your muscles. Well, let's continue our training session until nightfall.  There
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Without telling anyone I traveled to a neighboring country, from early hours I got on a wagon that was in a caravan heading to different parts. Unfortunately for me, I did something stupid, I had no money to pay for it, so at the first stop I left the caravan without paying. The road didn't say anything to me because of the clothes I was wearing at the time, maybe he thought I was some nobleman. All apparently was a gift from the elf, I noticed that it was new by the smell and texture of the clothes. I stood in a strange town, and decided to walk to get to another town or someone to give me a hand on the way and just as I had thought it happened, but it made me feel very uncomfortable. A rather luxurious wagon with fine wood stopped when it saw me around. I kept walking there and a man with a beard and a guy with glasses spoke to me. -Are you lost? -I need to go to the city of Ya
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I returned to the city of Altamira a little bad, the wounds I had on my body still hurt a lot, although they were not visible. This prevented me from moving freely. For all the people of that time I was nothing more than a simple lonely adventurer, so they all saw me walking with and passed by me as if nothing happened. Nobody knew what had happened. I decided to stay in a lonely place in the city, I wanted to think about what I would do from now on.The room where I was in front of a window, it was almost dark. Those hours caused me some melancholy, I always saw how the sun was setting in the city where I lived all my life. I began to think about what to do from now on. Even though I knew that I could live a normal life without worries, it hurt me a lot to know that everyone I knew had died. A feeling of rage began to take over me in an unbelievable way. I took a deep breath and in the midst of my thoughts I decided to take revenge and destroy that kingdom, but first make myself st
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We arrived at the city where we would do the mission. There were hundreds of adventurers everywhere. It was impossible to walk calmly.Seeing the situation, Alfred did not hesitate to look for an alternative so as not to get lost among us.-Let's buy something to identify ourselves.We were all tired, we had traveled all night and we were in too uncomfortable positions, but we had to go on, we needed to do things fast.My new companions were all human, except for our leader and one other person who apparently was new like me. Each one was wearing different armor and carrying different weapons, swords, knives, daggers. There were two young archers also their bows were quite large.We walked on and on and stopped at the first store we saw. The elf bought some red cloth that he cut with a dagger and gave a piece to each of us.-He said, "Put them on any part of your body, but make sure you can see that you are wearing them.No one refused, everyone did, but in my case I put it on my hand
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I didn't know how long I slept, only that my back and legs ached from all that effort. I always thought I was close and had a few steps to go, but I never made it to the exit.My mental and physical health was getting more and more damaged. I could not walk anymore.Time passed slowly, I rested very little, my feet hurt too much, I dragged my two companions with all my strength. I rested a lot, but my body could not support so much physical effort. I noticed that the strap was breaking, even the cloak had some holes in it.-Hey... You better rest, you are only a human, I don't think you can bear our weight, I recognize that you have made a great effort, but it will cost you a lot to do that for a long time," said my partner, he was covering his face with some clothes.I stopped for a moment and lay down to rest a little, my whole back hurt and I had to lay on my stomach to be able to be calmer.Alfred was awake at the time and spoke.-I'm sorry I got you into this. It was my mistake.
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A hero
I was outside the lodge, I kept looking at the place where the dungeon was. I was anxious to know what was going on, but I knew it was the stupidest thing I could do. That's how we all were, because everything was becoming too mysterious and dangerous.It was still daylight, and most people were still watching the area. From the window of my room I could also see everything that was going on, but from one moment to the next, like something almost apocalyptic, green creatures started to come out of there.I took a good look at them, and they were not creatures, they were adventurers. When I saw that, I ran to the room where my companions were. I knocked several times until one of them opened the door.-What's wrong? Why are you knocking like crazy?-Someone came out of the dungeon.-What is it?-Yes, it's totally green.When he heard that he grabbed his staff and left the room so fast I couldn't keep up with him. Oscar was half asleep in another bed, heard the conversation, and grabbe
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I returned to the guild shortly after everything I saw, I was quite sad and arrived with my face down. It was a bit irritating to go back there. I saw many people just like me, no one could explain what had happened in the halls of that place. Suddenly I saw Alfred sitting at a table, but I didn't talk to him. I preferred to go to the head of the guild. That man was talking to other people at a table. When he saw me, he looked at me and concluded that I had agreed to participate in this experiment. He immediately stood up and made several gestures to get everything ready.I knew it would hurt a little whatever they did to me, but I wanted to help avenge the death of all those people. Several elves took me to a remote and quite lonely place. It looked like a training camp, as there were bows and marked areas. We were about a kilometer away from the houses and buildings of the city, so we would avoid anyone getting hurt by this, however I did not like what I saw, but I volunteered for t
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