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Min is an orphan girl who finds herself in a fantasy world through a fake scholarship scheme and there learns that she is a reincarnation of a goddess. With the very annoying partners she was bound with, she goes on a life journey to restore her memories and her peak powers in order to regain Saku Arakan her true self… But is Saku Arakan really her true self? Join min in an amazing journey filled with Friendship, Love, Mysteries, Betrayals, Revenge, Hidden Secrets and lots more as she finds her true self.

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  • Mabel Clem


    This is good.....slow paced but quite fun to read, keep it up author!

    2022-04-10 15:04:49
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Saku Arakan paced around her palace a bit panicked, her silver hair swayed as she paced up and down, The cherry blossoms she made into a crown fell off her hair, Sighing, she went to pick it up, when suddenly, a blast of energy came flying at her. She teleported away from the position she was at with her flower crown, putting on the crown she faced the proprietor, she smirked and spoke in a teasing voice "Aw~, don't be in a hurry, I'm right here to play with you~" Himari stared at this annoying bitch she had sworn to kill, who knew her powers only came from possession, Finding out she was born in a higher plane better than theirs really pissed her off, she was all powerful but now, she would die in her hands! She (H) wouldn't be bound to be her slave ever again! She would become the queen here... Just like the new sun god said, there was no way better to pull down a god if not by betrayal. But this couldn't really be called betrayal as saku arakan was never trusting, no matter
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Chapter One- Insecticide Trend!
Grrh...! Grrrh….!! Bam!! Min smashes her alarm clock for the 5th time this week, she groans, unwilling to wake up but remembers she has morning duty today, so she shoots up and starts preparing for school. 'Damn, that would have been my phone being smashed' She said, sighing in relief. She hastily boils water for a cup of ramen while preparing, After wolfing down her food she leaves in a rush quickly closing her door. 'Sup, the name's Dabin Min and am all alone as you can see, nope I don't live apart (like living apart from parents and stuff), although I imagine if I had parents I'll by long be living apart since by now they'll throw me out the moment I reach 13-15 without a second thought. Ahem!, I live in my late mother's house and as I'm not of age to legally own the properties left by my mother so she left it under her lawyer until I come of age, nevertheless she did leave a lot of money for me to use. My mum's lawyer (although close don't wanna call him brother
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Chapter Two- Getting together Fiasco
''So, tomorrow is your graduation and you're still working today? shouldn't you be chatting with your friends about your plans after graduation and stuff?" Min's co-worker asked her. "Plans? There's no need, am just gonna prank some unlucky fools with some alcohol tonight, and for that I need cash, therefore hard work is needed" 'Besides that annoying lawyer won't spare me a glance If I tell him what I'm using the money to do' Min thought "What a saint" another co-worker with dark circles rolls her eyes at min "I might sound mean but what has to be done, has to, besides those morons probably ain't gonna get to the next stage without my help, trust me if you've experienced what i have by being third wheel in their romance, you'll do exactly what i've done" The other co-worker giggles while the one with the dark circles rolls her eyes. Min works as a Waitress in a bakery café and due to her natural charisma and beauty, she's very popular among the customers. Sometimes she helps in
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Chapter Three- Min's departure
"Min, how was your graduation?" min's employer asked "Well, it was fun, we got gifts, ate snacks, played games, drank alcohol..." "Isn't that illegal? Aren't you guys like minors?" "Ehehehe , well we hid at a classmate's house and drank to our full" Her employee just shook her head and mumbled something about kids of this day being stubborn, et cetera. After her day's job min got severely scolded by her two annoyed friends and ignored for a whole week before they later calmed down. Dong and Claire were to attend the same high school while min told them to look for a suitable scholarship scheme for her (since their parents were influential and she was too lazy to look for one herself). Dong due to the connections his father had got one for min, It was perfect, free food, good dormitory, fancy uniforms, free food….. (o﹃ o) "Min you've said free food two times and stop drooling at the images" Claire rebuked "Sorry, the food looked so good, and also free, amazing~, I'll take th
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Chapter Four- That girl and her flames
Mrs. Kyu Yoong stared down at the little kid standing in front of her, looking with glittering eyes showing unbridled excitement and unexpectedly remembered her. That girl was brazen, she was bold and fierce, That girl gazed at her with eyes so fierce, with those phoenix-like eyes that her want to challenge her was ignited, because her whole being had one question, would her eyes still hold the same fire when beaten? That girl wasn't just an expert when using her flames, she was one with her flames, the heat from her flames scorched the lands and devoured all who came her way. Even her enemies couldn't deny her flames were out-worldly, so erringly beautiful you couldn't take off your eyes even if they dried right up. That girl who would let her flames burn her soul as far as she could keep and control it, the same girl died at the hands of her own flames to save the ones she loved. 'Now within myself I contemplate, That girl whose eyes was phoenix-like, fierce like flames and s
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Chapter Five- The principal's Speech
Min was woken up by a bird, a cute little bluebird perched on her head, being a very sensitive person, she stirred at the bed and glanced at the little thing, smiled at it a bit and slept back in, Until the supposed 'cute' thing screamed with a human deep but loud bass voice into her ear, you heard right-- A HUMAN. BASS. VOICE. Min was shocked shitless and she rolled out of bed in a fit of surprise and slammed face down but the bird ignored her and flew away after getting its job done. 'Fuck me, what a heartless bird, not even a sorry' After getting up and grumbling, she threw on a shirt and trousers, took a chocolate bar from the many Dong bought for her in bulk and left her room only to be stopped by that grumpy aunty..., what was the name?, hm, seems I've forgotten. "Go wear something formal from your wardrobe, throw away that bar and come eat" Mrs. kyu said Min stared at her for quite some time before answering "Yes ma" "Address me as Mrs. Kyu, okay?" "Okay, Mrs. kyu" Min
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Chapter Six- The history of the magic plane
The magic plane, a different dimension where magic exists, a whole new dimension where earth does not exist but only magical planets with all sorts of dangers. Now the history about how such a place came to be: In the beginning, earth was among the many creations that appeared out of thin air. Beastmen, Fays, Demons, Angels and Human were the five races who lived together, although angels were taken by the gods as servants while only a few demons were taken but none of the other races was taken. All these races lived in peace and harmony but this was only fake as the races had war every now and then. Humans as the weakest always suffered from this war and soon enough humans were made mere slaves by other races and suffered greatly. A slave managed to escape slavery and devoted his life serving the Sun god claiming he was saved by the god. Even though the god was rumored to be the cruelest god, he persisted in serving this god until he died and his soul was taken away by the same
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Chapter Seven- Wow! Mirror selfs?
After the month, the outsiders' powers were to be awakened by their various guardians. In the school, all students are required to have a guardian, either from home (nobles), or assigned (some other nobles and the outsiders). Both noble and Outsider could only have one guardian except on very special cases. Each guardian were to awaken the outsiders powers, the nobles were already awakened unless they were to be awakened late due to certain reasons; That noble was to be secretly awakened by both his/her guardian and the principal. People were awakened in secret to avoid bullying or ridicule if that person had a weak power, until it couldn't be hidden anymore. To avoid bullying of both nobles and outsiders, especially the latter, all first and second year students were forbidden to use powers in school premises, only during practice which happened in the ILMC though. Only in third year were students allowed to use their powers under special rules. Min was excited and curious wha
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Chapter Eight- Do or Die?! How Inconsiderate!
Min was still trying to find out the right words to use in this situation, but she wasn't exactly much of a talkative to begin with, So, in the end, all she could do was silently stare silently with a wide and gaping mouth like a fish. It seemed that a time pause button was clicked and all of them paused with min staring at them and them staring back at min, Until happi couldn't take it anymore and practically tackled Min in a hug which caught her by surprise, but another thing she noticed that baffled her was... 'No one that has ever hugged me since mum's death has made me feel… refreshing, but this girl…, her hug, it's almost like it's very comforting, so warm and assuring and she smells like flowers too' Min actively burrowed into the hug like a cute little baby, sleeping in her mother's arm, so very cute~ And Happi was a sucker for cute things, so in her excitement, she literally picked min up like a baby she saw in her and went all 'Yeah~', while flying around. The complete
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Chapter Nine- Cool, I got a system!
Mrs. Kyu and Mr. Yoshikazu stared at the place Min was supposed to be standing and had similar solemn expressions. It was nearly impossible for this kind of thing to happen, it only happened with the aisurus, who may have gotten summoned by their guardian gods and their spirit was the only thing leaving but their body remaining, this particular phenomenon that happened now had only happened two times, to the queen and to her fifth son who was an active prince in the battle for the crown. Min had disappeared completely, nobody, nada, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No doubt she was in the orb, somehow, although Yoshikazu doubted since the orb looked normal, no glow, nothing, NOTHING AT ALL. Any time Mrs. Kyu tried to jog her memory to remember what exactly happened when the light flashed, something seemed to obstruct her memories. Atama-I: You poor mortal souls "Sister, let's call someone who knows these things more than us, pretty please, with a cherry cuteness on top?" Mr. Yoshikazu pleaded
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