A warrior’s heart

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A warrior’s heart

By: H.D. Molland OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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You’ve heard of the lost city of Atlantis and black Panthers Wakanda, but what if I told you there was an alternate secret lost civilization living among us? This story follows a young girl named Arielle Scarlett. A warrior fighting for the protection of the people she lives among but will love prove to be her biggest obstacle? Or will she find that she can be empowered by it?

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19 chapters
Chapter One
For centuries, the world has been tormented with wars and conflict. Countless lives had been lost due to the greed and desire of their leaders for the supposed benefit of the nation. But few leaders went with their citizens to the battlefield instead of choosing to stay in the comfort of the fortresses and dragged on war for profit. On and on the conflict would spread and grow and fester like a gapping wound. Among the chaos the world continuously faced, their lived a society, the Cowasian, that lived separate from the rest but still interacting with others. This society had technology more advanced then any other nations. They feared the world would tear itself apart if it ever got it’s hands on even a small piece of their weapons, so they behaved like the rest of the world when they interacted with others. This society was the only ones who lived harmoniously with mythical creatures such as dragons and magical beings like wizards. But our story starts in the twenty-first century an
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Chapter Two
In another part of the mansion, a young man named, Nell Carter, was entertaining his guests as others were admiring some of the inventions he created. He was a handsome man with piercing blue eyes and hair a dark brown. He could be called the male version of Snow White with how white his skin is. He stood tall at 6'8. He easily looked over the heads of nearly everyone in the room. "Oh, your home is just exquisite, Mr. Carter," an overly adorned woman says. "You must tell me the name of your decorator." Nell had heard such comments too many times just that evening alone that responding was starting to become tedious. "I'll have to see if they're available for more clients at the moment." He says in a refined british accent. "Are there any more genius inventions you plan to release, Mr. Carter?" The woman's husband says. "I plan to take a break and relax after tonight," Nell responds, "I worked on these projects for the better part of a year." "A well deserved rest, I'm sure," anoth
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Chapter Three
Ariella had to think fast. She had to get the cannon back to Base but she knew that if the outside world learned of their society, it could meant the end of humanity. There was a screech in the distance and she saw Kia and Azar making their way to her. Azar landed and was scurrying around franticly wanting to save Ambrose. "I know azar," Ariella says, petting his snout to calm him down. "We're going to get him back." After thinking it over for ten minutes she called into base, "We have successfully retrieved the cannon," "Very good," said a voice from base, "Now you and agent Telamon must bring it back as soon as you can." "That's just it," Ariella says, "Telamon has been captured." There was a moments pause, "You must bring the weapon back here. We will send a group to retrieve Telamon." "That is going to take too long," She says, starting to get frustrated, "He needs to be rescued now." "Agent Scarlet," the voice says, "Calm down. Going in emotional like this will get you bo
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Chapter Four
Ariella had to think fast if she was going to de-escalate the situation. "What makes you think the world doesn't care?" "You are the woman from the party. I know for certain from the sound of your voice." Nell says mater of factly. "You are really stuck on that, aren't you?" Ariella says, "Since you seem to be so sure," she takes off her mask and some of the guards stop and openly stare at her because they didn't expect her to look so beautiful. "Now answer my question." Nell smiles, "That's more like it. Now, to answer your question; I've known since I was young that no one cared for me. You remember I told you about the nuns that raised me, correct? Even then they only did the bare minimum and only fed and clothed me. Sometimes they would starve me if I misbehaved even just a little bit. No one encouraged me to do well in life so everything I did wasn't to improve this world, it was to make it so dependant on technology that it would be easy to destroy." Ariella was shocked but s
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Chapter Five
Over the night, Ariella helped Nell with his work. They finished around midnight and she placed the last page down. She stretches her arms above her head, “Finally. I think I need to train to loosen up my muscles.” “Sound’s like a pleasant idea,” Nell says, rolling his neck, “there’s a gym the guards use. I’ll lead the way,” he gets up from his seat and Ariella follows him out of the room. They make they’re way down the the basement and come to a set of double doors. The doors open and there was every type of workout machine there was. There was even a wrestling ring in the middle of the large room. Two guards were currently in the ring and others were scattered around the room keeping their shape. Ariella makes her way to the ring, “I’m next.” She says with confidence. Everyone around her stops what they were doing to look at her. Thunderous laughter broke out, except for those who survived her attack the night before, who were taking several steps away from her, as she just stoo
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Chapter Six
"Wha-what-what on earth does that even mean? I'm Crowesian? What even is that country? Is it in Asia?" Nell was pacing his room as all of these new questions were spewing from his lips. "It's 'Cowasian'." Ariella says, starting to get annoyed, "And no, it's not in Asia. It's the oldest society in the world. Even older then Egypt. We just live all over and blend in." "But I don't think I've ever heard of it." He finally stops his pacing to face her. 'Why are we telling him anything? He's just going to blast this on social media.' Kia asks annoyed as well. "Shush," Ariella says to the cat. She turns back to Nell, "It's very likely you haven't. Very little remains from before we essentially became a nomadic tribe thousands of years ago, but you probably have. One of our cities was 'Atlantis'." "Wait, you mean THE Lost City of Atlantis? But that's just a myth." 'So says you.' Kia speaks up again. "And I believe I said 'shush' Kia," "How do you know what that," He struggles to find
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Chapter Seven
Nell led the way to the garage where several brands and styles of cars were found and he grabs a pair of keys to a blue Coupes. The lights blink to indicate that it was unlocked and they both climb in. "The closest mall is the Westmorland Shopping center." Nell explains as he starts the car, "We will get you anything you need and thensome. If it all doesn't fit into the trunk, we'll have it delivered." "Should I make a list of all I want?" Ariella asks sarcasticlly. "I'm sure you'll know what you want when we get there." After a little more then a half hour, they make it to the parking lot of the mall and make their way inside. On the way in, several men, some with girlfriends, would openly turn to stare at Ariella's ass. Nell sees this and takes the oppurtunity to put his hand on her waist and pulls her closer. This action caused anger to boil in another man's veins as he watched from afar. She blushes and turns to him, "What are you doing?" "I figured you didn't want to attract
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Chapter Eight
A few months go by of Ariella living with Nell. She had kept herself busy with helping him with whatever work he had and heading to the gym to keep her strength up. The guards were proving to be unworthy adversaries in the ring but facing twenty of them helped her build up a sweat. Draco had been woeing Kia with small gifts of rodents he found in the fields. They were slowly getting close just like her and Nell. They would go out on, what Nell classified as, dates. He took her to see movies, fancy dinners, and even just walks around the town or around the estate. She struggled to express herself but she enjoyed the time they spent together. The weather was unusually hot, so she was currently in the pool, working on her laps with him watching. Kia was there with her, swimming as an otter. Draco was pacing the side, looking down at the water and back to Kia, wanting to jump in with them. Nell sat there as well, just watching her. Her hair was braided out of her face and she was wearin
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Chapter Nine
Ariella had gotten dressed, much to Nell's disappointment, but she wore an off the shoulder top that tucked into her jeans. She was pacing the room and fiddling with her bracelet. She was checking for any signiture of an electrical trail consistant with Cowasian technology. She picked up a faint signal from a small drone. It had flown back to base and she was infuriated. "Can I use your laptop?" She turns to Nell who was sitting on the couch, just waiting for her to calm down. "Why do you need it?" He says from the couch."I need to send an encrypted message to the Counsel." "I'll let you on my laptop," He begins to say, holding out his laptop. She moves to grab it but pulls it back as he says, "If you give me something." "And what am I going to give you?" She says stepping back and crossing her arms. He leans back against the couch and pats his lap, "Come closer." She looks at him skeptically but slowly makes her way to him. She sits on his lap softly like she used to with her d
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Chapter Ten
Over the next few days, Ariella and Nell were prepairing for their trip to Italy. He was currently making arrangements with his staff for when they are gone. She was in his closet, packing their bags when a knock is heard on the door. She calls out as she walks out of the closet. "Come in!" A maid opens the door holding a plastic bag of travel essentials. "I have what you asked for." "Oh good. Thank you," She smiles as she makes her way to the maid. The maid reluctantly hands the bag over. Ariella sees this, "Is there something bothering you?" "I just don't understand why Master Carter would decide to go on a trip with some one like you." the maid says angrily. Taking that opportunity to talk harshly to her while Nell wasn’t there and throwing the bag at her feet."And why should that bother you? It's his decision and his life. What makes you think-" "He loves me!" The maid cries out. "He only has interest in you because you're new. When he gets what he wants, he'll leave you on t
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