The Mystic Retribution

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The Mystic Retribution

By: GREG .D. GREAT OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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In the city of Halcyon Bay, ancient powers stir, and dark forces threaten to unleash chaos upon the land. When Ryan discovers the hidden powers of the Celestial Reliquary, he is left to decide the fate of the city. With his stepmother Isabella leading an organization of dark magic users known as the Ascension, Ryan must unlock his abilities and forge unlikely alliances to protect the relic and stop the Ascension's evil plans. As the forces of light and darkness collide, Ryan is faced with impossible choices and unimaginable challenges, testing the limits of his courage and resolve as he discovers his archnemesis is none other than his confidant and friend, a reincarnation from his previous life. In this tale of magic and mystery, Ryan must embrace his destiny and confront the shadows that lurk within and without, lest Halcyon Bay fall into darkness forever. So, dear reader, are you ready to embark on a journey into the unknown? Open the pages of "Mystic Retribution" and prepare to be transported to a world where anything is possible and where the truest magic of all lies within the pages of a captivating story.

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  • Abdullahi saraffa


    very thrilling and interesting novel

    2024-06-26 02:23:05
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11 chapters
Chapter 1: The Notorious three
Ryan slowly regained consciousness back to the realm of the living. He probably may have been unconscious for about two hours. Ryan found himself bound to a chair with hands behind his back and legs strongly tied with a rope. The gloomy atmosphere of where appeared to look like a cave, had the horrifying aura of the Dracula. “Where am I? Where is this place?” he thought to himself. With a blurred vision, Ryan could barely see the three solitary figures that sat about five meters away in the dimly lit cave chatting loudly about their sexual exploits. One of the figures, who had barely uttered a word finally spoke up. “After we put an end to this menace still taking a nap over there, I will like to completely devote my attention to Luna”, he said. As if to seek for an approval from his peers, he slowly raised his head up and continued. “Luna is the hottest girl in school and I think I am in love with her. I believe we will make a …” “Luna, the new girl?” a deep voice sharply cut in
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Chapter 2: A Dinner to Remember?
After what seemed to Ryan like an eternity, he finally got to the famous building of the Greystones. Ryan’s mouth was left agape at the amazing external aesthetics of the building. The sight was well enough the 8th Wonder of the World. This magnificent building boasts a seamless blend of contemporary elegance and timeless design. The exterior is enhanced by subtle yet captivating details, such as intricate carvings that add a touch of uniqueness. Ryan could only but wonder what the interior holds. With an air of confidence, Ryan went up to the gate to use the doorbell but couldn’t find one. He searched every corner of the gate hoping to see something palpable but to no avail. After searching fruitlessly, he decided to give a hard knock on the golden gate with the hope that someone hears him. “There must be some sort of security guards standing close by,” he thought. He started with a soft knock but got no response. He decided to knock heavily and repeatedly until someone hears him.
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Chapter 3: Filth meets Wealth
Stepping into the opulent interior of the billionaire’s house is a journey through refined extravagance. The grand foyer showcases polished marble floors under a shining chandelier, setting the tone for luxury. In the dining room, a magnificent mahogany table, surrounded by adorned chairs, serves as a center piece beneath a breathtaking crystal chandelier. Walls adorned with tasteful art pieces and intricate molding creates an atmosphere of sophistication. The room is bathed in a soft glow from designer lighting features, casting an inviting ambiance over the meticulously set table of assorted meals.Ryan was utterly flabbergasted at what he was witnessing. Never had he seen such luxury. There were about four maids and a man who happened to be the Head Chef, Alessio Marcelli on standby waiting to help with the service of food. A Head chef is a culinary virtuoso, blending passion, creativity, and expertise to orchestrate gastronomic masterpieces. With a commanding presence in the kitch
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Chapter 4: A Lucky Night not to Die Hard
With the speed of lightening, the automated doors were completely shut down as chaos filled the atmosphere. After about 10 minutes of security searching the vicinity for the robber fruitlessly, they came back to report to a restless Mr. Greystone who had just paced to and fro the room about the 20th time. At this point, the alarm had gone off. “We are very sorry sir but we could not get hold of the criminal,” Snowflake said disappointedly. “Sorry for yourself and your job, you little piece of s**t. I don’t pay you half a million dollars to tell me sorry. You, of all people, should know the importance of the Celestial Reliquary, a crestgem that has been passed down to me by my ancestors.”Mr. Greystone continued, “Without the heirloom, the Greystones are nothing but history. Now, go find that criminal and bring him to me dead or alive!” he ordered. “Father, I suggest we start by searching that pauper standing there.” Astrid said as he pointed straight at Ryan. “And why should my boyfr
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Chapter 5: A Tragic Past
"Little wonder my head hurts. The gun must have knocked me unconscious before I was brought here," Ryan pondered. In the dimly lit cave, the acrid smell of marijuana hung heavy in the air. “You will pay for this Astrid, I promise you. This battle is far from over. You dare sleep with my woman!” Damien said bitterly amidst the uncontrollable laughter of Orion and the annoying laughter of Astrid. Ryan’s nose began to twitch with the telltale signs of an impending sneeze due to the smell of marijuana. Desperate to stifle the inevitable disruption, he willed the urge away. But despite his best efforts, a mighty sneeze erupted, echoing through the hallowed cave, earning the attention of the notorious 3. “Well, well, well, look what we have here, the doublewide sleeping beauty is awake.” Astrid said. Laughter immediately erupted once again. “Woah, that’s new. Doublewide?” Ryan thought to himself. He was used to being called different names like Meathead, Fatso, Lard-butt, Willy the Whale
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Chapter 6: Death Keeps Knocking
“Ohh my poor baby, I have missed you so much. Look what your stepbrothers have done to your cute chubby face,” Isabella said pitifully before landing a backhand slap at Ryan’s face. Blood immediately began to flow on the right side of Ryan’s cheek forcing him to reminisce the trauma he went through in his childhood. “It is so sad that your stepbrothers could not recognize you earlier at your arrival in Silverlake Academy and bullied you so much. Well, I would also not blame you for not recognizing them as you were all very young back then. Moreover, their surnames still remain Gwendolyne. How could you have guessed they were your brothers?”Isabella continued as she aggressively dragged Ryan’s hair backwards, “Now, listen to everything I am about to say Fatso cause it might be the last thing you ever hear.” As though nature was eavesdropping, everywhere was as silent as the graveyard. Neither the chirping cricket nor the couching frogs could be heard. “After your father took you awa
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Chapter 7: One Night, Two Deaths
As the Notorious Three escorted Ryan out of the dimly lit cave, the cold night air bit at his skin, a stark contrast to the oppressive darkness he had known for so long. His heart raced with a mixture of fear and anticipation as they ascended the rocky path to the crest of a high hill, the distant sound of crashing waves growing louder with each step.At the summit, the Notorious Three paused, their shadows outlined against the moonlit sky as they exchanged whispered words amongst themselves. Ryan strained to catch fragments of their conversation, his pulse quickening with apprehension."What now?" Orion murmured, his voice tinged with impatience."We've come this far," Damien replied, his tone cold and calculating. "It's time to finish what we started."As the reality of his fate began to sink in, Ryan's mind raced with frantic desperation. He had never learned to swim, never felt the embrace of the ocean's depths. And now, faced with the prospect of being thrown into its icy embrace
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Chapter 8: Nemesis Catches Up
Back in the Greystone’s Mansion, chaos loomed after Ryan was thrown out of the house. Zara was furious at her father for hitting her and humiliating Ryan. She resolved to destroy everything in her room while yelling aloud. Mr. Benedict Greystone could do little or nothing about it as she made sure to bolt the door before unleashing chaos. “Please, open up my Angel. Your boyfriend is safe, I promise. I will reconsider my decision if you open this door.” Mr. Greystone pleaded. She blatantly paid deaf ears to her father’s pleas.The Notorious Three went to their respective homes after completing the big mission they had set out to do and even added a side quest by killing an additional person. The Greystone mansion shined in the predawn darkness, its grandeur masked by the shroud of night. Inside, the air is heavy with tension, the silence broken only by the soft sound of Astrid's careful footsteps as he navigated the narrow corridors trying not to notify anyone of his presence by wakin
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Chapter 9: An unknown Land
As the gentle waves of the sea carried Ryan's battered body from the city of Halcyon Bay to the shores of Aquanor, he stirred from the depths of unconsciousness, his senses slowly returning to him like a ship emerging from the fog. Blinking against the blinding light of the sun, he struggled to make sense of his surroundings, his mind clouded by pain and confusion as to how he was still alive.But as he reached a trembling hand to his chest, he felt the familiar weight of the necklace his mother had given him before she died its presence a comforting reminder of her love and protection. And as he examined the shattered remains of the box pendant, his heart skipped a beat at the sight of the half-shaped heart pendant nestled within the locket, its intricate design bearing a striking resemblance to the Celestial reliquary coveted by the Greystones which he had been earlier accused of stealing. The necklace he had always worn given to him by his mother had a box shaped pendant. However,
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Chapter 10: A stranger's kindness
As Ryan followed the man, whose name he learned was Thomas, through the winding streets of Aquanor, he couldn't shake the feeling of apprehension tinged with curiosity. The city seemed to pulse with an otherworldly energy, its vibrant colors and bustling streets a stark contrast to the darkness that had enveloped his past in Halcyon Bay.Upon arriving at Thomas's modest home, Ryan was greeted with warmth and hospitality by Thomas's family. The beautiful woman, introduced as Thomas's daughter Jessica, smiled warmly at him, her eyes sparkling with kindness. And the younger son, a lively boy named Lucas, bounced around with infectious energy, eager to make a new friend.As they gathered around the dinner table, the fragrant aroma of home-cooked food filled the air, mingling with the laughter and chatter of the family. Ryan found himself drawn into their world, the weight of his burdens momentarily lifted by their genuine kindness.Before dinner, Thomas showed Ryan to the bathroom to fres
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