Accept Your Fate

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Accept Your Fate

By: EBEST OngoingUrban/Realistic

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His wedding was ruined. His bride was given to his younger brother because he wasn't the true heir. Ladies dislike him; his family disowned him. Relatives and friends were nowhere to be found. Everyone was against him… Fernando could see his world-shattering into a thousand pieces, but there was nothing he could do about it. Will he seek vengeance or let go of everything?

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“ I never created myself, nor does anyone have the power to create himself. Although body size can sometimes be chosen by an individual, do I have a choice? No, because even when I try to lose weight, I end up falling sick or injured. My grandfather was also contributing to making me become a trouser destroyer, as my younger brother addresses me. If only I can convince everyone that having a plump body isn't a sickness, I would have done that to avoid all this embarrassment.”Fernando was an obese man with fleshy body meat. For this reason, he was not getting any attention from any girl. No lady looks twice at him. His grandfather who took the place of his parents always showered him with love, and he gets everything he needs. Despite having rich parents, and being the heir to his father's properties, every lady chose his younger brother over him. Fernando ran out of patience as his younger brother kept on getting all the sexy ladies who were meant to be his but there was nothing h
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Chapter 2 THE NEW LADY
Many mansions can be spotted from afar, and one doesn't need to be told that that particular territory was for billionaires.Among the buildings was Mr. Frederick's beautiful mansion, where all his households were busy with their daily routines.A plump man could be seen sitting on one of the couches as he operated his laptop. His heaviness could break a stool to pieces if he seats on it.The size of his clothes was three times larger than anybody's clothes in the house. He was always regarded as a lazy and greedy person who never bothered to stress himself.If there is anything he does, it is to comfortably sit in an executive chair in his office and give orders and nothing more.Doors suddenly opened and Fernando raised his head to see who was entering the living room as his grandfather made him a promise before leaving the house.He had been curious to see the surprise his grandfather said he had for him. His grandfather never gets tired of giving him surprises, even when Fernando
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When Fernando and his grandfather were informed that Frank and Sophia went out, they both went cold and shocked.They couldn't sleep that night until they waited for Frank and Sophia's arrival. That night, Fernando and Frank almost fought, but their grandfather stopped them so as not to spoil the wedding ceremony, which was planned to take place the next day.Frank tried to prove his innocence, claiming that Sophia was responsible for his actions. But was it true? Not at all. ‘ Lies upon lies.’Sophia, on the other hand, was quarreled by their grandfather, but she was too drunk to understand what was going on.On noticing that Sophia was drunk, Fernando got angrier at Frank, but his grandfather never permitted him to react, instead, he pleaded with him to take her to his room.“ Don't forget, the lawyer won't release your father's documents to you if you don't get married as signed on the papers. After the marriage, you can go wherever you feel like going with your wife.” Those wer
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With tears in his eyes, he asked the woman to take him home and would live with her now.At least someone would love him as he is now. A woman's love.They both left the hall with so much embarrassment. Well, his younger brother has gotten what he wants.The wedding ceremony continued as if nothing happened earlier. Frank climbed to the podium as he was given the wedding ring.The happiness among the people filled the air as they celebrated their new groom.As Fernando and the woman walked to a car park, they took a taxi and the woman told the taxi driver the destination they were to drop off.Getting to a particular spot where it was empty and without people, the woman asked the taxi driver to stop.“ Is this where you live?” Fernando asked the woman worriedly.“ Yes, this is where I live,” she responded with a fake smile.“ This place looks scary and empty,” Fernando muttered as he tried to drop off the car.After paying the taxi driver, they crossed to the other side of the road.
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Fernando arrived at a city named ‘Are you ready?’ which was abbreviated to ‘ AYR'.This city was known for all manners of evil things. War, Kidnapping, and all sorts of things that claim people's lives.It's hard for one to sleep peacefully as long as you are lucky to be alive. For that reason, they gave it that name.The meaning of the city name was ‘ Are you ready to run for your life?’ because anything can happen at any moment.People don't sleep with their two eyes closed because any disaster might arise at any time.However, when a certain man emerged as the new president of the country, security personnel were mounted in every corner of the city. And the city was currently at peace.Nevertheless, there were still some others who never saw peace as an option in their daily life, and continued with their bad deeds. Fernando walked a few miles away from the car park after being dropped off by the driver. Passing through a jungle area, he sighted a group of young men who were sitt
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After the wedding which took place the previous day, Frank was stressed out to ask his assistant, Mateo, if he delivered what he was assigned.Mateo, who happened to be Frank's assistant, had been waiting for his boss to summon him to ask about the assignment he was given.He knew that Frank would need feedback if he was able to execute what he was assigned to do. Immediately he was sent for, he knew what Frank was going to ask,“ Did you kill him?" That's the only statement that was ringing in Mateo's mind.On reaching the door, Mateo prayed to his creator that his boss shouldn't find out that he spared Fernando's life.With shivering hands, he knocked on Frank's door, and Frank's voice echoed from inside the room like a whisper, but it was clear for Mateo to hear him. Mateo slowly opened the door and stepped inside, and Frank signaled him to wait for a while without making any movement, which he did, and slowly closed the door behind him.Frank ponderously raised the duvet on his
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It was a beautiful day, and Fernando and his boss, Mr. Lucas, who was in his early thirties, were already in their business place after leaving home very early. Although, that didn't stop them from having their breakfast before leaving; Mr. Lucas ensured that.Fernando was convinced, at last, that he didn't fall into the wrong hands. Indeed, Mr. Lucas was an angel sent from above to his rescue.He couldn't have told how his life would have ended if he was ashamed to meet Mr. Lucas and pleaded for help.Most people skip their destiny helpers because of one thing or the other, but Fernando was different. He never hesitated to ask for help or help someone who seeks his help.Life is about giving and taking.Maybe, that's why people never hesitated to help him when he needed one. Fernando and Frank were entirely different people, even though they all came into existence from the same parents.Looking at the wide and long single building, was Mr. Lucas' provision shop with a large signbo
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“ My dad married a second wife, who became my stepmom and took care of me since childhood. She also had her children, and I was the eldest among them, and they considered me as their elder brother without any difference.” Mr. Lucas paused and let out a sneeze.“ Sorry. Do you need extra water?” Fernando caringly asked, but Mr. Lucas declined.The living room went silent as Mr. Lucas tried to calm himself down before he continued with his saga.“ I can't tell if my stepmom or my dad informed my younger ones who were three in number; a girl and three boys, if I was born by another woman or not.” “ And you didn't ask your dad if he did?” “ No, I didn't bother to ask because I see no reason to ask.” Mr. Lucas answered Fernando's question, and he nodded with satisfaction.Mr. Lucas crossed his legs as he went ahead to narrate the story to Fernando, who was seriously paying attention to it.“ They so much respected me to a degree that I never thought they would betray me one day. As life
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Ever since Frank was told about what to do before getting his father's properties, he was so confused about how to go about the whole thing.He pleaded with Mateo to convince him he didn't kill Fernando, but Mateo stood by his words as he was afraid that Frank might harm him if he informed him that he didn't deliver the job.“ Mateo, please, tell me that Fernando is still alive. I have a serious issue on the ground.” Frank will always plead.“ I swear by this gun that if Fernando is still alive, I should die instantly.” Mateo will boldly respond to him.Frank never dared to inform his grandfather that this is what he had done to his elder brother and if there was a way out.‘ I'd rather lose this wealth than tell this old man about Fernando's death.’ Frank promised himself.So many thoughts played with his senses, but he couldn't figure out what was best to do. He almost ran mad as he continued pondering about his action. He looks to his left, but there's no reasonable idea; to his le
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Frank's personal chauffeur was already on the wheel as he patiently waited for his boss' arrival.All the three black shiny cars which were to convey him to where he was going were all set and ready to take off.Immediately, Frank stepped out of the house entrance which was hastily opened by the guard, he motioned towards a limousine that was between the other two cars.He majestically walked towards the cars as he held his head high without looking left or right. Frank wasn't desiring any drama, as he had delayed enough time exchanging words with his wife.However, before he could reach where the cars were, a butler suddenly buffed out from nowhere and slightly bowed to him.“ Sir, your grandfather wants to have a word with you.” the young man announced as he maintained his gaze on the ground.As if he were going to slap the young man before him, he angrily glared at him. This is what he was avoiding.Frank wanted to go out without his grandfather's awareness because he would have to
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