A Place For Us
Ian sighed as he stared at his new family. The more he saw, the greater his fascination was.

'No matter how many time I see it, mother's smile is always so mesmerizing. And no matter how elegant she looks, father always looks like her perfect other half. They're like the main characters in a romance novel.'

Ian was trying very hard to focus this time when something caught his attention. It was what Miller was talking about.

"Should we bring a painter?"

'Painter? Yeah, would've totally clicked a photo in this situation, if I was in earth. Good thinking.'

"Should we?" Olivia was glancing at Ian as if asking if it was okay.

Ian tilted his head as if he couldn't understand her question.

'Why'd I have any problem with it?' - is what Ian's expression was saying.

"You didn't like painters since you were a kid. Is it okay now?"

"Yes it's fine... So I don't have any portraits with either of you, mother?"

"No. Since you were a kid, you'd always cry whenever we brought any painters in
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