I'm Going on Vacation

"Why am I so busy?"

Ian wondered as he sat down on his bed. He wasn't the protagonist. And the impact his character had on the original storyline also wasn't something so significant that it'd change the storyline. All that made him come to the realisation that he was working too hard.

"I should take a break!"

He stilled his will as he sprang up on his feet. All he had been doing since he came to this world was set the platform here and there for the protagonists benefit. He didn't even travel anywhere outside the duchy because he had too much to do.

"Outside the Duchy..."

Ian mumbled as he tried to recall the novel's settings. There was indeed many beautiful places described in the novel. Although those places will soon turn into battle ground, that didn't mean Ian didn't have a chance. He still had his chance of travelling those places.

Ian grabbed his pen and paper and sat down in his table. As he recalled all those important arcs, he not
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