Ian's Okay!

'That's thirty percent off brother's shoulder!'

'It's a good start!'

Ash and Louis communicated with each other through their gaze. They were happy since Ian let them help. It was frustrating for them to feel like a burden and be of no help to him.

Soon, the direction of the mana stones were diverted slightly with Ash and Louis taking fifteen percent of the burden of transformation each from Ian's shoulder.


'It hurts!'

As soon as they started absorbing and rapidly purifying the mana just like Ian was doing till now, they felt their stomach curl and a severed pain similar to needles travelling through their veins.

They bit their lip hard and tried to get used to the pain all the while wondering how Ian had managed to bear multiple times the same pain till now.

The pain they felt in their heart as they imagined Ian going through pain several times severe than their was more cruel and hurtful than the pain they felt from the poisoned mana. As such, they could hold onto their g
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