Old Man Ash


Ash looked at Ian who was holding the leg of a barbecued Scorpion on his hand with a complex gaze before he finally sighed. He was so done with this man.

"I'll have some!"

And then there were people that went along with everything he did. Take Louis for example. The guy looked genuinely excited to see the grilled meat in Ian's hand.

"Great! Anyone else? Damon?"

"Yeah! They're really yummy!"

The millenia old maze hopped happily as he strode towards Ian, following Louis.

Rick and the others also looked like they'd be more than happy to take a bite of that delicious meat one more time. Their eyes were practically shining.

'Seriously.. these people.. Do they have no sense of time or place?!'

Ash looked at them as if he was looking at a bunch of apes circling around a pile of bananas. His only salvation was his mother who wasn't partaking in any of this nonsense. He felt like she was the only real adult around him.

Ash looked around, there were many people around them, unfamil
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