They're Back

The Imperial Palace was in complete chaos following the huge explosion.

The Royal guards were in panicking since Rick was missing following the chaos. Troops were departed on every part of the town to search for their King while the Knight captain remained to investigate the mysterious crater formed due to the explosion.

"Did you figure anything out yet?"

He asked someone nearby. It was one of their researchers. They were calculating the residue mana to figure out the source of the attack. But no matter how many times they did the calculation, the expected results didn't come out.


Seeing how hard the researcher was frowning, the captain nudged him once more in an attempt to make him speak. They were currently facing a crisis of national level due to the missing King and the unknown enemies. He didn't have time to spare.

"Umm.. Yes.. The results came out."

He replied with a slightly confused tone.

"So..? What is it?"

Asked the captain with impatience.

"No matter how you look a
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