Chapter 9:- Battle of Beasts

A demonic beast attacks me from behind. I reacted quickly and summoned my sword.

It has red eyes that glow in the dark and its body is covered with scales and fangs that can rip my flesh off in one bite.

It has razor sharp tusks that can easily puncture skin, but it doesn't have the strength to kill an adult human being with them alone.

 Its teeth are strong enough to rip through thick metal armor and its claws are capable of piercing flesh.

The blade of my sword slices into the demonic beast's flesh. I slash a second time. My sword cleaves deep into the demonic beast's chest.

Blood spurts from the wound, splashing onto its body. The creature roars in pain but doesn't seem to notice that it is dying.

 It lashes out with one of its claws, tearing another huge chunk out of my leg. The pain sends a jolt through me and I stumble backwards.

 Its third claw now rakes against my back, cutting deeper into my flesh. I feel a terrible burning sensation as hot blood gushes down my leg.

The beast continues to roar and flail its arms about wildly, trying desperately to defend itself. In desperation, the creature leaps toward me and strikes at my head with both fists.

 Both its hands clamp tightly around my skull, crushing it like an eggshell. The pain is unbearable and I feel myself slipping away...

I leap back, narrowly avoiding the massive claw that swoops down at me like a scythe blade. The creature is clearly enraged and continues its deadly advance.

It has been injured and now it intends to finish me off. There is no escape.

The demon's momentum is broken as it slips in the mud. I lunge forward with my dagger and cut deep into its gut.

The beast's blood sprays out onto my face, staining my cheek red. I have won the battle!

I am standing on top of a mountain range. A vast plain stretches out below me; far beyond the horizon lies a dark forest.

Clouds drift lazily across the sky above me as I sit atop this rugged peak, gazing at the world before me. There is only one path leading off from here: north.

I can see two paths leading off from here. North leads into the mountains. East leads into the woods. South leads into a ravine.

If I follow south, I will come face-to-face with a river. This river flows north to the plains.

To the east, the land rises sharply into the mountains. To the west, the terrain descends into a rocky valley, filled with dense forests.

My mind is made up. I turn and begin walking northward. As I walk, I try to ignore the gnawing ache in my chest.

This area has a couple of house.

My vision blurs. I struggled to breathe for several seconds before finally passing out.

The scene fades away, replaced by an image of myself lying unconscious on the ground.

I woke up in the middle of night and noticed that I am lying on a bed. As I looked to the side some people were chatting with each other while gazing at me.

I sat down on the bed and an elderly man came near me. “You don’t look like people from here." Why are you here?”

“I am not from here. I am going to the Dark Castle but cause of the mistake teleportation I got here. Do you know the way to the Dark Castle?”

 As I looked closely the people have horns on them, like mutated.

The elder said “I will show you the way, if you move now you will get there till evening.”

I big farewell to the villager and left the village for the Dark Castle.

It's evening. I have just arrived at the Dark Castle. It is an enormous castle with a high moat surrounding it, and towers reaching into the sky.

A giant door covers most of the western wall. The walls are covered with runes and murals depicting scenes from Hell. The grounds are filled with demons and monsters.

I arrive at the gates of the Demon Castle. I am here to enter the library but to enter I should get the permission of the demon lord, I enter the gates.

A small town lies behind the gate. A few people live there; they mostly keep to themselves, however.

The sun is setting. The sky turns orange and red. In the distance there is the faintest hint of green. As the moon rises above the horizon, it casts its silver light over the land.

Night falls and the gates close. The guards stand watch outside the castle.

The castle stands tall. Its dark stone towers reach towards the heavens. The inside is cold and eerie, full of deathly whispers and shadows.

I take a deep breath and step through the gates.

The castle is huge. There are hundreds of rooms within the walls. Some have doors leading out of them, others don't. Many are empty, though.

Everywhere, the air seems tense, full of hostility and hatred.

I look around and see a staircase ahead.

The staircase leads to the second floor.

I take the stairs up to the second level.

There's an open archway between two walls.

This must lead somewhere...

There is a bridge leading to the next section of the second floor.

I cross the bridge and enter a hallway. It runs north-south. A stone statue stands in the center of the hallway.

In front of the statue, there is another doorway.

I approach the statue and bow before it.

“Greetings, Lord of the Castle.

A soft voice whispers in my mind: "Welcome to the Dark Castle."

The statue begins to speak.

“I am the King of this place. For what reason have you come here?”

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