Angel, Demon & Prince

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Angel, Demon & Prince

By: Existence001 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Regal Regal on his eighteenth birthday finds out that his real parents are unknown and he has the magic of both demons and angels in his body. He sets on a journey to find about his origin.....

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Chapter 1:- Revival of the lost
"There was once a large realm where angels, demons and humans lived, until there was war for the position of ruler. The war caused chaos and many lives were lost." "During the war a powerful being descended from nowhere and stopped the war. He split the realm into three realms: one for demons i;e Hell, another for angels i;e heaven and another for humans, i;e Reino." "The angel realm was given to angels with power while the demon realm was kept safe by demons that were strong enough to keep it from falling into chaos." "It's been several millenniums since the Great One, the ruler of the three lands, stopped the war." "The three realms have established a friendly relation with each other." "People from all three realms are welcome in any of them but if they choose to stay in their respective realms then that is up to them." "As Reino was in between heaven and hell, it became the place for interaction for all three realms. By the co-operation of the ruler of heaven: Michael, the ru
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Chapter 2:- The POV
Demon Princess POVI boarded the carriage “Let’s go now, Father will be waiting for me.”The carriage starts to move.The carriage began to move a few inches and I felt chills run down my spine. The dark magical energy has suddenly increased.I looked out the carriage and noticed a strange phenomenon. The sky is a mixture of dark and white clouds with strong thunder. Then suddenly it starts to pour. The white cloud is raining water and the black cloud is pouring blood like liquid.I felt curious “Sir, can you look at what’s happening here?”The Knight stepped down the carriage to take a look at what was happening.As soon as he stepped down and looked towards the academy his expression changed. He feared something that is towards the school. He is my father's personal knight, so he can be considered the strongest man after him. I asked him “Knight what’s wrong? What happened to you?”He is frozen like ice. He is not listening to me. I stepped down to look what’s happening, why does he
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Chapter 3- Start of the Adventure
My head started to hurt again like it was splitting in half.The scene felt like a dream, but I could see two figures, one holding me in her arms, and the other smiling at me. However, I couldn't see their faces.I fell down the ground.Everything was blurring.All I could hear was the sound of thunder and rain.A bright light surrounded me and when the light faded I was in the middle of the field in front of the academy.The grass was wet, the smell of rain and grass permeated everywhere.I looked up and saw a rainbow stretched across the sky."What happened to me?"I couldn’t move my body and it was hurting like hell.Slowly I am losing consciousness again.I awoke after some time to see a familiar ceiling above my head.“Are you up?”I was hearing a familiar voice as I turned towards the source of the voice. She was the nurse who used to take care of me whenever I was hurt by other students.“Sorry for the trouble Miss Ahn, I don’t know what happened to me this time and how I am he
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Chapter 4:- The First Brawl
I stopped by a store to buy a weapon for me. While looking for a weapon a sword thrown at the corner attracts me."I wonder how much it costs for the sword at the corner. The sword with a white hilt which is a bit rusty.""That's an old, rusty blade; you're not expecting to find any quality steel here. Besides, there is no way this sword could cut anything, let alone even scratch something like a monster!" exclaimed the shopkeeper as he turned away from his counter with disgust."Hold on now, young man! Don't throw that thing out! It could still be useful in some odd ways!"The man approaches me excitedly, holding a small book and pointing to it. He opens the cover and shows the pages inside. There are mostly sketches of strange creatures drawn by someone who has seen them firsthand. But one sketch catches my eye immediately. A monster with large claws and fangs. The picture was drawn hastily, but I can see that whoever drew this knew exactly what the creature looked like."This is a
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Chapter 5:- The Little Clue
I reach the edge of the city, eager to leave this cursed forest behind me. After a while of walking, I entered the Royal Capital, after a long fight I decide to stop somewhere for the night.I enter the inn. "Hello," says the innkeeper. "Can I help you?""Yes, please," I reply politely. "I'd like a room.""Certainly. Follow me."The innkeeper leads me to a small, windowless room at the back of the building. There are no windows, no doors, just a single bed and a small washstand."It's not much, but it should suffice," says the innkeeper."I'm sorry, sir," he apologizes. "But we have no other rooms available."You sigh heavily. "That's alright then," you say."Thank you," he replies.Due to the brawl with the bandits and the long journey I am feeling very much tired. Without questioning I went to sleep.I woke up early in the morning. After getting a bath, I got out of the inn and walked towards the library.On my way to the library I felt someone calling me “Regal”I looked left and s
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Chapter 6:- Training with Knight
I follow him into combat range where the two of us square off against each other.As soon as the first blows start flying, I realize that I have made a mistake: this knight is much better than any of the ones who are training here on the training ground.My sword clanks against his shield repeatedly, but the bigger man keeps swinging at me with increasing ferocity. After several more swings, I am forced to retreat back toward the camp.His next blow nearly hits me in the head and knocks me backwards. I stumble away from him and find myself falling down onto the grassy hillside. The wind is knocked out of me and I can feel blood pouring down my leg.I reach back to touch the wound and notice that the knight has finally stopped striking at me."Are you okay, boy?" he asks. "Didn't know if you could handle a real fight.""I think you are right," I say. "Now would you please let me go?"He laughed. "Oh no! Not until our match is over."I sit up and lean against the tree behind me. There's
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Chapter 7:- A Friendly Spar
As soon as the four heavenly angels entered the room they hugged me tightly. “You look just like your mother.” Says one of the heavenly Angels.“Yes, the magical power you contain is as strong as your mother.” Says another.“Where were you till now? Why didn’t you come before? Where is your mother?” says another one.“We are your mother’s elder brothers.” Says another one.I was confused by the sudden questioning of the heavenly angels. The Divine King was the eldest sibling.“He came after the long time because he didn’t know the identity of his real parents. Even when he was here just before he didn’t know his mother’s identity.”“He says that Diosa left him at the door of an old farmer couple. Since then her whereabouts are unknown. She left him with the pair of pendants we gave her.”The four heavenly angels were weeping as they hear what the Divine Kings said.After that we chatted for some time and the four heavenly angels left. The four heavenly kings were kind and told me eve
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Chapter 8:- New Journey
I thanked the doctor and left. I head back to the castle.I went to meet with the Divine King “I will stay in the castle for some time. Please, help me train the holy magic. I will leave for the Demon Realm after I am strong enough to defend myself.”“The heavenly angels will train you from tomorrow, go and rest for today.”The king assigned a maid to me and she showed me the way to my room. After entering my room I jumped on the bed and fell asleep instantly.At night the maid woke me up. “The king is ordering for your presence in the dining room.”I dressed up and went to the dining room. I chatted with the king and after dining I went to my room and fell asleep again.Early in the morning the maid woke me up for training.The heavenly kings were waiting for me in the training hall. The training started and I was in heaven for 2 years. After the long training my control over the holy magic was strong enough for me to defend myself.I went to meet with the king. “After training for t
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Chapter 9:- Battle of Beasts
A demonic beast attacks me from behind. I reacted quickly and summoned my sword.It has red eyes that glow in the dark and its body is covered with scales and fangs that can rip my flesh off in one bite.It has razor sharp tusks that can easily puncture skin, but it doesn't have the strength to kill an adult human being with them alone. Its teeth are strong enough to rip through thick metal armor and its claws are capable of piercing flesh.The blade of my sword slices into the demonic beast's flesh. I slash a second time. My sword cleaves deep into the demonic beast's chest.Blood spurts from the wound, splashing onto its body. The creature roars in pain but doesn't seem to notice that it is dying. It lashes out with one of its claws, tearing another huge chunk out of my leg. The pain sends a jolt through me and I stumble backwards. Its third claw now rakes against my back, cutting deeper into my flesh. I feel a terrible burning sensation as hot blood gushes down my leg.The beast
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Chapter 10:- Demon King Enters
The statue begins to speak.“I am the King of this place. For what reason have you come here?”“Your highness I have come to ask permission for entering the library, for that your permission is needed.”“You can visit the library tomorrow, enjoy your day today.”“Thank you your highness”I turn around and leave the castle.A colosseum little far away piqued my interest.The Colosseum had a circular arena surrounded by tiers of seating for spectators. The center of the arena contained an open space where gladiators fought each other to the death. A large bronze statue stands in the middle of the arena, depicting the god Mars himself.To the north and south lie the entrance ways into the Colosseum proper, which leads to the north and south entrances. There are four doors leading out of the Colosseum; you can choose any one..A pair of hellhounds stand in combat with a muscular man wearing only a loincloth. They tear at his flesh as he attempts to fend them off with a spear. From his cro
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