Arise the Dragonslayer [The Flash warrior series #1]

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Arise the Dragonslayer [The Flash warrior series #1]

By: M. J. Cervañez CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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"The first book of the fantasy-action-adventure series of The Flash warrior" The Flash warriors are heroes who formed together to protect the Enchanted world. However, they cannot defend it alone as they struggle against a dangerous three-headed dragon with immense capabilities. A hope shines, miraculously. And that is the sixteen-year-old MaXabiere Berrygrewd. He lives in a small village and is trained as a hunter. Little does he know an imminent doom awaits him, but not until a hidden power from within has awakened to combat against the horrifying fate. This is his beginning. With the warriors and not-so unlikely friends at his side, they must enter on a hunt to end the dragon's ultimate destruction. Soon the boy will be even more than just a young hunter- but a legendary Dragonslayer. @mjcervanez All Rights Reserved Copyright 2019

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    this is a good story very cool.... -Anila

    2021-10-02 21:44:59
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Reminder of the dragon's terror
For long, the enchanted world is at everlasting peace, The sun soared with hope with ease, And the night glistened with stars at the aerospace, For the New Era shall stand tall with grace,   A bigger world for small but many sights, A bigger understanding for knowledge so slight, Hidden from nowhere churned a blazing flume, In a sudden, comes the hellish doom,   A reminder of an old legend that was prolonged forgotten, Yet we are prey that turned our longing burden, Bloody fangs and wings pushed the forcing waves, <
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7 years ago "Xabiere, come on, let's go." My sister, Henrich, shouted from the top of the hill together with the twins, Rosie and Mondrea. "Wait, Hen, I need to catch my breath," I breathed. It's not very easy to be fast when there is something that slows you down, you know? "Come on, Xabiere! You're going to miss the parade!" Mondrea shouted as she kept gesturing me to come closer, but I was so tired that my legs wanted to give up. However, I held my breath and quickly climbed with my might. As I finally made it to the top, Rosie looked at me as if I was late for too long. "Why are you so tired?" she asked. "Because I am carrying your heavy stuff!" I once again held my breath, carrying Rosie's box filled with knitting stuff. Jeez, for pity's sake, Rosie. "Guys, here they come!" Mondrea pointed at the marching soldiers from a village I d
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Chapter one: Xabiere!!!
"Xabiere. Hey Xabiere. Xabiere!" I gasped at a sudden thundering voice that roared into my eardrums. I jumped as my spirit bounced upward, but someone grabbed my arm. It was Mondrea, my delirious, happy-go-lucky, totally exhausting, and annoying sister. I wiped my eyelids to get rid of the irritating room. A flash of light shined in front of me. I covered my face with my hand as Mondrea slid the curtains open. "Rise and shine, Xabe!" she said sarcastically. "Ugh. Mondrea, what time is it?" I asked while I still wipe my eyes. "See for yourself, brother." she pointed at the clock above the wall behind me. Time addressed to me that it was seven o'clock in the morning.  I peered to her so the light wouldn't straightly blind me."What the . . . why are you so early?" "Sam's outside again. He needs you," she replied. And that got me thinkin
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Chapter two: Rosie was nauseous
"Is mother feeling okay?" Henrich asked Nurse Joy by the time we're in Snowfall clinic. After the book fair (Honestly, it was totally great. I even bought several books with big discounts!), Henrich and I were in the nursing room while Rosie and Mondrea were sitting on a bench in the hallway. I hope Rosie survives Mondrea's talking at this point. "Yes, your mother is quite well. Doctor Walden has checked on her condition. He told me to take care of her and make sure to keep her stable," replied Nurse Joy. Her brown hair was tied up in a casual bun. Her calm facial expression was always the same. Her dark brown eyes also looked the same way as she looked at her patients and visitors. "Thank goodness." Henrich sighed in relief as she closed her eyes, but then quickly opening them. "Wait, what do you mean . . . keep her stable?" "Well, there is a little problem to her condition- or a big one. When
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Chapter three: Visitors
"It's strange, though," pondered Sam. Every Friday, I go to Sam's house for some free time. Of course, since we're best friends. "After everybody was cured, I asked myself: who on earth poisoned these people and why?" I also asked myself that, honestly. It's so mysterious that an unknown poisoning occurred all of a sudden. "Where was your sister, Rosie, before the poisoning?" "Well, Henrich told me that Rosie went to the market near Western Quarté just to buy mother's favorite flowers," I responded. "Market, you say?" Sam said. "No one has ever attacked the market near western quarté." "Until today." Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. "Who could that be?" I looked at the pathway towards the door even though I couldn't see it. "Let me check." Sam went to the door and later came back with a newspaper. He placed it on the table and we both sat on his r
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Chapter four: Wild hunt
I almost forgot how big Quarté was, a land where I was born. If you're asking why it was named Quarté in the first place, it's because it was named by the founder of this huge region: Sir Aisle "Seven" McKenzie, the last Era's most popular adventurer up to this very day. During his life, he was ordinary, but today, he is a legend. The book has it that he traveled to the bottom of the earth just to find a fairy locked inside by an evil sorcerer named . . . uh . . . I think I forgot. The book was all dusty and chewed up.   For a month, he traveled and found this unknown island. As he gave himself a tour just to explore this region for many days, he figured that there were no harmful monsters but friendly enchanted creatures that didn't have a business to kill humans. And he found that every area's climate was different. Such as summer from the south, spring from the east, autumn from the west, and winter from the north (where I lived). You have n
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Chapter five: Awakened
I was really not a big fan of running away from a three-headed devil that came out of nowhere. Trying to survive as long as possible. Then I wondered, Jeez, what time is it? What the . . . what am I thinking? I have no time to ask myself that. I'm in the middle of a life-and-death situation here. If only there's something I could do to keep myself away from the dragon. It flew in a different direction, one of the heads shook the dizziness away so they could concentrate.   I ran downhill of the mountainside forest, ducking my head as the dragon kept blasting its powerful blazing beams, causing unwanted glaciers. I'm not gonna make it. There was something that zapped my mind when I thought of a stupid idea from the books I've read. I strapped my bow on my back, unsheathed my sword, and faced the reptilian monster.   Are you kidding?! This is hopeless! A part of me shouted. But I simply i
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Chapter six: One of us
While I'm in a deep slumber, I heard the sound of hooves stomping, people yelling indistinctly, and metals chimed like heavy-weight bells. As I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on a white bed with a soft blanket placed perfectly above me. My head was wrapped in bandages. On the other side, my scarf and jacket were hanging on a hook. The rosy-red color of my scarf became maroon with ashes. I could feel that my right arm was wrapped with bandages as well.   I grimaced and held my head as I sat up. I was in a large tent, though no one's here except me. Where am I? I tried to get up, but the pain kept holding me down. "Well, well, well, good afternoon." It was Sean who showed up, this time he didn't look like a hippie with style, he looked more like he was going on a trip to the beach. His ponytail was wavy as ever while showing of wearing a purple floral jacket, caramel shorts, and black shoes.   "Se
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Chapter seven: Nowhere is safe
Commander Grayson and I went to the other side of the mountain through a zigzag trail path. There, the Flash warriors even build another campsite. In it were tents so tall it's probably thirty feet in height. This other camp had a central area like an arena. A few hours later, we had a dinner party. Man, I wish my family could see what I'm seeing right now. And yet there was this anxious feeling that I wanted to get rid of.    Fireflies kept changing colors as they illuminate, so were the mushrooms. We had so many delicious, appetizing, and overwhelming scents of food, desserts, and beverages on every circular table that we occupied. No matter how many foods there were, the warriors still able to munch as many as they desire as if they were in an eating contest. The chairs and tables surrounded the center of the camp.   At the dinner party, Claes and Sean found and accompanied me to a table to talk. They
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Chapter eight: Home sweet home (Not)
I woke up as my head bumped to the ground with a loud thud. My eyes had gone black because of overdue sleep, definitely need to wash them. Later, I went upstairs to the quarter deck to see what was going on. Sean was resting on a hammock, playing his pan that attracted birds while Claes was busy driving. Yesterday, we almost died because of a tornado, and Sean forgot that he was the pilot because he had his distractions. So Claes told him that he's the one who should drive instead.   "Morning." Sean stopped to greet me with his usual smile.   "Morning. Where are we now?" I asked. Sean pointed to the wooden railing, I went there and gasped as I saw the Northern Quarté burned to ashes. The morning smile instantly dropped. Despite that, I could still see the white snow on the trees. We parked at the burned shore near the icy river. Sean and I followed Claes as we got off the vessel. "Look at this place." Claes wa
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