A Very Long Dusk

(Really long chapter)

Bayo trudged on, dragging his injured paws on and on. He had eaten quite a munchful of those herbs and he had felt much better. Infact his paws had healed already but the aches were still there. 

Humping along, Bayo thought about the way on. Jaspar has directed him to go up the cliffs. Naturally, he would have refused but the dragon boy had saved him so if he said go up, then it should be worthwhile. However that didn't remove the uneasiness he felt towards the cliffs. After all, that was where he was swallowed whole plus having to face a Rat. Imagine that! 

Rat? That thought he looked delicious just because he was alone. 

Gah! As if that was not enough, he had gotten tricked by another rat. Somewhat, somehow he felt that the creatures were more intelligently dangerous. 

Pausing slightly, his ears tensed up, picking up sounds of low rumbling and beast activities from all around. Without wasting time, his paws dug into the ground, pouncing away from the sounds. 

Looking up at the Sky, he noticed the wash of various colors from gold to yellow to pink and occasional blue accented with the occasional whirl of wind here and there.

In short, the whole scenery was beautiful, and darker. Back on earth, with a sky like this, he'd have picked up his Android to snap and post on Instagram but here, the whole scenery gave him strange vibes that he had to get away from the open. 

Galloping further, he tore on and on, without stopping, thoughts of survival dominant in his beastly mind. 

As he raced, his mind began settling, giving him a kind of sensation he had never known before. His body entered auto pilot as his frame kept on galloping while his mind began transversing the various occurrences so far.

He wasn't up to a day yet. He was sure of that.

Thinking back, he remembered the experience that had brought him to his death. That Shade of a girl! 

He grit his fangs as he staggered, almost losing control.

'Focus Bayo, she's not worth it.' He calmed himself.

'What will mother be doing now already? I feel her world would be shattered now. All because of me.' He groaned, annoyed at himself.

'Bayo, I might not know exactly how you feel but you have another shot at life. Make it worth it.' Yasmin put in,clearing his gloomy airs.

Relaxing his mind, he was grateful for having Yasmin. So far, that soul genie had been of tremendous help to him. 

But deep down, he knew he had to keep on reminding himself that Yasmin was a parasite. That meant he had to always keep his guard up or risk losing his mind to the soul genie.

He was helpful but yet a parasite. 

Just like Vela.

Pooh! I guess nothing good come freely in this world.

He had been so happy to have seen Vela dealing with that Seventh born.

Seventh born but Yasmin called it third born earlier? But what did it matter now? 

Vela had dealt with it, helped him with some power upgrade and eventually bit him into soul decline.

Damnit, he sure wasn't going to let that go. Which was why he had to get strong enough to deal efficiently with Vela.

But come to think of it, they each had all been in this world same as him. 

How was it then, that Vela and amassed so much power? 

Yes, Yasmin had said the other Ascenders who fused completely with the soul remnants started with Elite class. But hey, Vela was Omni Classed already.

That was one step ahead of Elite class. 


Wait, how long had he been racing? One hour, two? He was certain it was more than that but the Sky hadn't darkened with that night atmosphere. Not that it hadn't darkened, but not considerably as night on earth. In fact, it looked like dusk here was busy stretching on and on.

Shortly after, fatigue rippling through his frame forced him to take a breather. 

'It shouldn't hurt to rest, should it?' Bayo asked, pausing to lean against a tree trunk.

Just then a bellow sounded behind him, startling his Dog self. With a quick look behind, he saw the bear like creature with its horned hinds pounding towards him.


What was with this bear and chasing?

Where's your self preservation, bear?

Without much ado, Bayo sprung up, his four muscular paws clawing at the ground in speed.

The brief minute of rest had replenished some of his stamina and infact, the limb aches had subsided considerably. 

Armed with this developments, Bayo tore along, lengthening the distance between the Bear and him graciously.

'I am detecting Law energy fluctuations. It appears to be emanating from the creature in pursuit.' Yasmin informed him.

Law energy?

What tha forge?

That bear has law affinity?

'Yasmin scan that forger.' Bayo said, adding more sprint to his gait. From his experience so far, Law users have not been really nice to him.

—- —-

Horned Hind Bear - Common Type 

Soul Stage: Ground

Energy: 153

Ability: Regeneration 

Law: Law of wrath

Principle: Rage

The horned hind bear is blessed with regenerative capabilities. It's affinity with the law of wrath: principle of rage makes it irrational in its charges as it is very easily irritated. However, its charges with the boost from the principle of rage is one that is immensely feared, coupled with the regeneration.

Irrational in its charges!

Was there ever a doubt? All the same, It be nice if I can get it bloodline.

It could help him if he needed to go berserk and also tank damages backed up with regenration.

Come to think of it, with his unique soul, he was certain he could push the potential of the bear to high levels.

'Yasmin, is it possible to absorb the bloodline of this bear and evolve to it after?'

'That would be only possible if you can amass sufficient bloodline genetics which is usually not possible in one kill. Or, you could grow the bloodline, pumping certain amounts of energy into reforming it.'


I'm not sure I'd want to stick around for another kill but with my unique soul, pretty sure I can give out the energy.' Bayo mused.

Just before him in about hundred meters, gray rocks jutted up from a pool, bringing a snarling smile to his face.

He'd arrived at the cliffs. 

Even more, he'd have rocks to slam some bear.

Suddenly, the air constricted as if being sucked into a vacuum. Turning back, Bayo saw the reddened eyes of the bear as it stood on hind legs bellowing.

'Oboy! The law of wrath. Just how powerful are you?' 

His instincts screamed danger and he leapt, jumping further from his former point as the bear suddenly swirled  around continuously, red aura forming about its body. 

In a flash, it struck one, one colossal paw of thickened blood red aura slamming into Bayo's previous location, flinging dirt all about


He sure couldn't afford to drag this battle. Damn you bear. Turning about, he tore for the cliff m, the heavy pounding of paws motivating him.

Empowered by the law of wrath: principle of rage, the bear gained heavily on Bayo, snarling as it went. 

Bayo's tail wagged, the cliff now few inches before. Swiftly, he maneuvered his body, gracefully avoiding the cliff as he turned a sharp right.

However, the bear was not lucky. Blinded by its bloodlust, it's momentum slamming him into a dazed head slam.

'Ha... Now my turn!' Swiftly, he dived, slamming his jaws on the bear's neck.


Still the bear stirred, coming out of his daze as its wounds closed at a slow rate. Seeing that, he hefted himselfto the neck, carefully balancing himself as his tail came slamming down on the bear's head

'Yasmin, how much longer, scan?'

—- —-

Horned Hind Bear - Common Type 

Soul Stage: Ground

Energy:33/153 (+5 regeneration every 60seconds)

Ability: Regeneration 

Law: Law of wrath

Principle: Rage


Oh Gully!

The usage of the berserk rage must have drained heavily on its energy. All good, I can handle this level of energy.


Bayo slammed his tails edge continuously until the bear fell, limp and dead. 

With exhaustion, he tore into the flesh of the bear, crunching on bone and flesh to satiate his hunger and make up for his expended energy.

In this world, energy was king and he sure was going to chow down every energy source he could hunt.

'Status!' He said After chowing down most of the bear.


Iron Spike Tailed Dog

Soul Status: Ground Class

Growth Stage: Adult

Growth progress: Max

Energy: 130/17


Wow! That's massive amount of energy.

'Yasmin how come my energy is pumped.'

'You had gained +30 energy upon your resuscitation and +35 from feeding on the herbs. Passively, your soul boosted the amount of energy you gained with a +70 ending up at 130.'

'Well, my soul. Keep it up.'

'However, there is a risk as your body is not built to contain such amount of energy.' Already, Bayo could feel a full ache coming from the middle of his chest, gradually gaining momentum.

'Oh right! Evolution. Yasmin, evolve me to Fire Breathing Salamander.'

'Evolution to that form is also not compatible with the amount of energy as it's maximum hold is 35.' 

'What do I do then?' Bayo asked, exasperated.

'You talked of growing the Horned hind bear bloodline. With an amount of 100 points of energy, I can kickstart the growth process.'

Oh great!

'Very well, do that and evolve me please.'

'Beginning Bloodline Genetic Growth. Evolution Sequence engaged.'

Immediately, Bayo's bone contracted, shrinking and clicking as his form shimmered, reducing from the 3.5 meter tall Iron Spike Tailed Dog into a Grey scales Fire Breathing Salamander.

'Oh nice. Time to climb the cliffs. Wait, how come night hasn't come since?'

Yasmin spoke to reply but he didn't hear. With fatigue in his frame, he skittered up the cliff rocks, climbing to the apex. As he did, silhouettes of large beasts greeted his eyes, forcing him to race towards cover. 

Reaching a tree trunk, he leapt, claw after claw until he was lodged on the highest branch in the tree.

'Ah! Memories.' Bayo nodded , resting his Salamander head on the tree trunk.

His first minutes on the cliff had been scary but now, look at how he had grown. 

Mum would be proud of me, assuming she could see this.

Maybe just one day, I might be powerful enough to go to earth and see my mum.

Maybe one day! 

But for now, he was going to find Vela and teach that damned snake a lesson of her life.

And maybe then, find the other Ascenders and know why exactly he was given a second chance.

Ah, Jaspar, I hope you find me again. Plus I won't be able to speak if you do.

Looking at the still dusk sky that had refused to thicken into the darkness of night, Bayo nodded.

Tonight, he'd sleep. Tomorrow, he'd find a pack to boss over.

And maybe then, go with his pack to destroy those monster eater ants.

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