The Resource Pool


Bayo snapped his head up from the tree trunk, nodding at the brighter atmosphere of dawn.

One night or dusk done...

Others to come!

He congratulated himself. 

The night... dusk had really been hectic. Twice he had had to change tree, relying on his Salamander instincts as he jumped trees. Several terrific beasts came alive in the dark of the dusk, roaring and battling each other continuously.

Many a times, he'd had to cling tightly, his claws deep into the tree bark as he withstood a sudden explosion of aura, Strong enough to uproot small trees.

He nodded, remembering when he had to claw at something that lashed at him, chipping off his tail at the second tree he was. Quickly, he swirled around, observing the mass of a beast before him with reptilian patience.

Before charging up and leaping to another tree. He only wanted to sleep, not fight for house domination.

The itch of the tail loss however, and the instant flaring of lizard mind for the need for a tail.

Actually, what do lizards need tail for?

Thankfully, he was able to expend half of his energy to grow back a tail seeing that he had no regeneration.

Yasmin, always the life saver!

Thinking back, the Salamander clambered lower the branch, observing carefully his surroundings.

Today was the start of a new day to him and he had many things to work on. But as always, first things first.

'Yasmin, Status.

Oh, I mean. My full status.'

'Acknowledged.' The ever Faithful Yasmin replied.

—- —-

Name: Bayo (Ascender Human)

Specie: Fire Breathing Salamander -Mythic Type

Soul Stage: Basic

Energy: 8/35

Growth stage: Hatchling(1/2)

Growth Progress: 35/50

Ability: Fire Breathing

Law: (Law of Gluttony)


Bloodline stored

Fire breathing Salamander(current)

Ironspike Tailed Dog (Complete)

Glow spike Rat(incomplete -2/3)

Horned Hind Bear(Incomplete- Growing 15%)

—— —— ——

Aha! The start of a new life. Bayo chirped, happily noting the stats. Interestingly, the Salamander had a shorter growth span compared his previous form. Which was pretty much nice enough for him.

He couldn't afford to stick around in weak forms while Vela was not dealt with yet.


That Bitch of a snake.

Exactly why he was growing the horned Hind Bear bloodline. The easier way was to go ahead and simply use his bonus absorption from his law of Gluttony but hey, he was stingy on himself.

Afterall, who knew when that absorption would come in handy? So, growing it was the simple way.

He could battle another one but hey, the regeneration and that law of wrath that gave the creature a berserker aura..

Man, he wasn't cut out for that.

'Yasmin, why is my law still bracketed? I thought I am in a law affinity form? And again, my soul stage is back to Basic? That's like demoting me severally. I fought my way through to Ground Class, you know.' Bayo complained, irritated at the demotions.

'Well, this would have been explained at the Ascender Induc-...' 

'Don't you dare get me started on Ascender Induction. I have been cheated of my erm... cultivation? Yes, cultivation and you're calling some tutorial shit.'

'In all honesty, that induction would have made all the difference.'

'Oh Yea... shut up! I worked my ass for the cultivation. I got gobbled, ate rat, fell off a cliff, fought monster eater ants and ate slimy lizards and you stole my cultivation blaming it on some induction tutorial?' Bayo fumed, his anger trembling his Salamander frame.

'Like I said,' Yasmin started again, after a considerably pause. 'Loss of your soul class is attributed to the changing of forms. You evolved, changing form of the IronSpike Tailed Dog, a creature with no law affinity to your current form with law affinity. Although, your specie can not directly interface with laws but is able to condense the purest form of Agbara which is Creation Essence in the activation of its ability, hence allowing its ability without any knowledge of law. This means that you have just started climbing the ascension ranks with a form that is properly suited for Law energy which is called Agbara.'

'Hmm... so it's like entering a class and having to start from first term to second and third term again irrespective of whether you went through those terms previously.' Bayo mused.

'I don't not quite understand your analogy but yes, it is as you say.' 

Already, Bayo had descended down the tree, moving a little out of the undergrowth. Carefully, he surveyed his environs, noting the few moving creatures about.

'Will that continue each time I change a form?'

'For now, No. but I cannot say the same of you were to assume the form of a sentient being.'

Wait, That meant he was going to start all over if he happened to evolve into one of those dragon people.

'What? Why?'

'Your soul is not yet fully adaptable to the precepts of these world. Hence you would lose your ascension each time you assume a new form.'

Oh Gully! Which meant even th horned Hind Bear was not even feasible for now.

'Is there a way to overcome the limitations?'

'Yes, You will be required to divert certain amounts of energy into refining your soul so as to retain the ascension level regardless of the forms.'

Oh Right!


This whole world was built on energy. Energy energy energy. 


Which meant he'd have to double on the intakes of energy especially since he was growing a bloodline already. 

'Would this have been better if I had fused with you completely?' Bayo asked.

'Yes, I would have been able to override that constraints if I had full control. However, it is not too late to do so now.' Yasmin put in, trying to bait Bayo.

'Okay, that's it. Don't tempt me!' 

It's decided now. The only two forms he could afford now were the Ironspike Tailed Dog and the Salamander. He could shuffle between his tiny frame for surveillance and logistics and the dog for combat efficiency.

Actually the Horned Hind Bear would have made better choice for combat but it was yet to be grown and he was betting that by then when it was grown fully, he'd have already ascended his class again.

Skittering forward, he raced on, his small frame allowing him to escape the sight and claws of beasts. In no time, he found himself, scrambling to an abrupt halt as a pool of water lay before him.

He peered into the water briefly before noting the fish like movements in it.

Immediately, his lizard eyes bulged as he instinctively dived down, pinning an unlucky yellow striped fish. Drenched, he waddled out, digging his snout into the fish.

'Bloodline detected. Absorbing bloodline.'

Hungrily, he nodded, tearing off more fish fulls of meal. Class or no class, one thing was certain, this Salamander was hungry.

'Yasmin, show me the bloodline stats of this fish. Ignore bloodline origins.' Bayo queried, licking his frontal claws after devouring the fish completely.

He had to admit, food uncooked was the best. To hell with man and his kitchen. 


—- —-

Specie: Yellow Pinstriped Titus

Class: Basic

Max Energy: 15

Ability: none

This fish is a delight-able meal containing sufficient nourishment you can think of. Rich in minerals and vitamins, the Titus is highly rich in energy.


Rich in energy, heh!

With 15 points. That's really something. With the energy absorbent capability of his soul, Bayo was certain he'd have gotten about half of the fish max Energy. And with energy, he could change into his previous form and vice versa.

'Things are finally falling into place.'

Yawning, he congratulated himself before diving in once more.

After a while and minutes of soaking and eating, Bayo swirled around observing again before doing the tip tap dance once more.

Finding a energy rich pool, by God, he was not ever going to hunt again.

'Yasmin, Status.'


Fire Breathing Salamander -Mythic Type

Soul Stage: Basic

Energy: 63/35

Growth stage: Adult

Growth Progress: Completed

Ability: Fire Breathing



'There we go, my theory was right. My soul had given sufficient rewards of energy from each fish.

Let's say, this is my own resource pool. Need to mark territory soon. ' Bayo mused, his Salamander instincts coming to play now.

'Oh damn you, Bayo.' Bayo slapped at his face, clawing a line of blood out.

'Ouch! Hurts! Note to self, I have claws not fingers.'

Gazing forward, his reptilian tongue whisked about. If he were to remain in this form, he was not sure Jaspar would be able to find him.

And that dragon boy looked promising, in energy and companion wise.

'Yasmin, what would it take to change form back to IronSpike Tailed Dog?' 

'The cost will only be a certain expenditure of energy.'

Just as I thought. Energy again.

Just then, a howl sounded nearby and an Iron Spiked Tailed Dog burst into view. It growled at something in a distance before being joined up by other dogs and together they charged, tearing through the rocky landscape.

Tensed, he yawned.

Actually why was he yawning frequently now? Bayo wondered. Pushing that aside, he turned his focus inwards.

If he was going to blend with a pack of them dogs, he really needed to be upto it.

Which meant every single advantage he could have, he was going to use.

'Yasmin, you once stated that I could combine  bloodlines, right?'


'Good! Is it possible to evolve the ability of the Glow spike Rat into the Ironspike Tailed Dog?'

'Yes, however the bloodline is incomplete.'

'I can ignore that with consumption of energy. See, Yasmin, I want to have every evolutionary advantage I can get if I am going to find a pack.'

'Understandable, with the absorption of more bloodlines, the evolutionary options will be even wider for a greater variety of options.'

'Of course! Which meant I have to hunt several creatures just to absorb the bloodlines.'

The pack could wait and by extension, Jaspar, for now, he needed to get a variety of bloodlines. 

Thankfully, he had already reached his adult form which meant his flame breathing ability could be used now.

But just one thing remained, however.

'Yasmin, how far are we on the growth of the horned Hind bloodline? Also, convert some energy to complete the glow spike Rat bloodline.'

'Acknowledged.' Yasmin replied cool and immediately a sensation of weakness spread through his frame. Not that he minded, after all he was besides an energy resource pool.

'The Horned Hind Bear is at a growth rate of 25%. With continuous...'

'That enough, Yasmin. You're boring me already' Bayo yawned. 'Actually, why have I been yawning since?'

'It is common knowledge that lizards yawn quite frequently in a bid to expel excess oil from slimy and oily foods that they usually consume. The fishes, for example.'

Wha... what?

I'm becoming more of an animal every day.


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