Breaking Protocols II

Ronke rolled her eyes, smiling. "Right!"

"I should go over to intercept them already. Hope I'll make it in time then."

"If you don't report back to the CFR with the charge, you will be breaking Protocols. But... I-ill just act like I never knew a single damn thing. And you know what that means, then?

You need to get done with what you have to do as soon as possible."

Isaac stated just as Ronke made to leave. 

"If that is the case, shouldn't you at least try to see if you have any personal message on your Timestream Orb?" Isaac asked. "I hate that you would be going about without knowing precisely where they are!"

"oh, right!" Ronke doubled back to the bed.

Bending over, she tapped on the box twice, watching it project ethereal forms of various items above it.

Items like bags, clothings, bottles and an orb floating in a circle.

"Yup, that one." She muttered, pic

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