The Ascenders Will Return

Here, you saw the title, right? Of course, yes, they would return. You certainly have not seen the last of it. 

So, like what was done at the start of this volume, we had an author boss note where we discussed the charcters and whatnot. Remember i mentioned that I was nto goign to make  bayo the entire focus of it? Well, he kind of became focus of it being that the whole novel is geared to his wellbeing. Lol. 

At the ending, we can see that he is paying the price in full for the warnings Yasmin issued to him. Dont ignore soul adaptation but what does Bayo know? And i certainly cannot blame him. 

He has a lot of pressure on him, forcing him to amke the most drastic measures to ensure he is not lagging behind. But reclal that Bayo did not tart life as the toher Ascenders. 

All the Ascenders started their Life at the soul class of Elite. Elite is from 1000pts and above. BUt Bayo began from Basic Class,with less than 20pt which was because he did nto boudn with his soul genie, Yasmin at the beginning. Naturally, thsi would mena that the other Ascenders would be more powerful than he would be and he would have to work double time to make it up to where they have reached. Shin is in Elite class though but that is because Shin had limited his potenials in a bid to conform to the image of the ebst friend of the original shin. nd that is why Bayo could reach him in terms of being Elite classed as well. However, hsielevl of experince is nothing to be termed equal with Bayo.

Which obviously, Hana is unaware of. That is why she keeps picking on him in the later parts that he is a weakling. She believes that as the First Born,he ought to be mroe powerfult han the rest of them and they should not have to suffer any issues when Bayo is with them. The result is that she is pushing Bayo beyond logicl reasoning now. 

Shin or Shino on the other hand is more understanding. Regardless of how he is moe powerful than Bayo,he still holds him in high respect adn keeps telling himself that he wants to eb strong as Bayo. He admires the willfulness of Bayo and his tenacity at beng able to come out of the most difficult situations.  Which si why he let Bayo teach him about how to control the two laws in him. Recall the time when fighting Ralia and the rogue Bayo(Yasmin), he still had to remember the teaching of Bayo before he could make the control of both laws to his own benefits.

In my opinion, Shin is the most powerful of them all. See him effortlessly conujure numerous shields of light to use as a stepping stone for himself and Hana. And also to protect the ship. And if you notice, he does not even need to chant out the name of the technique; it is more of an inbuilt thing that just happens in seconds. 

Still, if you consider Hana, you would wnat to forego my initial analysis of Shino as the strongest. Hana was the platoon sergeant, and like she often said, she did not position without merit. Definitely, she must be really powerful enough to hold out large scale attacks and come ontop. Recall when she rescued Ronke from the bastkin at the Amphitheatre in Laprisha. 

And her confidence knows no limits,which I why she is able to talk down Argam, the Death Wall of the Drakonian Confederacy. Like damn... She is powerful, hot and would avoid trouble when she can. She also took down both a Giant and a Titan in their super states. (I am not sure Shin can do that), all by herself, although having to get saved by Bayo later, from the people about. 

However, she is a solo fighter which does not make her a great teamplayer, in my eyes. However, she would play her part as best as she could. I tried my ebst to restrict her so that Shino and Bayo coud get some spotlight, which I am glad they did. Hana is already developed but Shin and Bayo are still building themselves towards that.

And then there is Ronke, the most knowledgeable of them all. Ronke is not only a tactician and a strategist, she is empathically related to everyone in her team especially, Bayo. In the last volume, her goal is to get to her homeland and stop a suicidal migration to Earth and she needs Bayo to help her convince them to stay. So, silently, she is pleased when Bayo is able to pull up some feats, such as taking down the Drakons to allow Shin and Hana steak the ship and whatnot.  

But she can be really overreactive, not one for surprises as she has repeatedly hit Bayo for surpisign her in his birthday suit as well as the time when he changed form without first informing them. 

In all, i love them all because they nver do learn when to give up. Sure, they try to run off now and then but when confronted with unescapbale fate, rather than accept the situation, they alwaysput up a good fight. Even if it costs them a lot, they would not go down without a fight. Which actually highlights the importance of the novel's title "Ascenders; rising from zero." 

From a group of persons who did not do so much well individually, exception of Hana, to the team of four. With Alliances building all about them, inevery direction. 

Of course, you would love them. 

Like i said from earlier. this is not the end. 

But for now, as the writer, i would love to jump on a vacation anytime from now.  i mean, surely i deserve it, right? Lol. 

Please stick around. Ascenders book two will begin in 3-4months.


A quick spoiler would show the charcters playing heroic roles rather than fugitive roles, like they did inthis book. I am excited for that time. And yep, dont expect the other Ascenders to take thigns lightly on our heroes... Certainly not. 

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2. The Human God

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Thank you so so much for sticking by. I love you all!

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