Diplomatic Discussion II

Orun Apaadi is rather a unique World, I must say. To think that a World would often times spawn creatures of immense hatred for all the creations of Eledumare with the sole intent of wiping them off reality.

It is amazing and perplexing at same time.

 What causes a wave? 

The Wave or A Demon Wave as it is often dubbed is a period of time when demons give in their primal instincts of destruction and take it on a widescale. A wave is the period of time when all World Bridges from the First Heaven keep on vomiting hordes and hordes of demons continuously.

What makes a wave then? It's simple or rather from my own perspective (I am sure many other seasoned veterans would agree.) that a wave is caused by the condensation of so much demonic energies within a single demon. We've seen cases of such, the most recent incident, being Trixius the fallen Prime who had spawned the greatest waves we have ever recorded.

Now that we know how a wave is made

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