Laprisha Dome Arena Market

Oh, Lord Meados. 

You know of a sure thing that my service is towards the Drakon Lord and the Drakon Masters of the Confederacy. This is as a result of being isolated by my own kind because of my study in the Law of Death.

The Confederacy took me in when I was left out, like dirt to be mauled and eaten, ripped to shreds by the unforgiving hands of beasts and demons.

And for that, I am grateful.

But as you this matter that you have sought my attention to, dare I say that it is of no obvious purpose.


What do you think an Ascender as that would be of any importance to what comes ahead?

Besides, Trixius the great is but sealed away. What further havoc could he cause?

Yes, I am aware of the powers that each of these Ascenders possess, frighteningly mighty.

But if you ask me, there are all but beasts. Well, all reason as beasts even if they now take humanoid form, obeying the beastial desires of their former forms.&n

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