Moving Forward II

Brief silence descended on them all. After a long while, Bayo shrugged, opening his mouth to talk.

"I have to say. Shin, you have the Law of Wrath. From what you said, you are tainted. And the more you use Agbara the less…"

"Yes…" Shin muttered.

"I think there is a way about that. It might sound crazy but trust me, it's worth a shot. I man, I used to read it in those manga books."

"Manga?" Shino's eyes lit up. "You read manga?"

At that, Hana and Ronke exchanged confused glances, blinking at each other.

"What is Manga?" Ronke questioned for the first time in a long time.

"Oh," Shin waved a hand casually. "It's something on Earth. So, what can you do to help me… Wait… what is your name? You have to have a name? Maybe your Earth name?"

"You guys are from Eledumare's pet World?" Ronke looked to Bayo. 

"Pet planet?" Bayo asked.

"Yes, that's what Earth is called." Hana replied to him.

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