Moving Forward

The next moment, the energy wreath that created the smokescreen vanished and in the place where Bayo, the Spirit Prime Wolf stood, was another thing.

Or rather, someone else.

A blue skinned humanoid, naked.

A Hadjan.

Hana nearly jumped off the bed, startled. "What?" She gasped, totally taken aback at the crouched form of the Hadjan on his fours.

"H-how?" Shin lowered his sunshades a bit, just to confirm if the shades were not deceiving him.

Meanwhile, Bayo groaned, feeling the usual weakness that came when he pushed himself too far coming back again. 'You better don't let us die, Yasmin.' He warned the soul remnant.

He forced himself to stand, revealing his trembling form in all the glory of a birthday suit.

Hana helped, turning her face away. Ronke smiled, putting a hand on her waist before giggling."You do realize that you are naked, right?" She made a mock gesture of covering her face but still was looking at him through her

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