"Stop it." Hana's voice esounded in the air as her fist rammed agaisnt the back of Shin. 

Unable to focus on the road ahead of him now, Shin staggered down, letting go of Hana. He rolled forward, eventaully bringing his hands to the sides of him to latch out to the stone oaved street that they were on. 

Hana  on her path had to let go of the sword immediately. ASs soon as she was set free from the hold of Shin, she tilted her body into a somersault, using that to leverage for her balance as she landed with the two legs bent sluightly forward. 

She shook her head, her face filled with rage and disgust at the person before her. Shin rose to his feet now, dusting himself and then pulling down his hood to cover the most of his face. 

Hana scowled at this, hatred surging in her heart for the Hadjan before her. How dare him? How dare hm pull that stunt he had pulled on her back then? 

She hated it when epople felt they had t

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