Reviewing Bloodlines II


Chunk-o-saurus  -Mythic Type

Max Soul Stage: Ground Class  | 

Max Energy: 89

Ability: Combo Chunk-Multiplier


Tiny little demon creature, nasty and clever when it is in the mood. Lazy and stupid when it has to take its nap or not in the mood for play. This creature has the ability to replicate itself via successive combo attacks on its environments. Despite their small size, their chunk sized fists are a tad too much for their really small frames. 


Looking at this one now, Bayo hummed to himself now. It was fascinating,


Huhuhu.. who is excited about Bayo's new form?? Certainly me... Lets see what he can bring out of this new tweaks. Also, is anyone wondering Bayo's travel would end? I mean, they were enroute to Ilesha. I am curious, as eh reached there now or is time flowing in a different stream when he is in his Soul space now??

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