Reviewing Bloodlines I

He just had to make sure he hit the jackpot and did that too, on time. The more time he spent progressing slowly; was the more the others boosted their advancements tremendously. 

He was the First Born.  The First Born of the Ascenders, it was imperative that he had to grow really as strong as he could, otherwise, he would end up at the wrong side of the table. Served hot and delicious to his many enemies now. He could not afford to be left behind now. He could not afford to depend on the might of others, powerless to protect those who were dear to him.

No, that was not the future he was needing. Not in a million years from now. 

'Alright then! Show me a lineup of the available bloodlines. Lowest class boundary should be at Ground Class.' Bayo said to himself even as he began to swipe about on the


Looks like the level which Bayo has reached now, any bloodline below Elite soul class would be pretty much useless to him . I mean, look at that chunksaurus, like really?

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