Tangera's Situation

It was taking like forever for Tangera to return already. So much that Bayo frowned in unease.

Had he been harsh on her?!

He didn't know. Indeed, he could not find a reason as to why he was harsh or if he was harsh at all. The past events had been one that had taken quite the toll on him, mentally so it was only natural that he would act out of instincts.

Preservational Instincts.

So far, so good, his life has only been on the run. From one thing to another thing, he was always running.

But this time, he was stuck in one place where he could not just bail. Not with the cell walls around him. Even though it would seem treacherous for him to do so, Bayo heaved, he would have still done so.

Right now, he was just sitting ducks for whoever came his way.

Perhaps, he should have bailed when he had the chance and was not confined to the walls of this cell.

The fact that he was in a contest where he would have to resort to bestial livi

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