The first Match of the Contest

Today was one of the most bizarre of the days I have come to live in Laprisha. 

The Soul Beast Contest is beginning in earnest. As you know, it is the contests where these Adzes show off their excellent skills their Soulbonds have, the grand prize being the Lord or Lady of Laprisha.

A rather odd custom that I am yet to come to grips with. How can you lobby the throne for such a contest?

Still, it is the Adzes. They are a set of… umph! I wonder if I can find the word to describe them exquisitely.

Do not think that Granin might also be that way because he is an Adze… He thinks clearer than the others and as such sees no reason why the throne should be lobbied and even opened to non-Adzes to compete.

Well, the Adzes are quite famous with the law of Death which is not a pleasant thing, by the way. However, that alone is not the reason for their fame.

They are also famous because they take great pride in soulbonding with beasts

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