The Boom from Outside

“Wait.. how did you…” Bayo frowned, taking a step back. 

“How did I know?” Vela shrugged. “Did you think I was kissing you for nothing? I obviously don't want to bite you or stuff like that but a kiss like that allowed me to see into your soul.” 

Bayo;’s heart skipped a beat now. A kiss like that was actually her prying into his soul/ He felt violated. Just how powerful was she?

“I know the number of Bloodlines you have stored, I know the possible evolutions you have yet to attend to. And oh, Toxic Cretin, is a powerful offense one but you are greatly lacking in mobility for that one You may want to tweak that later.” 

Vela spread her hands wide now as she inhaled the air. “If i could know all that about you now, then you should not  have to think


While, you cant have peaceful scenes without something like this, you know...

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