The Drago Massacre

We ask what must be for such an involvement of the Ascension Camps, Elder? Of a truth, we have come across your son, Sunday and by your previous, have engaged him with the best of our Spirit Ascenders only to be beaten down with our tail between our legs.

It appears that he was drawing power from a Wolf like soul bound creature. Power so potent that our very own Omega Classed Experts were naught before him. Thankfully, an IES camp was nearby to assist, howbeit, he escaped capture.

it is enough for me to be annoyed, Elder, for you failed to intimate us about our extensive his power was, despite fact that he is not high on the soul chart. But, I will take this as mere forgetting, which is very unlikely of you. So I ask, what is happening now? For it seems the Orisha are farther and more silent from us and to us, making their Aspectual powers harder for us humans to glean.

I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible, Elder. As for your son, it is now settled t

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