Draconian Bad Blood

But still... Dakota tensed.

 He looked to  Oberius only to be greeted with widened eyes. This aura that had suddenly appeared in the air. They knew what it was. 

Same as the auras of the dragons, dragons that had put them as outcasts, hunting them for being more stable in their humanoid forms rather than dragon forms.

The aura of a Sentient Dragon.




Panic voices of scared drakons, not demons, rent the air as the drakon guards broke ranks, scattering about.

The Drakons were a race of Sentient half humanoid and half dragons who were equally as brave as they were powerful. However, the drakons were not as proud as the dragons, knowing when and where to cut chase and flee

They called it self-preservation and that's had been the attribute that had enabled their survival from the anti drakon and grakon crusade. Originally, the dragons, dumb dragons were the progenitors of their r

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