Aster Cruise and Witch's Forest

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Aster Cruise and Witch's Forest

By: Veti Sari OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Vacationing to a place that is rarely found is a hobby of Aster, William, Jeslyn and Audrey as well as their work as YouTubers. These four friends love touring the sparsely inhabited island. In the end, at the suggestion of Aster, who pointed to a deserted island, they were trapped in a forest which turned out to be able to take them to another world filled with witches. In fact, Aster is trying to take responsibility for the mistakes he made and find a way out and be able to return to the real world. He tried to find help despite many obstacles, even along the way in the forest, Aster was always blamed by his friends. Until finally he was alone and contemplated. When he was thirsty, he drank water from the spring near the purple river. Until finally, he met a kind-hearted witch named Rati Louis. From here, he had to pass several sorcery tests in order to return to the real world. Even he became the inheritor of the magic king's bloodline.


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Chapter 1
Being a youtuber is the work of Aster, William, Audrey and Jeslyn. Every day, they gather at Aster's house to talk about their content or places that are rarely seen. Almost every week, they go around remote even uninhabited places. Until one day, Aster found a place that he thought was interesting to create content from the internet. He immediately gave the suggestion to his three friends to vacation there. "How about this week we take a vacation to this forest. I think it's interesting to make our content come alive," Aster said while showing a picture of the forest on his laptop to show his friends. Seeing the proposed image of Aster, his friends were silent for a moment after seeing the image that had been shown by him. The three of them looked at each other and thought for a moment before William finally gave his opinion. "Aster, didn't you choose the wrong place? It looks very scary and the forest is so dark. I'm not sure if we will vacation in the forest," William sa
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Chapter 2
Aster kept trying to persuade his friends to keep going down to the middle of the forest even though they didn't get the approval of the three friends. Aster is sure that the deeper he goes through the forest, he will definitely get a clue. However, this opinion raises various objections. "No Aster, I'm afraid that if we keep going into the forest, our lives will be at stake. I don't want to die young. What I want is that we can get out of this strange forest, it's all because you! I will still blame you, until everything returns to the way it was!" cried William in an annoyed tone. "If you want to go home, go home with Jeslyn. I will stay here to look for clues to return Audrey back to being a person. Hurry up and go home with Jeslyn. I will stay here," Aster said while holding the rabbit which was a transition from Audrey. Hearing Aster's words, made Jeslyn feel sorry for her and decided to keep following the trail into the middle of the forest, while William decided to head b
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Chapter 3
Queen Louis immediately turned William and Audrey's body back into a human. Both of them looked happy when they found his body changed shape. The wand that had been floating in the air, now returned to Queen Louis' hands. Without an agreement, Queen Louis immediately pulled Aster's hand to follow her. While the three friends just followed behind. After walking quite a distance, Aster was surprised when he saw the deeper contents of the forest which turned out to be inhabited by various kinds of talking animals. In fact, there are many strange people with wide ears like elephant ears. Seeing this oddity, Aster's three friends hesitated to continue with Queen Louis. "Queen Louis, may I ask you to just go home straight away? It's not all of us three's fault but Aster's fault for forcing us to keep going in this forest. So just leave Aster in charge and the three of us go home!" William said again about his distaste for Aster's opinion. "You can't! You four have to learn witchcraft to f
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Chapter 4
Queen Louis invites Aster to learn the art of removing the wind from his hands. Here Aster is given another book about the spell of the wind entrants. Not only that, during the learning process, he must be strong to face attacks from evil wizards who will attack him at any time. While Queen Louis would leave him alone in the sky. "Aster, if you need my help, just call my name three times while stamping on these clouds. I'm sure you'll be able to face obstacles as long as you study!" said Queen Louis before saying goodbye to Aster who then suddenly disappeared from Aster's presence. "Queen Louis! Queen Louis! Don't leave me here alone!" shouted Aster as he opened the book he was holding. After a few minutes of screaming, Aster finally decided to shut up and study the book that Queen Louis had given him. He immediately read the writing on it. "You are about to face a strange space-watching monster. Get ready to be attacked!" The first verse was successfully read by Aster with a sens
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Chapter 5
Actually what is in Aster's heart right now is wanting to return to being a normal human like before coming to this witch forest. He was very sorry for forcing himself to stay on vacation in the forest that made him a magician. In fact, he did not stop blaming himself because his friends became victims of that opinion. Now, he still wanted to take responsibility for all his actions no matter what happened. While he was deep in thought, Queen louis comes with a golden scepter."Aster, I have a gift for you. This is a golden scepter called Zoresia's wand. Use it if someone attacks you during a test!" said Queen Louis as she handed Aster the wand she was holding. "Thank you, I make sure your kingdom will be fine. I will try to fight for this kingdom eternal and will not be taken by the wizard George!" Aster answered while receiving Zoresia's wand from Queen Louis' hand. After receiving the wand, suddenly in Aster's mind she wanted to try turning the things around her into animals or
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Chapter 6
Aster continued to scream with all his might even though his mouth was too heavy to speak because he was underwater. But when he felt that nothing could help him, he finally used Zoresia's wand and cast a spell. "Zo-zo-fa fafano!" with a nervous tone, Aster towards the ink in front of him. Instantly the black ink that had been billowing, now disappeared and his vision was clear again. He continued his journey again.Instantly the black ink that had been billowing, now disappeared and his vision was clear again. He continued his journey again. Throughout his journey, Aster was confused about where else the giant red spotted shark would go. Tired of wanting to despair immediately invaded his heart. He immediately stopped his journey and then leaned under a large coral reef because just in case wild sea animals would attack him again. "I'm very tired. I just want to go back to the palace," Aster said to himself. As he was sitting reading the book he was holding, suddenly there was
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Chapter 7
The white bear continued to walk closer to his body. He immediately brandished his wand while chanting an incantation. "Zozofa fafano! Zozofa fafano!" Aster shouted with all his might towards the bear's body. Instantly all the bears turned into statues. With a sigh of relief, he invited Queen Louis to immediately continue his journey. Truly a very wide snow field. The journey is still so long. Finally they decided to rest under a pine tree. "Aster, thank you for helping save my kingdom. I will try to help you return to the real world," Queen Louis said in a reassuring tone. "Thank you, this is all my fault because in the past my friends didn't want to go on vacation to the forest, but I forced them to become victims too," Aster replied with a sad look. While they were talking, suddenly from behind Aster's body a wolf came while sticking out its tongue. "Aster, there's a wolf behind you. Let's get out of here!" cried Queen Louis nervously. The two of the
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Chapter 8
Aster confused what else to do. He only thought of his red pearl necklace if it could produce power. Immediately his hand grabbed the red pearl and faced the wolf incarnate Queen Louis. Slowly the wolf weakened until it finally transformed into Queen Louis again. Seeing the change in form, made the magician Fransiscus furious. He again threw fireballs at her. While Queen Louis is still asleep after changing form. "Zozofa fafano! Zozofa fafano!" shouted Aster while pointing her wand at the wizard Franciscus. Suddenly, the wizard Fransiscus' body turned into a dwarf after Aster cast his magic spell. He also woke up Queen Louis to continue his journey again to get the crystal stone. "Queen Louis! Queen Louis! Wake up! Come on, let's get that crystal stone before the witch Francis does evil to us again!" shouted Aster while holding Queen Louis' shoulders. With her gaze still weakened, Queen Louis finally woke up as well. He immediately woke up while remembering the incident befo
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Chapter 9
Aster was confused and asked himself why suddenly the old man was in the well, even though he had just been in front of him. He immediately used his wand to lift Grandpa David's floating body. "Zozofa fafano! Zozofa fafano!" shouted Aster above the old well while looking inside the well. Slowly Grandpa David's body finally reached the top. Aster tried to pay attention to the grandfather's body, there were many wounds from being stabbed by arrows. He thought that it was the horseman who had killed him and then dumped him in the well. Aster also looked at the old man's body from head to toe. He saw the old man in front of him holding a piece of paper that was not wet even though it had been in the water. Aster immediately took the paper from Grandpa David's hand and the paper contained a will, "Whoever helps me, please bury me in a proper place," the writing on the paper said. Without thinking, Aster immediately made a grave for Grandpa David beside the old well. He began to d
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Chapter 10
Aster immediately turned to the next page of the book while imagining Audrey who was in prison in George's kingdom. As usual, the book emitted a bright light and always carried it somewhere. Aster was silent because this time the book took him in a forest, even though he knew the forest very well. He walked while looking at the atmosphere in the forest at once to remember it again. "Isn't this a witch forest? Why am I here again? Maybe in this magic book there is a hint of what witchcraft I should look for," Aster muttered while reading the magic book in her hand. When he was about to read the magic book, it suddenly flew away. Aster tried to stop the book from flying at the accompaniment of his loud voice shouting. "Wait! Wait for me! Where are you going?" shouted Aster while following her flying magic book. Until finally the book stopped in a cave. It was very dark there and many trees were blocking the path to the cave. Right in front of the mouth of the cave, Aster's mag
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