Bringer of Darkness

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Bringer of Darkness

By: Cristina V OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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How can the death of a simple man lead to the awakening of forces as fearsome as the Deorgh? Mihdel, divided into five kingdoms, has lived in peace for many years but the discovery of a corpse in the capital of the kingdom of Haefest seems to bring a great misfortune to the kingdoms, causing a series of events that will affect all cities around the continent, causing fear and turmoil among the people of Mihdel and only a few will try to convince the kings that this is the awakening of a terrible force that has been dormant for years. A force that has been gathering and preparing for hundreds of years on the other side of the world, on the old continent of Cynemon, ready to depart for the five realms to bring destruction and death in an attempt to awaken a dark force now dormant for millennia. Such a threat will force the descendants of five pure warriors, the Sunaura, to work together, to face their past and come to terms with it and so they will embark on a journey of rediscovering themselves and their destiny and a force far greater than any they have ever faced in their life, forcing them to rediscover their gifts and face their feelings such as love , power, betrayal, revenge, without knowing that this will lead them back to the past that they had tried to hide for too long.

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64 chapters
The Old Man«Brr, such a cold», he whispered in the dark, rubbing his hands against each other, trying to warm them. He blew gently over it, hoping that his warm breath might give him some comfort, but nothing could prevent the cold of that autumn night from entering under his skin and reaching his bones.He was so cold he couldn’t walk. His legs began to fail because of his age, as he was no longer the young man he once was.The streets of the lower town were deserted, while the men were locked in the taverns between the pleasures of alcohol and the good company of some prostitute who would pay at the end of the night. In the distance, he could see the lights on above the walls, inside which had been built Sierra, the capital of the kingdom of Haefest. The latter was dominated by Urian Fannil, the place he had dreamed of seeing since he was a child. He was finally there, in the city of red leaves.It was so-called because, throughout the year, the streets were covered with red leaves
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Chapter 1
The Dark Man“What? You don’t like the sight of blood?”.The man looked at the hand in which he still held the old man’s heart, held it tightly, then, puffing, threw it next to the defenceless body and finally cleansed himself of the blood on the rags worn by the old man.“You made quite a mess of it,” he said, looking around. The killing that just happened had given him a thrill of emotion that had immediately dozed off.That’s what always happened. At first, when you are young and impudent, hunting, death, and feeling that you can be masters of someone else’s destiny, they always give a thrill of excitement that is difficult to doze off. Over time, the killing and deaths that a person caused became ordinary, a kind of habit.They no longer had the effect of the first time; he no longer felt the blame; they passed as when you cross a river through a bridge every day. At first, we stop to observe the stream, fascinated by the greatness of the mother; then, with time, we begin to look
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Chapter 2
The Soldier“For the four demons, that damned fire didn’t want to go out.”Dan put the helmet on his head, and both soldiers were on their way back to their post after spending the last few hours trying to put out a fire that came out of nowhere, which Brad never had.Dan was trying needlessly to clean his cheeks of soot, but all he got was the opposite effect, staining his face even more, which became covered with ash. So they were forced to stop at a fountain so that he could rinse his hands and face.“Not so bad for the first night, is it?” said the cheerful young Dan.“If you find it exciting to put out a stupid fire, you’ll go crazy when we have to stop the drunken brawls kicked out from taverns.” Dan took off his helmet and shoved his whole head into the tub filled with water, while Brad leaned against the wall from where the latter came out, watching the young boy’s head disappear into the water with his spear in his hand.The sun was beginning to peep from the mountains; the c
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Chapter 3
His limbs ached, and he could barely walk and hold his sword; he could no longer lift it. His mind dictated it, but his arm wouldn’t respond, so all he could do was drag it to the ground.The tip left furrows on the ground, still wet from the rain. His blond hair had stuck to his sweat-soaked forehead. The blood had dried, encrusting with the blond strands.He had blood on his hands and arms, probably his face too, but he knew that blood wasn’t his. It belonged to someone else, maybe more than one person.He kept walking, but he didn’t know exactly where he was going, maybe he was trying to escape the horrible view in front of him. Around were severed bodies’ parts. A hand, an arm, a leg, a head, a body cut in half, a body without a head. The further he went, the more he saw them.In that camp, he was the only living being, around there was only death. The sky was a vivid red, like all that blood surrounding him. He did not remember what had happened, he did not know why he was there,
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Chapter 4
NathanMyra always told him that he possessed a particular power given to him by the Gods, and he, as an eternal child, had always believed her. Growing up, he understood that every mother would say that to her child to make him feel special. Although Myra had never told Damien in retrospect when his brother woke up startled by some nightmare she didn’t want to talk about. Since he was a child, Myra had always told Nathan that he was a special person, destined to fulfill a great destiny and for Nathan had always been a dream.Upon reflection, Myra had never reserved those words for her son or Doreon when he was entrusted to her care. But maybe she just said that because she knew that Nathan, the only legitimate son, would become king.He shook his head.Why was he filling his head with all the memories of the people he loved?It’s the dream.It’s that damn dream’s fault, it had upset his mind and his heart and made him sink into anguish.They entered the council chamber. The dim sunli
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Chapter 5
NathanHe turned and saw her there. Sumon Crowned, in all her beauty. Her fiery red hair framed her pale face, tied in a soft braid that hung down her shoulder, leaving some soft strands surrounding her face, rosy cheeks, and fleshy lips raised in a sweet smile. The green silk cloak highlighted the purple eyes. She had lowered the hood, probably to be recognized by the guards. She wore a simple blue dress with yellow and orange shades.Surely his wife had gone into town to visit some orphanage, Nathan knew... But to go so far from the fortress was dangerous for her.“What are you doing here?” the prince asked, looking at her.Sumon approached him, crossing her arms across her chest.“I was passing by and heard that there was a corpse. I never saw a dead person, I was curious.” She shrugged as if that were a valid excuse. Doreon laughed.“Now that you have seen him... Guards take the princess back to the palace. This is not the place for her”, Nathan ordered again.“And what would be t
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Chapter 6
NathanThey passed the main gate and entered the lower town. The streets were crowded. The farmers kept coming and going from the countryside with carts filled with the day’s harvest. Nathan stopped to watch an old man, struggling, pull his cart full of vegetables along the way. He was very thin and wore a large straw hat.Nathan noticed that the old man was barefoot. They were muddy, but even so, he could see the great sores on his feet. As he dragged the wagon, the old man slid and risked falling. Nathan stopped the horse, got off, and approached the old man. All the guards and Sumon stopped with him.The old man’s wagon got stuck in a hole, and the man couldn’t move it anymore. Nathan joined him and pushed the wagon, unlocking it, the old man thanked him and continued on his way.Nathan returned to his horse and saw that Sumon was giving a bag of gold coins to one of the guards.“Go and buy everything that farmer sells, then take it to the royal kitchens. If I find out that you’ve
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Chapter 7
Taryn “Now is the best time to strike” Ser Arien clapped his fist on the table, raising his voice. The sound echoed in the room. “We are in the middle of snowfall; the harvest is poor. If they are in trouble, so are we,” Ser Grander replied calmly, sitting on his wooden bench. She looked into Arien’s eyes as he retorted with a frowning look, dissatisfied with the answer. Taryn took the glass cup from the table and sipped wine while his lords quarreled with each other. Ser Grander continued to destroy every idea proposed by the men around her. The more proposals he discarded, the more enraged the lords were, and they raised their voices, fueling discontent. The men continued to argue with each other, Taryn observed them silently with the cup near her lips, while with her index finger, she tapped on it; her elbow was resting on the armrest of her seat. Sitting next to her, Ser Grander. He was one of her eldest lords and the only one she could trust blindly. Grander was like a fathe
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Chapter 9
Taryn “It is helping me to take back the north” Taryn smiled. “But could a king ever consider an idea maybe possible? If I were to decide, I would choose a more concrete option, not just a future possibility. If Aeris needs gold, he will need it immediately. We cannot present ourselves only with promises.” “Your Majesty, gold mines are scattered throughout the north, some are in castles of allies. The north has much more gold than it is minted, we can use that as... dowry.” The room burst into chaos again. Taryn rested on the back of her bench while the Lords were fighting again. Taront had dared to touch the most precious thing for those men: their hidden reserves. The men raised their voices, shouting at each other, and as usual, Taryn could not understand how it was possible that they could talk to each other while understanding each other in that way. After several minutes of racket, Taryn turned to Lord G
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Chapter 8
Taryn knew very well what advantages Locrand would bring, but she knew the disadvantages much better. Dealing with a man like Kyros was the worst ruin for anyone and would have marked the end of Elder, she would not have wished it even to her worst enemy. That man was scum, he couldn’t forget the way Kyros treated her when he tried to tell Athelstan to expect a son; the hatred he felt toward his own daughter; the way he treated all those who had no royal blood or who simply were not him. Taryn remembered the words of disgust spit at anyone.But most of all, she remembered how she had been treated and forced to escape from that Summit before Kyros’ killers got to her and killed her.“Only the west remains.” Taront pointed to the map. “The Ackards rule Aeris.”“Elhiàs Ackard has been on the throne for some years and has not yet taken a wife,” Grander said.“How are the relations between Aeris and
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