Favored By The System

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Favored By The System

By: Babyblue OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Meet Leo White, a hardworking young man drowning in debt. When he crosses paths with his new boss, life takes a nightmarish turn. Leo's job becomes a prison, and he can't quit because his boss holds his future hostage. Leo clings on to his girlfriend's love, but her shocking betrayal shatters his world. Which is the system descends taking everyone to the new world. Leo becomes the first to sync with the system and gets a title. [Apocalypse Baby] With it, he rises from underdog to unstoppable in an epic urban fantasy world. A world where power is everything, and vengeance is his driving force.

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Chapter 1: Elevator
Leo truly believed that good things happened to bad people and bad things happened to overly good people, after his life had turned to hell, all because he decided to be generous.He had seen a man standing before a vending machine confused as to how it worked.Leo was in a good mood that day, after getting paid his salary, so he decided to get a drink for himself and another for the stranger. But when he handed it over, the strangers expression contorted in disgust and swatted it to the ground.“You...are you looking down on me?” the man asked in an arrogant tone and Leo was confused.Leo would later found out the man was the new owner of the company, Ethan Hunt.The previous owner--the man who hired him, had fallen ill and Ethan his grandson was to be the new boss.The next day while Leo was leading a meeting, when Ethan appeared and public announced that Leo is to be demoted with immediate effect.His reason, Leo was a poor bastard who graduated from a lowly university and had no i
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Chapter 2: System
Leo stood there frozen unable to believe his own eyes. His girlfriend was cheating on him with his boss.Katie, catching sight of Leo, gasped in shock. “You...what are you doing here?”Ethan, moved away from the two and leaned casually on the elevator wall, folding his arm with a sly grin on his face.Leo struggled to find words amid the whirlwind of emotions crashing over him.“You--why--whats was going on here?” Leo sputtered his voice quivering from the shock. It was as if his whole world had been turned upside down.Katie had a guilty look on her face but she quickly brushed it off and looked right at Leo with confidence. All trace of shame on her expression was gone.“"That's right, Leo. I cheated on you. I was only with you because I thought you had potential, that you'd achieve greatness. But you've disappointed me. Reduced to a mere coffee boy, you're nothing but an embarrassment.” Each word Katie uttered was like a dagger through Leo's heart. It was the excrutiating pain he
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Chapter 3: Anomaly
“What is this?”Leo asked, staring at the words written on the screen in front of him, but since security were chasing after him, he ignored the message and ran. As he raced towards the exit, Leo saw everyone was staring into the air with amusement. Leo stopped and looked back to see the security men had stopped chasing him as well. Leo's gaze then fell to the words hovering in front of him, he realized he wasn't the only one seeing the strange words, but everyone else.The words then changed with a mechanical ding and the message read.[System Integration will begin soon. Those who survive will become denizens of the new world, and those who fail will become abominations. Brace Yourself]“Brace yourself?” Leo repeated, confused, but then he felt a sharp pain sear through his head. He winced and clutched his temples, shutting his eyes as he endured the torment, but then the pain slowly dissipated and Leo felt relief.Leo cautiously opened his eyes, wondering what was really going
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Chapter 4: Cockatrice
A young man on appeared in a green and lush forest. He was dressed in a white shirt with a black tie and black pants, a stark contrast to his surrounding.He looked around at his surroundings with curiosity and muttered in awe. “So this is the tutorial.”This young man was Leo. The tutorial was a far cry from the hellish landscape he imagined.He had expected dark menacing woods, with creepy noises and roars, or a cave with bones and skulls, where bats jump at you from nowhere.But, Leo found himself surrounded by a sea of vibrant green foliage. Towering trees created a dense canopy, and dappled sunlight filtered through. Nature's aroma filled the air. Unexpectedly, the ambiance was serene.Ding! [System is now available]The holographic interface notified.Finding a nearby tree, Leo settled down to explore the system and grasp its mechanics first, before he took any action.With a mere thought, Leo accessed the system, and the floating panel updated.Name: Leo Rank: ETitle: Apoca
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Chapter 5: Shop
As soon as the cockatrice felt Leo touch it's neck, it wriggled with even more intensity and finally yank it's beak free.It turned hatefully towards Leo who had hit the dash. The bird feeling wronged, screeched loudly and immediately gave chase.The bird took powerful stride it's feet kicking up dust. Leo wasnt that fast and with it's pace it was going to catch up quick.Leo had never ran so fast in his entire life. The sounds of the cockraice approaching was a good motivation.He just needed thirty seconds. Thirty seconds and his ability would take effect.Leo could hear the bird even closer now, despite the headstart the bird was slowly catching upHe was panting wildly and his chest was burning in exhaustion, but he kept pushing“You stop you die” he yelled to motivate himself, but he couldn't keep running at top speed for long.Leo then spotted a tree at a distance and decided to run towards it. The cockraice followed kicking up the gear, it beak on the verge of clamping down on
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Chapter 6: Upgrade Stone
Leo figured it only seemed hard because he was still a low-level player, once he levelled up, killing so many cockatrices wouldn't be that big of a deal.And with his special title, Leo would eventually reach a point where he would get enough coins to go on a shopping spree.Leo also believed a stronger monsters would definitely drop more coins, so if he wanted to enjoy the comfort of the system, he had to power up quick.“Guess oracle saying the strong will rule wasn't wrong.” Leo mutteredFor now, the cheapest thing in the system shop was a bottle of water which costs ten coins, the total number of coins Leo had.He was thirsty, after eating the meat, so he decided to buy it instead. As soon as Leo ten coins disappeared, a bottle of water appeared in his inventory. Leo took it out, and examined it. It looked like your regular bottle of water from earth, with ‘Tutorial Water’ written on the paper around it as the name of the company.Leo then uncorked the bottle and downed the wate
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Chapter 7: Effects
Leo's anticipation bubbled as he clutched the upgrade stone in his hand. He couldn't wait to find out it's effect, so he hurriedly used it.He had expected it to stone crack like the power stone, but instead, a simple notification materialized before him.[Would you like to use the stone on Exploding Touch?]“Hmm...Yes,” Leo mumbled awkwardly, embarrassed he had tried to break it. As if responding to his consent, the upgrade stone in his hand disintegrated into a radiant burst of light.[Exploding Touch is now upgrading][Upgrade Successful][Exploding Touch is now Rank D]Leo didn't check it's effect though, he swiftly took out the second upgrade stone and used it as well.[Exploding Touch is now Rank C]Once it was done, Leo then scrolled down to his ability section to see what kind of effect his ability got for jumping two ranks.Not surprising the changes were remarkable. The countdown had been reduced to 20 seconds and the cost of mana had diminished to 3. Along with it came per
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Chapter 8: Speech
[Goblin Troop: Rank D] The goblin were dressed in tattered rags, clutching wooden club with trembling arms, only a single one holding a crude dagger. They had fearful expression on their faces as they glance back over their shoulder. In a few seconds Leo found out what it was that was chasing them. A scorpion like tail shot out from the shrub impaling the slowest goblin in the group. The creature effortlessly lifted the lifeless corpse and hurled it towards its companions ahead, causing them to tumble to the forest floor in disarray. The cockatrice stepped out, and close the distance with the goblin. The green creatures stood and grip their weapons with trembling hands, showing their backs was suicide, they had no other option but to fight. Leo watching the show, took out a piece of meat from his inventory and began to eat. It just felt like the right thing to do at the moment. The goblins, driven by a primal instinct to survive, let out a collective battle cry and lunged at t
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Chapter 9: Goblins vs. Chicken
“Goblin find chicken, chicken far over there, many chicken big and a big one but dangerous.” “Even the scout can talk!” Leo uttered in surprise and held his temples. The absurdity of it all left him dumbfounded. He wondered if it was because the goblins were being human like in some ways, was why they were capable of speech compared to the cockatrice. Suddenly, the boss goblin rose sharply to his feet, its demeanor more serious.“Today we hunt down chicken. And when we kill them and after, we have a feast!” he declared, his words met with enthusiastic cheers from his troops.“You lead the way.” The goblin boss commanded the scout and took its weapon. A crude oversized axe that fits its strength. The scout goblin navigated, and the boss followed, leading the packs towards the cockatrice.Leo decided to flee before he got spotted. The goblins were going to war with the cockatrice, but from the fight he saw earlier, he knew the goblins didn't stand much of a chance. Leo wasn't conce
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Chapter 10: Goblin vs Chicken 2
The whole battlefield erupted with a powerful explosion consuming both cockatrices and goblins alike. Leo covered his ears so he wouldn't get deaf from the earplitting sounds.With his eyes shut, he grinned heartily enjoying the sounds of system notification ringing in his head.As soon as all his bombs had finished exploding, Leo opened his eyes to see the damage he had caused. His mouth shot open, the whole place was like a scene from hell, trees on the ground, leaves caught on fire, body parts of goblins and cockatrices everywhere.The explosion had killed about 80% of the monster below and the remaining were far too injured to be a threat. He turned towards, the cockatrice boss and goblin, and saw they were still alive. But they were still fighting with each other despite the chaos.He noticed the Cockatrice was stealing glances in his direction while defending the attacks from the goblin. Leo figured the cockatrice boss knew he was the source of the explosion but couldn't do a
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