The Village Kid

The small road between residents' houses is only large enough for two-wheeled vehicles to pass. Some people were seen sitting in front of their yards making nets and other fishing equipment. Fishing village, a small corner in district five near the pier far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city of Bayward. Rina and Luk were seen walking quite a distance after leaving their vehicle outside the village area.

Along the way, both find for any information they can get from the local residents who were in sight. They showing photos of the fishing boat Rosana, the fishing boat on which five bodies were found dead.

"Excuse me, ladies, you all look so pretty this morning," Luk started with a sweet greeting, he had learned from his seniors. The middle-aged women sitting in front of their house smiled when they saw the handsome young man.

"Hehehe this sweet mouthed kid,"

"Sorry to interrupt your time, do you know anything about this ship?" he asked, showing a photo of a fishing boa
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