What The Secret?

“Roman Genn, eighteen years old. Last education, junior high school, sat in high school for a year but finally dropped out for certain reasons. It says here, you are quite a talented student, in the arts and sciences of biology, mathematics and physics. This is very great, why with intelligence like that, why didn't you continue your studies? I'm sure you can get a scholarship easily, right? Mr. Genn?”

Rina saw the young man respond, even though she already knew the reason.

The young man raised his face, looking at Rina with sharp eyes that were red from holding back tears.

“What reason did you have to kill them? There must be something that made you so angry that you had the heart to kill five men who had nothing to do with you."

Roman looked at Rina and Luk, taking turns. Then clenching his hands on the table, Rina saw hands with peeling skin, either because the work was so hard or because he was experimenting with chemicals. The young man looked very thin, he had even coughed a few
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