Celestials and a Demon prince

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Celestials and a Demon prince

By: Hoski OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In his horrible state, in the midst of rejoicing soldiers. A swift moving figure appeared from nowhere, dressed in all black, his hair swinging behind his back as he darted towards the soldiers striking them down before they could even breath. Prince Edgar had his eyes closed while he waited to be killed but hearing the fast movement of sword in the air and tearing of flesh, he opened them to behold the image of a man who did not seem like an ordinary human. He had never been terrified of any man but the figure before him was no odinary man. In a matter of seconds the men that held him captive layed lifeless on the floor and the sword of the stranger dripping from their blood. Being a full celestial, Elnora is sought by every witch and demons because of her celestial powers. They witches want her as she is the key to their eternal beauty and the demons want her blood because it is the key to a tremendous amount of power that can make them have every creature at their feet. She as well as her brother Prince Edgar are caught in the war of the supernaturals with a Demon prince having their heart and trust at his grasp.


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Chapter 1: In The Woods
Weak, scared and lost. Gracing the ground with her harmless feet. The careful steps of an inexperienced wanderer fleeing from her captors. The sun burned hot on her skin as she tiptoed on her escape careful not to make a noise that would give up her position to her enemy. Her long silver like hair dressed her bare back which was exposed from the ripped dress she wore. Her heart raced in fear and jumped at each slightest noise. She was terrified to death of her fate if she was ever caught by the cave witches. She moved in no specific direction but hopefully to find a way out or at least get rescued.The leafs rustled as she walked through the strands of shrubs, she gently pulled them away, paving passage for her to walk through. She wasn't used to this, her feet hurt badly and the were reddened from the long walk and rough surfaces to which she had to step upon in the cause of her flight.Her breath broke into sharp cuts, she panicked, confused on what to do. Hope seemed far off and he
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Chapter 2: The Spell
CHAPTER 2With a teary eye, Queen Audre sat on a stool beside princess Elnora's bed as she watched her, still enslaved in the witch's spell. She had not blinked an eye open for once in days and it broke her heart knowing that they were yet to find a solution. While In the throne hall, The King sat on his throne in despair refusing to eat or hold any council meeting. The officials were getting worried and requested to meet with the king but he refused commanding that no visitor be permitted to see him. He had confined himself for days soaking in sorrow and thinking endlessly of no solution.Elnora had the largest part of the King's heart, not even the Queen had that much importance. His son prince Edgar, never received affection from him, he was trained to be a warrior, to be the best in the kingdom, having the best tutor from tender. Edgar had grown to show no affection for anyone but to fight loyally for the kingdom as he was, one day to be made king. His swordsmanship was unmatched
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Chapter 3: Demon Flaming Eyes
In a tavern, drunken noise of men and their careless laughter fill the air. Some bellied men share a table and make the most chattering sounds but are mostly ignored by every other person who were also in the moment in their own special ways. They toasting, with liquor splashing from the agressive cheering of drinks, makes the place a lot messy.The door to the tarvern opens sharply grabbing the attention of everyone, with some spilling their drinks, their faces coated with fear at the sight of the soldiers and then awe as prince Edgar emerged from within them. Not everyone had seen the prince before and the few that got the chance whenever he returned victoriously from war could tell of his beauty. Those few lived in the capital city and here, he was miles away from the castle, obtaining the permission of the King to search for someone he knew could help.The men adjusted giving them a lot more passage than they needed, none wanted to get in their way, and they really drunk ones were
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Chapter 4: Not Human?
"You were not planning on escaping as a way of appreciation." He said sheathing his sword. His glare dissapeared as well and he wore a more friendly countenance. Edgar sighed feeling relieved, even though this man had rescued him, he didn't know his intentions for it. "My name is Earl and you are... Prince?" Earl asked with an ingenuine smile on his face, he stretches out his hands towards Edgar for a handshake."Prince Edgar." Edgar answered calmly unsure of shaking him, he only exchanged hands with people of high status and never a commoner. Still this man he thought, was no odinary man he knew what he saw and it was real. After a long consideration he stretched out his hands to accept the handshake but was met with a heavy slap on his hand pushing it aside. Earl looked at him unapologetic, and no hint of respect for his status. He was shocked, no man would ever disrespect him, he could have him killed but there was something different about this man, he seemed fierce and fearless a
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Chapter 5: Sacred Water
CHAPTER 5Edgar stood stunned at his words, he wondered what being could not be killed even the witches could be burned to their death, then he realized why Earl did not hide who he was because he knew he could not be killed. The witches knew better than to tell except they had intentions of killing him. At least he was safe with this man."Who are you?" Edger asked as he walked behind Earl who was on the move."You should read a lot more Prince Edgar your history must have mentioned my kind," he paused. "They did not scrap my kind off your history?" He asked genuinely concerned."What does it matter? There are many creatures in our history.""With what you saw at the battlefield you should have an idea." He looked at Edgar's eyes searching for answers. His eyes were intimidating and Edgar understood why he dared to look him in the eyes, he could not complain either way. "I have heard of beings with similar descriptions but they do not exist. It is just a fairytale."Earl chuckled expe
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Chapter 6: Ritual
CHAPTER 6Inside a cave, the place is illuminated with torches placed on the walls of the cave, a small population of women are seen on red robes, they stand in circle around a blood bath, they appear to be making some enchantation, their hands weaved in each other connecting one to another. The leaping step of a woman on greyish looking robe is heard as she drags one foot while hopping on the other. She peels off the almost extinct flesh on her knuckles as she scratches it. Two ladies on black robes walk slowly behind her till she stands right in front of the circle. A hum begins amongst the sisters led by one of them, the rest follows immediately humming in a ritual manner. A tiny cage is slowly let down from it's suspended height with a young lady in it. The lady seems still and spelled. The lady on grey slowly drops her veil to reveal her almost rotten face, she smiles revealing greenish looking teeth with spaces in between them seeing the young lady step out of the cage walking t
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Chapter 7: Compeller
The guards led her through the long corridor till they got to the cell's entrance, she had stopped struggling and only followed them sheepishly with a glare on her face, the huge door that lead to the cell gradually opened with two guards controlling it, they led her slowly down the slant stairs, it was quite dark and few lamps illuminated the place. The walls had carvings that spoke violent descriptions in them, she could decipher the meanings of the carvings and they were stories of heinous punishments for crimes commited by perpetrators. She knew all this especially when witches were major victims of it. They finally got to the last step and from there began the numbers of cells which were mostly empty but the horrific sights of weapons she saw inside these cells got her heart racing, right there she understood it was no ordinary cell and it was meant for a special purpose, yes for people like her. The emptiness confirmed the king's victory over her kind, she was probably the first
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Chapter 8: Stake
A sleek and sweat creamed arm stretches to a length, a bow string with an arrow pointed sharply on it's steel end. The target, a wooden board is a reasonable distance from the prince who wields the bow, his gaze layed focused on the bulls eye as he prepared his arms for a release. He paused for some seconds before releasing a weak throw that only landed distance away from him. The arena was quiet as the guards who were previously training on the training ground watched the prince confused at his act, he had a lot going on in his mind, he also seemed to be the only sane person in the royal family at the moment, King Egbert had been swimming in fury all the while, Queen Audrey drowning in her own tears and the princess slept like there was no waking for her but even more he was weakened at his father's hasty and unthoughtful decision. The king had ordered that the stakes be prepared before noon day and ordered the execution of the prisoner whom he pronounced as an imposter. However, lo
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Chapter 9: Executioner
It was dead silence and the only voice that she could hear was the one in her head, was she dead? It didn't hurt as much but then the air felt same and nothing out of the ordinary. She opened her eyes slowly, much to her surprise the execution swords were close to her throat, it would take only take a tiny push and her throat would be bleeding from the tear. She looked across the high wall where the king sat and there she got her answers. The king had stopped the execution right on time and thanks to him she was alive. She let out a sigh of relief as the executioners withdrew their sword. She let her head fall and smiled viciously within. Of course he took the bait, there was no prove that she was a witch and more so, he cared about his reputation. If words had gotten out that the king had ordered the execution of a person when it was not proven that she was a witch, he'd be labelled as both a mad an insecure king just like he had been called when he began his unnecessary killings in t
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Chapter 10: Puzzle
The hem of a blue dress sweeps the floor dragging fallen dried leafs along with it, those wobbly legs at its best to keep up motion, her fine metallic coloured eyes piercing through the dark alarmed for one thing, her captors, she had been reliving the day of her escape every time and it all ended up in being spelled to sleep. Each time she woke up she was on the run again but today was different, it was happening at night as opposed to the original noon day, her fear was more heightened due to the fact and her body quite responsive to the night cold but she kept her motion regardless. The night was not peaceful as the terror cries of night birds hunted her ears, at each time she felt dark presence around her and the sounds closer to her ears. She held her heart in her hands desperately seeking her escape but it was a never ending journey, each time she found a new road which she hoped could lead her out of this endless circle it ended up getting her back to the original spot to which
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