Reborn: Second Chance to Live

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Reborn: Second Chance to Live

By: xuckless OngoingFantasy

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This is a fantasy story that avoids almost all cliches and has Antihero MC with a dark world setting. - - - Volume 1: 28 years old man James Carter dies from overwork and is reborn into a new world filled with fantasy and magic while retaining the memories of his past life. James, now Jake, who always wished to escape his dull and miserable life, has been given a chance to turn over a new leaf and start from scratch in a new world. Follow this journey of Jake Hill, will he be able to live the life he always dreamt of? — — Content Warning: This novel contains many dark and R-18 elements, like human trafficking, slavery, gore, torture, psychological trauma, and many uncomfortable concepts, readers' discretion is advised. — — A/N: This is not a romance story; MC is not a goody-two-shoes, nor he is chaotic evil. The story is a seinen type where the world doesn't revolve around MC; politics is heavy in this story; This story doesn't contain fan-service nor this is a wish-fulfillment. MC will be OP but not the strongest.

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Ch 0: DisclaimerThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.R-rated Content Warning: This novel contains many dark and R-18 elements, like human trafficking, slavery, gore, torture, and psychological trauma and may contain some explicit sexual scenes, readers discretion is advised. Content is strictly marked for individuals 17 or above.Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. Do not reproduce, modify, edit or translate the work without the author's permission.The book cover is not owned by the author and is the p
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[V1] Prologue
V1 Chapter 1: PrologueOn a bustling and noisy night in a developed modern city stood a tall building of a multinational corporation. The building, which looked like a small skyscraper, stood there, adding to the city's already beautiful skyline.Many workers and employees were working inside, some minding their own business and some chatting with others. One could hear the sound of repetitive keyboard clicks and soft murmurs almost everywhere.Although the clock was hitting midnight, the atmosphere inside looked like this wasn't the time for the people to return home. Although this one was considered one of the best. This was the situation of any average game development company that ambitiously started a project and forced its employees to complete the work before the announced deadline. The building, which looked quite beautiful and sophisticated from the outside, was anything but that from the inside. Disheveled and depressed faces of people who were working there proved it. If
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Into the Light
V1 Chapter 2: Into the LightIt was a sunny day, and there was not a trace of a cloud in the sky. The whole town was busy doing their daily job. But this wasn't any ordinary town, at least from the perspective of Earthlings.The housing in this town looked like it was copied from seventeenth-century Europe. Wooden houses with slanting roofs, bustling markets full of peddlers, and people wearing attires that could only be seen in paintings on Earth. This was Balek Town, the town was on the smaller side compared to others, but it was big enough to house thousands of people. Most looked like laborers, peasants, blacksmiths, and other jobs that Earthlings didn't care about. In this busy town, a lady could be seen giving birth in a relatively-large house. The Midwife was assisting the lady in the delivery. "AGHHHhh~" Shouting uncontrollably, the lady gave birth to a baby. The baby started crying and looked around for the first time with his yellow, beady eyes. But they all didn't know
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Family Dinner
V1 Chapter 3: Family DinnerI heard mom's voice calling me, which broke my thoughts. "Jake, come down to have dinner!" she yelled. (Alright! Let's go. I am quite hungry right now). I packed my books and went down to have my dinner (I just hope there's meat). Yes, meat in this world is absolutely delicious, probably because there's magic flowing inside them too. I have never tasted anything like that in my old life. My body was growing nicely, and I looked pretty cute (I wonder if ill look like a model when I grow up). Pushing my thoughts away, I entered the dining room where my dad was already sitting.From the corner of my eyes, I saw a silhouette of a person that honestly surprised me (When did he return??). I said, "Hi Clark," yes, I don't call him big brother. (I am his father's age damnit)"Hi, Jake." He replied with a smile"When did you come home?" I asked him with a confused smile, (I remember this is not his time for vacation, winter is three months ahead.) "I arrived a fe
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Awakening Ceremony
V1 Chapter 4: Awakening Ceremony Two years have passed since I started swordsmanship training with dad. It was really harsh at first, but then I got addicted to it. It was as if I had found something that was supposed to be mine. If anyone asked me in this world what I like the most, I would answer them Sword and Magic. I was five now, and this was the time of my awakening. To say that I was nervous was just an understatement. I was swinging my sword in the garden. Swords gave me peace of mind; it was like a trance-like state where I could peacefully introspect myself. I always diligently trained under my father. My addiction and the love I cultivated towards swords were part of that motivation. And another part of the reason was that I was horrified. Yes, I was horrified to be a bottom-feeder in this world. I wanted to have choices (What good I would be if I became a failure in this second chance). I wanted to be the owner of my fate, free from burdens. I sometimes overexer
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A Shocking Surprise
V1 Chapter 5: A Shocking Surprise[Andrew's POV]I sat inside the Guild after my son went towards the awakening room. I have to admit, awakening is a bit nerve-wracking sensation. (What will he awaken?) Trying to distract myself from my thoughts, I saw two party members approaching me. One is the scout, Claire, and the other is the tank, Chris."Damn, we are late," Claire said when she approached me "couldn't you wait for us? We wanted to meet your son, ya'know" (I bet you overslept)"I told you we were getting late," Chris said, stopping Claire from nagging me more. (Sigh~ This couple stated again…)"Oh yeah! Who was finding his gear till the end of time?" Claire retorted "Shut up! I just forgot where I put my arm protectors," Chris shouted at her (You all are here to meet my son, not fight with each other)I just kept watching them bicker. They did distract me from my thoughts, though. After a while, a guild employee came toward me. "The guild master requests you to come to the o
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V1 Chapter 6: Stir (R-18 Warning!) In this world, most of the population were the common folks, or we call them commoners. But there were minorities too. The most prominent of them were Nobles. Unlike earth, where Nobles just ruled with manipulation and starved people to death, in this world, even if a full-blown war was to happen between the Nobles and the Commoners, the Nobles would win by a considerable margin. The other one of group was the dark side of society, the Underworld. They always stayed and fought inside the shadows. One could not recognize the people from the Underworld in the common folks. The dark side existed everywhere. While the Nobles ruled the people and showed chivalry and mercy, the Underworld coveted everything else. The Underworld ruled everything that was 'too below for a noble to participate in.' Illegal drugs, smuggling, human trafficking, looting, and much more. While Nobles tried to get peace and stability between Commoners and control them, the
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V1 Chapter 7: Training As the information about the Silver talent circulated in the light and dark factions, although they all reacted differently, they all made a common decision. To stop the rumors of Silver talent spread around too much. Nobody wanted a third faction to take advantage of this variable. Although one may believe that in no way would there be a third faction that could even make a dent in their power struggles. But the leaders of these factions believed otherwise. There have been many instances where a third party has taken advantage of their situation. Sometimes they assassinated a major figure, which led to a huge power vacuum. And sometimes sabotaging them both, which led to expensive monetary and personnel losses. Both of the factions weirdly complimented each other. Nobody wanted the third wheel in their toxic relationship. What they didn't know was that a third wheel was already formed even before the news of Jake's Silver talent came out. It was the Guild
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Rising Pressure
V1 Chapter 8: Rising Pressure Jake's life was passing with monotone. He was only focused on becoming stronger, while things around him were in a ripple effect. The dark side was plotting something inconspicuous, and the Baron could not track them at all. Which was a nerve-wracking situation for anyone. People are the most afraid of things they know nothing about. Getting anxious about the current situation, he wanted to send away the irregular variable away from the city. The way the Underworld worked was its strong and weak points at the same. They hid in shadows and attacked in the most unexpected situations. This is where weakness comes in. If they get discovered in between their plans, they will fail miserably. So generally, there is a notion in the Lights faction that the Underworld doesn't attack head-on. Following this concept, Baron was preparing for the departure of Jake away from the city. The Lights faction usually needed a reason to kill or purge anything. They c
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The Offer
V1 Chapter 9: The Offer That night when my dad came back home. We had a family debate about the right decision to take. We all knew that I shouldn't delay this any longer. Any more will strain our relationship with the City Lord. My dad told me that serving the City under Baron Balek would be the best scenario for me right now. Although I will leave the town for more than ten years, ultimately, I will return to the place I ought to serve as a Knight. (I'll be back home again) Considering my father's reputation, I will also be respected and looked upon in this city. His words seemed reasonable, but I was still salty about not being able to explore the world and travel. Still, deep down inside, I knew that this was a decent life anyone would die for in this world. There was also an element in our decision; it was that I had no choice but to accept the offer of Baron Balek. I didn't want to be 'silenced' or, worse, to be sold away and kept involuntarily. Just imagining these s
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