Demon King's Soul Exchange

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Demon King's Soul Exchange

By: Imas Gustina OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Someone who wants to live again. And chose to cooperate with the devil to live again in another world. The boy entered a vortex-shaped portal that led him into the Imperial World. Life and death are at stake there. The various fights between the kingdoms, and the brothers themselves are more terrifying. Because it often moves unseen. Story of time travel that changes the nature of a person's personality. A powerful demon heart scene. Get rid of it with an angel who somehow came from which world? He merged with his body making a big change in his life. The devil's heart was bought into a very loving angel's heart. Coupled with a love story that is so complicated. With a royal concubine. Since the change, Yinwua started to have a good heart. The kingdom is on the verge of collapse. There was a war between the brothers. Love, power, revenge, and change for the better. Could Yinwua the demon king change his attitude any wiser? And, what about Yinwua and Boi Yu a love story, will they meet, or will they be separated because the task has been completed?

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The Dark Side
The shadows of the dark forest where the dead trees stand in the night wind like a demon. The atmosphere was terrible. The cold welcomes the arrival of a carriage filled with eerie laughter. Behind the steep and high hill. Several groups of horsemen began to arrive, throwing a loud whip several times.The sound of a tired horse crying echoed through the forest. They didn't care and rode faster over the steep hills. And some shady trees.The horses pulling the carriage were sweating and their mouths were drooling, their breaths starting to choke. But the whip that was waving in the air didn't allow them to stop and rest. It's already night. They haven't even tasted a single drop of water from their mistress. One of the horses fell silent. Folding both legs to the ground no longer strong enough to continue the journey."Your Majesty, we are unlikely to arrive in the Mongolian empire by tomorrow morning."The person driving the carriage is even more tired than the horse. A knight in shin
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Who Are You?
The sound of gurgling river water is soothing to the ear. Birds fly around the lake and even an old house, carved from natural sandalwood.Very melodious chirping. As if singing to entertain anyone who hears it. The bright rays of the morning sun smiled to greet him and began to say hello as if waving his hand toward him. A man figures on orderly sandalwood but this is his current foothold. Both legs hang below. Touching the cold lake water began to seep into his veins."What did I do with this fake life? Am I going to die? Or will I survive the disease that slowly begins to eat away at my body? Yes, I feel crazy to regret life.The two said, glazed, looking up full of regret. He closed his eyes for a moment. Trying to beg to be able to live normally again. Whether it's in another life. Or real life. He promised to change all civilizations of the world.The stupidest thing to mention while praying. Yes, when he said he wanted to go to another world. Is there another world? I don't kno
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Where is it
Aw-- It hurts... Why does my head hurt so much? And, all over my body. I feel like my body is starting to crumble.Boi Yu tried to open both of his eyes. He held his head which was still in a lot of pain. As if he had just been hit by a very heavy boulder. Her eyes widened as she saw a room that seemed so foreign to her."Where am I?" Boi Yu rolled his eyes. The two black eyes looked around. A house made of classic ancient wood carvings. And, various statues are right in front of the door. Hard pillows are made of wooden blocks. And, reasoning that the very hard wooden bed hurts his back. Mosquito nets that are not completely closed.Boi Yu's eyes kept roaming around. Until his eyes fell on the crown on the table. He moved his eyes again, staring at a suit made of steel. And, the sword above. As well as a whip with a hilt engraved with a pitch-black dragon's head. With bloodshot eyes. The dragon's eyes suddenly lit up staring back at him. His red eyes glowed with anger as he glared at
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What Happen To You
The empress looked even more strange to Boi Yu. He tries to wear his clothes. Without wearing the perfect dress. You can see part of his body. And, only covered in makeshift cloth. The empress got up from the wooden bed. Walking with light steps approached the king. Rubbed his back. Slowly, starting to reach the shoulders, the slender hands like the movements of a dancer are so gentle. Her fingers were more and more graceful. It started running from his shoulder down to his arm. A warm hug embraced the king's body."Your Excellency. Are you just making excuses? Just because you are still not satisfied with my game?" asked the empress. The empress kept approaching Boi Yu. She still didn't know who was in front of her. Everyone still thought Boi Yu was Yinwua."What did you say?" Boi Yu tried to dodge. .his body trembled the first time a woman touched him."Sorry! If indeed I did not satisfy you." The empress bowed her head. He didn't dare tease her too much. Yinwua could kill him at an
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Many Wives
Boi Yu remained silent in his place. He still imagined the beautiful face of the woman earlier. "She's his wife?" Boi Yu asked himself.“Just who exactly is this body? Why does he have such a beautiful wife? And, he also calls her Concubine. Wait a second. am I in the royal world? But, who am I? Whose body did I enter?"Soldier said your highness, and the woman also said, your highness. Am I a king? No, what I mean is, the owner of this body is the King here? And, he has many wives?" Boi Yu kept talking to himself. He couldn't help thinking that Yinwua was a man in power in his place."Why is this body so reminiscent of that woman? Is she his former wife? If he loves her so much. Why did that woman say that she had many concubines? That means having many women?" Boi Yu kept talking every step of the way. He still doesn't understand the palace world he lives in."I guess? I have to accept it. Besides, it's my chance. But, she's not the woman I want. Even though she looks very beautiful
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reception of the king
The celebration for the king was seen so crowded at the city hall. The guests started arriving. Lots of people want to see the king back. Even though he was disappointed with the arrival of the king again. They all hated the king, the king who acted arbitrarily. Too proud of his people. He deliberately raised taxes by almost 80℅. Royal officials were forced each year to pay more taxes to the rahs. All the crops were confiscated and only a little was left for them to eat.The people have suffered more and more since the death of King Bian who was known to be very kind and just. While his son is very bad in his leadership. King Yinwua was very resolute. And, unfair in the distribution of crops. Lots of slaves in his leadership.The villagers started to gather. Saw the sight of soldiers coiled together with their iron spears to block the residents from entering the area of ​​the concubines, and the empress. No, Your Majesty the Queen. Yinwua's mother. A king who was famous for being very
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Assassination plan!
While different from a man standing on a stone structure like an enemy lookout tower. A tower that is used to spy on enemies during war. However, this is not about war. However, this time it wasn't the enemy that came. But the figure of the man stalked a king who sat in front of his subjects. Together with the Empress is Yinwua's mother. And, second is the Empress whom Yinwua loves the most. His favorite wife. They sit side by side.With sharp eyes. The man clenched his fists. He remembered how he had suffered all this time. With a very strong determination in his heart. The boy decided to look for an opportunity to kill. Even though his life is at stake he doesn't care. As long as what you want can happen now. The death of the king is a very desirable thing.In a very tall building. Chen was already preparing to draw the arrow he was holding. He gripped it very tightly. The crossbow is ready to aim at the enemy. Chen narrowed one of his eyes. Observe the target. For Chen this step op
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Very Cruel
After leaving the Chen residence. Together with the warrior in armor. Colored Red. They walked behind the King. With a full arsenal. Yinwua hit the horse a few times. The black whip left a mark. The horse winced in pain. He kept howling in pain. Yinwua doesn't care."Hurry up you stupid horse!" Yinwua shouted.The sound of the horse's hooves was out of tune. The horse looked exhausted. Saliva continued to drip onto the ground. The horse looks very tired. The horse nearly fell several times. His legs were no longer supporting the King's body."Damn it! You want to kill me, damn horse. Just watch out, I'll kill me later.""Sorry sir, the horse is tired. Should we stop first." said a commander."What are you saying? I am the king, you dare to dispute what I did? You dare to resist?" Yinwua threw out one heavy lash. A warlord, he closed his eyes. Can't bear to see animals that continue to be tortured by the King. For him, this is too much. The king is beyond the human heart. He already ha
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Contradictory nature
Who dares to shoot an arrow at the king?" shouted Moi Ju, the queen full of emotion."Arrest him, and behead him!" he ordered with a voice so loud that it echoed throughout the kingdom.What the hell, why does everything look so cruel? Only problems like this. Should be sentenced to beheading. Strange country! Someone shouted from nowhere. He couldn't keep his mouth shut. Just speak without fear of death.Yinwua was silent, she lowered her head. Thinking about what to do with him. Yinwua was at a loss as to what to do. He was never King. .he was helpless when asked what punishment he deserved. He didn't even study law."Your Majesty. Why are you silent? Decide to punish the criminals. He must be put to death," said a mother who was now walking towards him. He hoped that Yinwua could bring out his arrogant nature again."No!" Yinwua replied softly."What are you saying, Yinwua?" Mou Ji's eyes filled with disappointment. The two eyes saw a different figure in Yinwua.“Don't be stupid,”
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Have An Affair
When the king was gone. The empress walked towards the Jiju pavilion. He used a black cloak to cover his face.Two bodyguards at the Entrance blocked his way. Empress Yinwua deliberately covered her face so that she could freely enter and exit the pavilion. He wants to see the state of the prince.Some of the soldiers paid no attention to him at all. Moreover, Yinwua also did not realize that he had left his place of residence. Queen wants to be free to go. He's not cooped up at home all day. He needs some entertainment outside. Especially since he doesn't have kids yet. Yinwua has been married to him for almost 5 years. They have not been given offspring.Queen is often called by the name Fei. She is very beautiful. Many princes want it. But the King won. Fai married the King only so that the title of Empress could fall into her hands. So that he can rule other than the King."Who are you?" asked one of the soldiers who blocked his steps with a wooden spear across in front of himQue
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