The man from the future (a wish and a curse)

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The man from the future (a wish and a curse)

By: Lucypink OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Do you believe in magic?" Those where the last words the old woman said to the young man before handing over a silver spoon. Three wishes he had to make with that spoon and a chance to change time. However, a mystery was attached to everyone who owns the spoon. The pathetic man who had seperate with his wife and child due to poverty, ridicules her words because only kids believed in such saying. He jokingly made a wish with the spoon and suddenly found himself in an unknown land where everyone referred to him as; "The man from the future" With that mysterious spoon, what kind of wish could he have made? Would he ever get united with his family when he finds himself in a strange land?

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Chapter 1(Family)
The cold breeze swept across his face as his legs were too heavy to move. There were tears in his eyes as he left the court. He was agonized and devastated, glued to where he stood. Obviously, anyone could notice that with the way he behaved.Everyone who passed by looked down on him with disdain, while some had pity in their heart for the longing young man.The pen which he had used to sign the papers was still in his hand, and his eyes kept staring at a little girl who was being taken away by a young lady.The child cried as the young lady took her away from her father. Her parents had just gotten their divorce finalized, and her mother was taking full responsibility for her wellbeing now.The last word he asked his wife before she took her leave was;“Is it because I am poor?”Who had said money couldn't buy happiness? The world was defined by money itself.Separating from his family who had thought would support him caused his heart to throb with pains.They all left him, and now
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Chapter 2 (A gift from a stranger)
He shuddered at who his eyes found. It was an old woman whose eyes were barely awake. This young man found her incredible due to her fast pace. How could such an old woman be faster than her shadow?The woman repeated the same lines to jerk him back to reality, and he nodded.“Oh yes…your purse, it slip off…” He haven't even completed his statement when the old woman snatched it from his hand.The rain had subsided now, and only trickles fell from the sky, possibly, the rain had decided to travel to another country who appreciated its downpour unlike this divorced young man.“How rude” he thought and studied the old woman. She was so full of energy and had an angry look. Possibly, someone had pissed her off and might be venting it on him.The old woman handed over her umbrella to the young man to hold for a moment, while she scrutinizes her purse.Was this woman being serious, can't she see he wasn't in the mood to assist? Why couldn't she scan the purse somewhere else? If she thinks
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Chapter 3 (His wish)
The buzzing sound of flying insects hovered around him. His next destination was home, he would prepare something poisonous and die by eating.The young man had been waiting on the express road expecting a moving car to smash him, but there was none passing by.Secondly, he thought of drowning but was afraid of water. Thirdly, he thought of hanging himself, but he found it that he would struggle beyond what's necessary and scream and that could attract neighbors.He had to head home first and think of a possible and easy way to die. Coming home made his heart pounding.He lived in a place like looked like the slum, and he disliked the environment. However, every neighbor lived as one in this place.They didn't mind if they ran out of money, they stayed united and helped each other out.He opened his door and cussed at the building, the walls were already cracking, and the paints were falling off.The stench of poverty could also be perceived in this house. He dragged his legs towards
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Chapter 4(Brian in wonderland)
Magical music played as whispers and echoes filled the whole place. His ears tingled at the sound of horses whinnying.His eyes fluttered gently but didn't open them. His mouth let out a yawn due to tiredness and weakness. He rolled to and fro, feeling comfortable where he laid.If he could recall, he had collapsed due to poisoning and perhaps his neighbors must have taken him to the clinic.His subconsciously opened his eyes and jerked up from where he laid. Shockingly, he found himself in a vast field of sunflowers that were tossed by the wind.He must have been in a dream! He closed his eyes and got them opened again, but he was still at the same spot.The puzzled man attempted to rise from where he laid. He felt a spinning headache but managed to stand. His eyes squinted that the place he was, still confused.“Find him dead or alive!” A voice thundered from afar. The hoofs of horses drew closer, the confused man stood wondering what was taking place before him.Roars and swishing
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Chapter 5(The man they seek after)
His heart race with fear, this wasn't a joke! These barbaric men would actually behead him, and it might be the real end of him.He knew no one here and if he wants to see his wife and child, he needed to comply with them.Brian was trembling where he stood, and his eyes quivered with fear that it was obvious.Could he be in a shooting scene and co stars mistook him to be part of the cast? Everything was so unclear and undefined that he began to think of things that didn't rhyme with the situation.How could he be in a shooting scene when he was right in his house when he collapsed or almost died?This warrior who he termed as the leader hoisted his sword high about to chop off Brian's head, and he screamed.“Stop!… I am the one you seek”The edge of this warrior's sword had rested on the tip of Brian neck when he yelled he was the one! He clenched his teeth and barely kept his eyes open.The men gazed at themselves and whispered. Brian clearly heard of the men say;"Is he the one?"“
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Chapter 6(The man from the future)
From the looks of every scenario that was taking place, a gut feeling he had was that he somehow was teleported to the past; which was the medieval times.He sat speechless and glue to a spot on the seat. The soldiers weren't saying anything either and so the only noise that was heard was the rattling sound of wheels and the hoofs of horses along with the dangling sounds of metals.The chariot came to a halt at a castle. The sight of this magnificent building caused this perplexed man to exclaim.“Wow, this is mind-blowing” he muttered, hopping out of the chariot and rubbing his eyelids to confirm if he was at a citadel.Never in his life have he imagined being at such a place and honored by many.This was more like a dream come true.There were a large number of crowd gathered outside the castle wall. These people tend to be agitating for something, but ceased immediately the soldiers drew near.Several gates were leading to several places in this castle, and Brian was sure he would
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Chapter 7(The silver spoon)
The soldier returned expecting to find the great wizard, but he was gone. His eyes evaluated the place, yet there was no trace of the wizard.He had gone to get the magical key to get inside this door, but it seems the great wizard might have found his way inside.Something was strange also. The lights in this place began to flicker as though wanting to go blank.Anxiety grip him as each of the magical lights had its own essence in this glorious castle.It could only mean an evil spirit was lingering in around the place! He brought out a round ornament and placed in the middle of the door.This door automatically vanished, the warrior peek left and right and quickly stormed inside. Immediately his arrival, he could see the maids racing up and down.Each had a napkin stained with blood and tears in their eyes. One of the maids gave him a bow, and her sad gaze and negative nod passed across the message.“She's bleeding uncontrollably, her lights might go blank soon” the maid proclaimed.
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Chapter 8( His wife the queen)
His legs would have failed him if he didn't realize that there was nothing holding him.He had mistakenly let out a magic spell by just placing his arms on the door. However, it was unnoticed to him.Brian gulped as he found himself in a long hallway. There was no trace of human or anything, and it felt he was in the middle of nowhere.“Hello? Anyone, somebody, anybody?” He chorused, not knowing if to move or stay still.At last, his eyes got sight of a maid who strides closer to him. This maid had a bowl in her hand and seems in a haste outside.She brushed pass his shoulder and the bowl in her hand fell. What poured out of the bowl was blood.For a moment, Brian ceased breathing as he hated the sight of blood. The maid abandoned the bowl and spilled blood. She peered her eyes at him and unexpectedly spat out the words;“You must be the physician, please come with me, commander Philip says he would get us a physician”“Me?” He asked her, and she nodded, suddenly pulling him by the ha
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Chapter 9(The mysterious spoon and the letter)
The king had arrived as predicted. The news of the great wizard had gotten to his ears, where he was soughting out for a cure.The joy in his eyes knew no bound as he found out his wife wasn't in a critical situation any longer.He was grateful to this great wizard and rewarded him greatly. For his commander, he kept his eyes on the great wizard because he still doubts that this man might run away.Rumors had also spread that the great wizard was genuine, and had risen the unconscious queen.That rumor made Brian popular overnights that he was referred to as god and was respected even more than the king and top rulers.Fame was becoming his, and most people around were bringing up their troubles for him to solve.To him, he haven't solved his lingering problems yet could solve that of other people. This wasn't part of his wish.Rather than being called his real name, the people preferred calling him "the great wizard"However, his main purpose here was something else, and he was yet t
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