As Wulf pulled up to the school, he let out a sigh.

"I really don't want to be here..." He grumbled.

"Mr. Wulf?" A voice called out.

Wulf turned around, met by a stunning looking Rouge.

"R-Rouge...!" Wulf exclaimed.

"You look really nice..." He smiled.

Rouge blushed.

"You think so...?" She chuckled.

"So, are you ready?" Rouge asked excitedly.

"I guess..." Wulf said, laughing nervously.

"Say, you have something on your face," Rouge frowned, leaning in close.

Wulf blushed.

Just then, a red car pulled up behind them.

"Wulf!" A voice cried out.

"Caitlin?" Wulf called out.

Rouge narrowed her eyes.

"Turn around, silly!" She exclaimed.

As he turned, Wulf was met by Caitlin, who for once had her hair down, sporting a red sleeveless dress.

"How do I look?" She giggled, doing a spin.

Wulf's face turned bright red.

"G-great...!" He managed to squeak out.

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