Cold Revenge

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Cold Revenge

By: GloriaBen OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Ralph Scott Taylor, wealthy businessman and CEO of the most renowned Lintel group of Companies had planned his revenge down to every last detail…he would shake the Abbey's perfect world till they came begging for mercy. He would make them pay for taking what was rightfully his. Nineteen years ago, Malcolm Abbey had killed Ralph's parents. Now the Jilted son is back, richer and better….and he wants his company as well as their lives. The game is revenge, the Mission is marriage, when two stubborn wills clash….Sparks fly.

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19 years ago. ( Ralph's POV)It was a cold Wednesday evening, my dad and I were in the living room watching the 8.oclock news when we heard the dogs backing endlessly. At first we thought it was their usual barking routine when a car or an unrecognizable person walked past our building.There was a cling on the door. We both turned to listen if the sound was truly coming from our door.And then another ring. My dad quickly walked over to see who it was at this time. No one visits our home this late. I watched,"Ah! Mr Malcom, come in dad said '' The man walked in with a smile, holding a huge huge cigarette in between his right middle fingers.He took his seat on the couch while I watched him closely.He had a deep cut across his left chin that made him look like a serial killer. Perhaps he was not as wealthy as Dad. Mr Abbey Malcom was Dad's business associate until the Westfield deal. Dad had signed a contract with them and so did Malcom's company.They were partners for four year
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On a Mission Benham city, international airport Hurry!"Move faster!A few dozen men in grey suits rushed out of the exits, each one with an extremely severe face, serious as if they were going up against a very dangerous enemy.At the airport all the passengers quickly made way for them, not aware of who they were or who could have caused such chaos.The head of the men in suits frowned deeply. Then suddenly moved, turned right as if he had suddenly thought about something.Then they reached the pavement outside the airport. Ralph Scott is sitting on a bench, slowly puffing cigarette smoke out from his mouth. Boss hopes you can go back, he misses you very much" the leader said respectfully as he stood six steps behind him. Their leader is a man of high reputation and he is believed to be so in front of other people. No one dares to go against his orders, no one dared to call him by his name, but in front of this young man, he feels extremely lowly." He misses me"?Ralph Scott tur
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The best candidateMeanwhile, back at the Levetis Hotel in Ruwan It is really lively in here The famous Abbey Family of Ruwan is receiving applications from men to find the very best man to marry Their granddaughter Abbey Jane and this attracted a lot of attention. Jane is seated in one of the function rooms, clenching her little pink fists, her eyes red and feeling utterly bullied. Her mother, Abbey Marie, is standing on one side, face redder from excessive anger.Harry! She yelled, "this is absolutely not good for her, these men are surely up to no good! If you're still a man then stop them, go and reject this bullshit!".She shrieked, " you mean you're just going to sit here and watch them destroy our daughter's happiness?" all in the name of trying to find the right man for her.Cut the crap and the foolish talk of finding her a perfect husband, it's all bullshit can't you see?Marie has never believed they were so kind.The Abbey started off as a small shop, and within sixteen
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Because She's MineSmith took out a wedding card and passed it to grandpa, the name of the new husband carefully written on it. They had checked the young man had no quality background, no skill, no education or whatever and to make it even worse he is an orphan. And as they also heard he has some mental illness and so he is going to be really useless. They heard his illness was hereditary and so after he marries Jane the family business would be cut off from her and her children could also forget about taking a single penny from the Abbey's. Smith turned to look at his family seated on one side of the hall and there was a moment of glee in his face. He smiled broadly like an athlete who had just won a golden medal.Now I would like to announce the final winner, he said, in a mocking tune, almost laughing. He narrowed his eyes and called out the name." The Lucky young man is Ralph Lauren"The moment the name was mentioned everyone in the hall turned round to look at the back door.
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MARRIED AND FIREDMeanwhile Jane went home at once with her new husband.Jane is still stunned all the way home. She marveled at how he had fought Travis for her. She never would have thought that this strange man could hit anyone because of her. She suddenly flipped out of her mind. What was she to do with this man? He is a total stranger. His attack on Travis would eventually lead to losing everything she had worked for. She fears. And knowing that idiots temper he would definitely come back for Ralph. Ding ding! She pressed the doorbell and after some time her father opened the door. Guilt filled his eyes. He had failed as a father and would leave to face the shame for the rest of his life."Jane you're back?" he managed to ask.Harry looked at Ralph behind her his face fell, he couldn't say anything and only nodded his approval. Come….come in he said, face down"Do not come in", the voice rang loud from the kitchen.I do not want to see your face again you home wrecker she s
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THE BOSS OF YOUR BOSSIn ThiangIt was 8:ooam on Wednesday morning. The receptionist had just received a call from her boss on what to do. She was a pretty lady dressed in a short white silk top and a blue skirt. She had a nice pair of shoes and a red lipstick to compliment her outfit.Travis walked in through the glass door at the reception. His arrogant aura filling the entire room as he walks in holds a black suitcase in his left hand. He is dressed in a nice black suit and pants. His hand still had the bandage from the last fight at the hotel.Ralph must have really done a real bone breaking. He walked to the receptionist with so much pride and arrogance."I am looking for the CEO," he said, tapping a finger or two on her desk.The receptionist flashed a smile at him. "Good morning sir, do you have an appointment with the CEO Taylor please?" She asked gently."I am the General manager of Abbey's group of companies in Ruwan, I want to sign a contract with your boss. Do I need an
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An Endless PleaRalph had returned from his trip a few days ago. It was a Thursday evening Marie was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner.Ralph and Jane had helped out the little they could before heading to the sitting room.Boom! Boom….Came the bang on the front door, they both turned around, Jane opened the door to meet Travis and his father standing right in front of her. They walked in pushing her aside. Harry had heard the knock from the inner room and so he rolled himself out to see who was just about pulling down his little house."Hi Smith" he greeted. His brother looked at him with so much scorn in his eyes before replying to him."We have come to plead with Jane concerning the contract" , Smith informed them. "Taylor has refused to sign the contract with anyone but Jane" he saidThis made Ralph smile a bit.Jane looked from her father to her mother who was just walking out of the kitchen with a white napkin in her hands and then to Ralph who was also listening with kee
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Another Failed PleaSmith had gone to pay CEO Lee a visit at the office. It was exactly in the morning when he arrived at the premises. He was shown to the office by the secretary, a young and elegant Lady of about 25 years.CEO Lee was sitting nicely behind his table, a pile of books occupying one part of the table. Good morning Mr, Smith, he greeted Stretching out his right hand for a warm handshake.The two men exchanged pleasantries before focusing on the main reason for the visit. Smith immediately told him of his plan and how he urgently needs his help.Hold on a second, Lee Said.He picked up his phone and dialed CEO Taylor's office."hello"the voice responded.he listened keenly to what the voice on the other end was saying and the he responded. "yeah, i know your boss is not in town but Dan you could help me talk to him about the Abbey's contract at hand"."I have been ordered by my boss to cancel any contract our company has with anyone who tries to plead for the Abb
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AcceptedBoom ,boom ,boom!There was a loud and aggressive bang on the main entrance door.Harry was sitting back straight on his bed, he was like a frightened cat, eyes bulging out and his hair standing. He has never been this scared his entire life. His brothers could do anything at this point to hurt him, to hurt his family.Smith was here!With his son or maybe he has sent assassins to wipe them off.Marie was pale. Tiny beads of sweat circled around her face. Her heart raced fast, almost jumping out of its shell. She knew has come for revenge. He has a bad temper and so is his son.Harry, we are doomed! She whispered.Even Jane was nervous; she walked into the living room and stared at the door as if there were a dozen Truck of Zombies waiting to strangle her to death. Her legs tremble as she tries to calm herself. This was what she feared. He is a dangerous man and so is his son. "Open the door", Ralph said, wiping himself with the towel he was holding in his hand."We have g
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ShockedJane woke up feeling even more tired than she has ever been. The issue of having her uncle's and son come over to her house frequently has been a thing of concern to her. She has had lots of sleepless nights fighting several thoughts in her head.Today she will resume at the company. Everyone would stand and listen to Uncle Smith confessing why he fired me. I will be promoted too. She woke up earlier than expected. Rushed into the bathroom to bathe while Ralph helped Marie in the kitchen. She came out of her room dressed in a nice navy blue suit and pants,a pair of red shoes to match the bag she was holding in her hand."You look ravishing wifey", Ralph commented.Jane gave a shy look. Lowering her eyes to her feet. "Thank you", she said shyly.Aren't you taking something? Her mother asked.You could grab some coffee and a few slices of bread and peanut butter.Yeah! She did exactly what her mother had told her. She needs the energy to face whatever is going to happen at th
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