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Dyra, a sweet girl who has the power to penetrate other worlds. Every time he wakes up, he is sometimes confused by what he sees, because he can turn into anyone. I don't know what makes him always in another world, even though it is very fun, but Dyra wants to live a normal life like most people. What actually happened to Dyra's world? Is it just the girl?

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Chapter 01 | Plant World
"Ow!"Dyra groaned in pain as her finger pricked with a thorn. He rubbed his eyes repeatedly until he realized the presence of a rose plant on the edge of the bed."Roses?" asked the girl with light brown eyes, surprised to find a plant embedded in a medium-sized white pot.Even though the roses haven't bloomed yet, the leaves are already shady. Even the sharp thorns streak along the stalk."Why are there roses?" asked Dyra, shuffled off the bed and grabbed the pot filled with roses.Dyra doesn't understand why the roses in her dream must be included in the real story. Yes, last night he dreamed of seeing beautiful red-crowned flowers blooming along the road. The girl was following a pleasant journey in a dream, until her hand ached as it touched the thorny stalk.Not wanting to prolong the difficult thought, Dyra decided to take care of the plant. After all, the yard of his house looks deserted, he doesn't really like plants. However, for this time he will treat the rose as a cliché
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Chapter 02 | Time Machine World
"What's that door?"The girl with the brown eyes glared to the west, to be precise near the slightly open bedroom window.Dyra had just been released from his dream, until he was surprised by the presence of a door that glowed with light."I'm not dreaming?" he asked himself. The girl was not dreaming, the existence of the door was really right in front of her eyes.One step, two steps Dyra began to get closer to melt his curiosity. Until finally he stood still in silence right in front of the door.His curiosity peaked, he wanted to know what was really going on in there. His hand opened the door knob along with a blinding beam of light.His body seemed to be pulled by a strong wind. Dyra entered it, like a time machine that took him either to the past or the future."Aaaaaaaaaaaa!" Dyra shouted as the round of light carried him away.***The sounds of gamelan, gongs and the like are combined together so that it sounds serene to accompany the dances of the beautiful girls who are now
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Chapter 03 | Cat Kingdom
"Blood!" shrieked Dyra, shuffling from his bed as soon as he saw the blood stains on the sheets.The girl repeatedly rubbed her eyes which still felt tired, it felt like she wanted to sleep until the sun went down again. However, the shock of so much blood dissuaded him."Dyra... get up quickly! You'll be going to school soon." His mother called from behind the door, he accepted the order without opening the door.Dyra poked her head under the bed, blood splattered on the floor. The girl checked her body maybe she was injured. However, there were no scratches on his body."Clearly, this is not my blood.""Miau ... miau ...."God, what's that sound? His voice was so adorable, it couldn't be a tiger, or a wolf too.Soft and fluffy fur hit her feet, Dyra was surprised to find a white and brown cat. His head was covered in fresh blood, making him stagger."Where did the cat come from?" Dyra asked, frowning in confusion.The hoarse voice of the cute animal softened Dyra's heart. He couldn'
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Chapter 04 | Dark World
The size of Dyra's house is spacious, which only fills a few people, making him always feel lonely. Being an only child is the dream of most people, even though they always complain because they live alone. During the sixteen years in this world, Dyra did not have many friends. This is because he does not easily get along with friends at school. After school, the girl used to close her eyes for a while. Until he was carried away by the flow of dreams that took him to another world. In his dream he has many friends even more than ten people give him glasses of various shapes. They opened their arms to each other, holding them tightly. Dyra woke up again, breaking the dream that had stopped for a while. As soon as his gaze shifted to the bedside table, his eyes caught a pair of medium-sized sunglasses. "Glasses?" Dyra grabbed it, occasionally flipping through the glasses. "The glasses are black, if we wear it will our eyesight be the same as dark?" he asked quietly. Due to his gr
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Chapter 05 | Metallica Princess Body
"What's the gossip today?" The arrival of a stocky woman joined the gathering carrying potato chips."Prince Nelo lost Princess Metallica.""Is that true?" The woman's eyes widened completely. He squeezed his two friends, sitting his ass between them."Yes. I don't know. Where to look for Princess Metallica," answered the woman with shoulder length hair.Dyra turned around looking for information, what exactly happened to the hot news of losing Princess Metallica.The girl's steps stopped, right in front of the door to the room she believed belonged to Princess Metallica. Dyra went into it looking for something he wanted to know, but I don't know what it was.His urge to enter into there because he heard the sound of sobs that sounded pitiful. The girl looked around for the source of the sound that was caught by both ears clearly.A man buried his face on the bed. Crying for the girl who is now lying helpless there.His face was as pale as a corpse left to sleep. Her body was wrapped
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Chapter 06 | Friends From Another World
The twinkling stars adorn the canvas in the dim night, giving its own charm to anyone who sees it.The bedroom window was deliberately opened to let the cold wind enter the room. Until his aura pierced the deepest cavity, Dyra shivered with cold. Finally the girl closed it again and decided to immediately achieve the dream."Huft ... why is it so hard to sleep," said Dyra with a sigh. He rubbed his eyes several times because he was tired, but he didn't close them.With difficulty the girl closed her eyes again, but her eyelids opened wide again. He stared at the ceiling of the room, which was lit only by dim lights."Hey, Dara!"Someone's scream made him force his eyes to close. He felt another aura nearby. His hands moved quickly to pull the blanket up to his chest."Dyra! Let's play!"The voice was very clear in both ears. He didn't know who greeted him on such nights, his fear gripped him even more.Dyra's neck was cold as if someone was trying to blow it or touch it. Who's he? Wha
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Chapter 07 | Queen Magdalena
"You're the one who took the gem ring right?" asked Queen Magdalene, she had a bad feeling about her new lady-in-waiting.Dyra had explained it many times that he wasn't the culprit. He had never even seen a ring like the Queen spoke."Just confess!" he snapped, throwing the jewelry box in any direction. Dyra picked it up patiently, he couldn't fight the Queen."I didn't do it.""Who is it, then?" he asked. His search effort was just a waste of time. Because the gem ring was not found, even though the entire wardrobe had been taken out.The Queen's belongings were reorganized by Dyra, storing them where they were before. The girl could not understand why she could be strayed into such a kingdom.Even her being there served as the Queen's overbearing lady-in-waiting. His demeanor is like a messenger of god who carelessly gives orders. Never allow a little time just to sleep or lay down on the bed.It's a tiring activity, Dyra can't if he has to do a job like that. On his wrist it shows
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Chapter 08 | Not Korean Drama
"Our story is over!" Hearing the word 'over' made Dyra's heart touched. Her tears kept falling down her face. Sheets of tissue flew like dry leaves in the gentle breeze. The girl couldn't help but burst into tears. "Why did he have to say that!" shrieked Dira. "I don't want to be separated from you." The female voice of the cast in the Korean drama she was watching avoided her lover's words. Dyra's eyes widened even more, waiting for the man's answer to continue. However, the soundtrack of the song in the drama echoed indicating that the drama was continuing. "Huft ... why continue anyway." Because the drama he is watching is the latest drakor, so the story is played on going. Even if he looked for it on youtube, he would not find the sequel. The effect after watching the drama affects his mind which continues to focus on the next story. He couldn't wait to see it again soon. Her eyes were puffy from the tears that kept falling. Not long, his eyelids closed as sleepiness accom
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Chapter 09 | Little Creature
"Father's nutmeg is bald." Dyra made fun of his father who was still faithfully stroking his bald head. "It's a joke, kid," said his father, looking at his daughter sarcastically until Dyra burst out laughing. "Not kidding, Dad. Dyra is telling the truth." "You are so sinful." Her mother's fist landed smoothly right on Dyra's forehead. The girl groaned in pain, even though her mother's gesture only gently used affection. Her name is also Dyra, she is always good at drama. "Halih, ma'am. Already, Dyra is going to sleep." His eyes began to close, leading him to the gate of a dream. He drifted into the vast island until he was pulled over in an unknown area. Dyra looked around not knowing where to go. The place he had just stepped on led himself to the edge of the ocean. No. He was actually not in the vast ocean as imagined. In fact, Dyra was trapped in a glass filled with clear water. "Where am I?" he asked, his eyes combing around. Around him a glass insulated him so he didn'
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Chapter 10 | Bald Ghost
"Where's my money? How come it's not there?" Dyra shouted as soon as he opened his wallet from his drawer it disappeared. He really needed the money to pay for his schooling. His father gave the money a week ago, but Dyra has not had time to pay it off to the school. He re-opened the drawer, looking for it again and again. However, the existence of the money is not visible in plain sight. Then, where did Dyra's money go? How is it possible for his own money to go into someone else's wallet? That's pretty much impossible, right? Dyra frantically searched for the money, but to no avail, the money he had saved disappeared to nowhere. The girl sat alone in the corner of the closet, contemplating every last incident. He doesn't remember anything, because his school activities have taken up a lot of his time. He didn't have much chance to see where his money was every second. However, losing the money made him regret. Why didn't Dyra take the time to peek at his wallet for a while? Dy
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