A Possible Ally
Dreygo grumbled to have known that one of the Angels had connived with Demons. It fumed him with anger at the thought of Heavenly Angels could be corrupted, stripped down his integrity in exchange for what? His precious life? They stooped so low, even a Demon like Dreygo churned his stomach at the idea.

The fortress was impenetrable, even with a sneak attack was near to impossible. Ninjas added strain to the predicament. Storming the front would be easily gunned down by thirty roving demons.

Motion detectors and sophisticated alarm systems were strategically installed. They need an army to penetrate the fortress but a luxury they do not have. Moreover, an Angel who had partnered with Zi Lok doubled the predicament. The angel could have greased the Triad's growth almost unchallenged.

Dreygo thought that a threat this scale would need Viriel’s assistance.

‘I never thought that this mission was this problematic.’ Dreygo thought.

It led him to think of putting down his arms and surre
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