Ice Harbinger
The roars of the demon army sprawled frighteningly. They banged their shields and weapons in celebration.

Dreygo looked above the floating rocks as he sauntered close, leaving his group behind. The wheels of fortune had turned to their disadvantage. They could not fight against an army without a casualty at their end. He thought of Elaine, and he was not strong enough to fight an army of thousands.

“An army of demons in Limbo? How’s that? The war is in heaven.” Dreygo screamed as he was far away.

“It’s a strategy, Dreygo. And I am not willing to tell them to you. But you are dead anyway, so there is no point.” Regar screamed back. His sharp voice had reached the ears of Dreygo’s comrades.

“Then, tell me. If you are so confident that we will die right here in this place, what is your leverage?”

“It's no use telling the plans for a dead man. But anyway, just to entertain you in the last minutes of your lives, I will disclose them to you." A smile struck with a murderous stare.

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